2 Crowd Pleasers

It was a slow night, the club was half empty. I glanced over at the other dancers, the atmosphere was quite pathetic. The two drink minimum hoes were on stage, Stacy & Dawn. You know the type of chics who only look good AFTER you've had 2-3 drinks, that was them. They were some lazy bitches too. I swear if half the dudes that tipped them saw their asses in the light they'd be offended.

But shit, I couldn't blame them for not putting in work. It wasn't but a few guys in the building and none of them were even worth the effort.

I looked over at Camille and watched her do her thing. She was by far one of the baddest dancers I had seen in a long time. She was a newbie at the club. I'd been in the industry for 3 years and I've seen first hand what this type of business could do to a weak minded girl. I admired her. She was very head strong and not easily intimidated. Did I mention she was fine as hell? The word "Pretty" was an understatement. Camille was flawless, a caramel complexion with bronze silky hair. Dark almond toned eyes and a perfect smile. She was petite with an athletic build, a body similar to a gymnast, very toned and she had ass & thighs for days. The epitome of every woman's envy and every mans fantasy.

Now, naturally the "insecure" would look at me sideways when I'd call another woman fine, but shit I have no problems giving credit where it's due. I'm secure with mine; on a mediocre night, I could easily bring home a couple grand. But Camille? She'd only been dancing a little over six months and was already pulling damn near what I was stacking a night.

The other dancers would hate but that came along with the territory. They'd see fine bitches like us and instantly became insecure. I just laughed it off and told them "let me be ya' motivation".

I was in a playful mood. I sat over in the corner cracking up to myself. I couldn't get over how nerdy this dude was that she was dancing for. He was short & stout, he had a gap & wore these thick little coke bottle glasses. I could tell he was sitting on wood, by the way he was squirming in his chair. Camille motioned for me to come over, I scrunched up my face and told her "HELL NAW" with my lips.

"Bitch bring yo ass over here"

I sashayed my ass over, but I wasn't enthused. I wasn't about to get naked for his ass unless his pockets were deep, that's for damn sure. I had on some tight denim boy shorts, a lacy bra top and candy red stilettos. I stood at Camille's side and asked her what was up.

"Raina, this is my new friend "Brian"....Brian, meet Raina." I gave Camille the meanest side eye as she introduced us.

"Wassup Brian? Is my bitch treating you right?" I asked. He just nodded his head. "Damnnnn Cee, don't tell me this dude don't talk! Brian you don't talk? What's wrong, all this pussy got ya' tongue?"

Camille cracked up and told me to be nice.

"Yeah, I talk" he whispered, then slid his little chunky hands between my thighs.

"unh unh, hands off playboy" I grabbed his wrists and sat them back next to his hard dick. "Damn, Cee, it looks like we gotta teach ya' boy some Pussy Palace etiquette..."

"Pussy Palace??? I thought this club was called Pleasers?" he asked....

"Brian i'mma really need you not to question me. You see them chicks over there?" I pointed to Dawn & Stacy on the poles. "They work at the Shitty Kitty, they got that downgrade pussy. Me & Camille here, we work at The Pussy Palace, top notch pussy. How many drinks you had tonight?"

"Just one"

"Perrrrrrrfect. You wanna stay in the Pussy Palace Brian?" he nodded his head. "Well there's only one rule here, and that's to touch with ya eyes ONLY and not ya hands. We good?"

"Yeah, I'm good" he said, reluctantly.

"Raina, I was just tellin' Brian that if he was up for it, we might let him get a glimpse of the Pussy Palace Promotion that we have goin' on tonight."

"Oh yeah Cee? I don't think we've given out that promotion all night"...

The Pussy Palace was our code word for big spenders who requested "preferential" treatment. We'd take them to the V.I.P. room and give them what they were willing to pay for. But don't get it twisted, We, well I guess I can only speak for myself, but "I" never fucked any of the dudes and from what I saw neither did Camille.

We led Brian back to V.I.P.; Camille stood on my side with her arm around my waist and signaled a one & a five with her fingers. I knew exactly what that meant. V.I.P. was strictly for big spenders, nothing less than a grand had ever walked through those doors. I turned and looked back at Brian who was trailing us and gave him a seductive smirk. Dude, had just paid $1500 for a little "quality time".

