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I had always wanted to go to a sex club are as many call it a lifestyle club. The only problem was that my girlfriend was too shy to explore that side of her sexuality. Today of all days I was in the city for work and I had to stay overnight for work. I picked up one of the local free papers and there was a add for a lifestyle club that was having a meet and greet and single males were allowed in for a steep price and I decided to just go and check It out so I could get the feel of the place in hopes of bring my girlfriend there the next time. I had always wanted to be watched while having sex. At one time I went as far as going down on a girlfriend at a party acting drunk to give me a excuse even though I was completely sober.

This place was awesome and nicer than any regular club I had ever been to. I registered at the front desk paying and handing over my id. There was a hostesses that had to be 60 years old but in great shape that showed me around the club. Her name was donna, she was a blond with a nice chest for her age she had on a short skirt that hid nothing to the imagination her ass was not perfect but I would have not minded getting a little of that from the back .The first floor was pretty much like any club a decent sized dance floor with one only one couple that was naked and wow was she a beauty. Nice skin, long soft hair with ample hips and a beautiful chest with these chocolate kiss nipples that I yearned to taste. I could fell my dick harder pressing against my jeans and starting to show. I began to feel some embarrassment but I felt out of place and my shame would soon turn to lust.

As we walked past the dance floor we came upon stairs. As we walked up the stairs I was looking directly up her skirt and she was perfectly groomed with a beautiful set of lips her asshole looked bleached and she had bite marks on her ass and my dick continued to het harder. On the second floor there was a set of rooms with beds that had doors she told me closing the door was optional and that some couple liked privacy and if a door was closed to not go in it. We came upon a room that had a very big bed and a big glass window that allowed for people to look in. On the bed was a black couple. The chick in there was incredible. She was short and thick and chocolate with big beautiful breast that I wanted to suck on so bad. She had a nice afro and a librarians look with classes. The outfit was leather with high boots and a leather skirt that barely kept in her thick ass. Her man was laying down on the bed and she was sucking his dick wetly and hard he was tied up and helpless she had her ass to the window and she was rubbing her clit and I could see how wet her fingers. Her ass was spread and she had some sort toy in her ass and that made my dick that much harder. After a few minutes of watching the hostess and I continued on our tour of the club and we made our way to the third floor. This floor was for couples only and she showed me around. There were beds spread all over the place and there were couple and groups having sex. I saw two women going down on each other , another couple fucking like rabbits and another couple making soft love to one another. This room did nothing to help the size and hardness of my dick going down.

After a minute are two we continued up to the third floor and this was a s&m area. There were people getting spanked and wax and ice were being pored on people and my imagination and my dick were both going crazy I need some ass so bad and I was determined to get it. My hostess then said the tour was over and she left me. There I was a single male in a swing club with no idea what to do but with a hard dick and horny.

I decided to go back and take a look at the show with my friend with the afro but by the time I made it back it was over and no one was there. I decided to sit down and regroup. A few minutes passed and I started to feel like I had wasted my time, got a hard dick for nothing and I just needed to go back to my hotel and blow a quick load and get some sleep. I decided to just walk around and maybe get a few cheap thrills and visual images to help my cause later on tonight before bed. That all changed when I came upon my friend in the afro she was standing alone and I decided to tell her that I enjoyed the show. She had a beautiful face with soft lips and cute puffy cheeks. She didn’t have that freak look she looked like the working in the library pushing a cart of books. Her voice was soft and sweet and I told her I was new to the club and that her performance with her man was one of the sexy things I had ever seen. She told me that he was not her man but just a friend and that she was just a free spirit and that she enjoyed her sexuality. I told her about my girlfriend and she said that to just take my time and slowly bring her into the idea of coming to the club. She said that I must be happy to be there and I said yes does it show and she said yes it does because I can see the outline of your dick and I like what I see. Then she asked me the question I had wanted to hear all night she asked me if I wanted to play with her.

I had no idea what play was and she said that she would be gentle and behind closed doors since it was my first time. We entered one of the rooms on the second floor. It was small with a bed that was bigger than a twin bed but smaller than a queen bed. She told me to strip and lay down My dick was past hard and she had a smile on her face. She told me that I had a beautiful dick and wanted to taste it. I told her that I had been hard all night and I might not last long and she told me if I came to quick I would get punished. The thought of punishment turned me on even more but I didn’t want to be some 30 second lover. She got on all fours and licked the head of my dick slowly going up and down the shaft with her tongue. She grabbed my dick with both hands stroking it up and down while sucking the head of my dick. It was so wet and fast with her hands going up and down she sucked the head of my dick so hard while going up and down with her hands I had no choice but to come. I exploded in her mouth and she kept on sucking. She removed her hands and started to deep throat me. It was the first time I had someone take all of my dick down and I was hard instantly. She told me I tasted great and didn’t think I was so long and thick and that it turned her on but since I had cum so quick it was time for punishment. She told me to lay down on my stomach and relax. She stood above me and began to spank me and not light spanking but hard spanking she slapped on my ass and every time she hit my ass the harder I got . I got so hard that I lifted my ass up because my dick started to hurt under the weight of my body. She turned me over and sit on my face grinding and smothering me with her weight. I licked her clit sucking it and licking it over and over until she started to shake, she told me to open my mouth