Camille pushed Brian down on the red plush chair that sat in the middle of the room and I locked the door behind us. She bit down on her bottom lip, dropped to her hands and knees and crawled towards him, in between his legs and unzipped his fly. I stood behind him and watched her pull out the smallest most pathetic looking dick I had ever seen in my life. It had to be all of 4 inches with very little girth. I yelped and had to catch myself from laughing out loud but was unable to hold back a tiny squeal. Brian looked up in my direction and Camille gave me a quick save by saying "Bless You"....We both laughed it off.

"Let me get these glasses off you daddy, it's about to get a little warm in here, we wouldn't want them to fog up" I said.

Camille turned her head in the other direction as I reached down to take them off. I could tell she was trying her best not to laugh. I got down on the floor next to her, "Move over bitch" then I looked up at Brian and tried to make eye contact with his ass. Lord, why did I do THAT? Sure wish I had've left his glasses on his face because CLEARLY he needed them bad boys. His eyes were going in EVERY direction. One was playing baseball the other playing tennis. I elbowed Camille in the side but she just ignored me and put his little string bean between her jaws. I played with his hairy ass balls and watched in amazement as she gave him brain. She was slurping that thing up like she was USED to suckin' on premature lookin' dicks. While she went to work I sucked on his balls...they were salty....I was disgusted. I gave up. She eased up off that dick and flicked it in my direction. I had to mumble the serenity prayer before tackling that thing, had to remind myself he'd already paid in full. I took the pathetic little thing in my mouth with one gulp. It was salty. I was disgusted. I gave up. It was like sucking on a baby carrot. I tried to deep throat it but the shit never touched the back of my throat. I gave up. I licked up and down his shaft. It was salty. I was disgusted. I gave up. I jerked him while Camille finished sucking him off, she could only suck the tip though because my little hand took up half of his length. He started groaning like he was about to bust. Camille dropped that dick out her mouth I released my grip and we both leaned back. There was no way he was about to shoot his load anywhere near us. He held his little manhood moaning & whimpering BUT. NOTHING. HAPPENED. It was so pathetic but shit, we were both relieved.

"You ready for the main attraction daddy?" I asked. Brian nodded his head yes. "Remember no touching, just watch, you got it?" He nodded again. Camille reeled me in by the waist and traced my lips with her tongue. She gave me wet kisses on my neck and my lips. Then slid her hand in my shorts, I could feel my pussy pulsating in the palm of her hand, didn't take much to get me wet. I freed her breasts from her bra and sucked on her nipples. She slid off her gold thongs and I stuck my fingers in her pussy, she was already moist. I tasted her sweet juices from my fingertips "Mmm you taste so good"...I wanted to savor on every drop. Camille was a feisty dominant bitch...but ALL woman. She pushed my back against the floor, aggressively and I looked up at Brian who was still hard, sitting in the plush chair, he jerked himself off as he watched. I loved the view, looking down at Camille kissing my thighs, looking up at my Candy Red stilettos in the air. I trembled as she threw my legs over her shoulders and buried her face between my thighs. She kissed my lips, teased my clit with her tongue and sucked my pussy like a beast.

The only thing I loved more than cumming in her mouth, was tasting her pussy. She sat on my face then thrust her thighs softly against me while I sucked on her swollen clit. "fuck my pussy baby...its your pussy bitch" Camille moaned. Ohhh I loved when she talked shit, it made my pussy throb twice as much. I stuck my fingers inside her, finger fucking and licking her pussy in the same motion. She came. I came. Then once more. She rolled over on top of me and we held each other for a few seconds and savored on the orgasmic bliss. I looked up at Brian then back at Camille, we both laughed. He had erupted all over himself and was still watching us with a gaze in his eyes. "I guess we aim to please" I said aloud, then kissed Camille passionately with the taste of her pussy on my lips.


  1. OH! so THAT'S what they do in the back rooms??

    lmao, Deezy you's a freak.

  2. yes Bams but no secks in the champagne room!


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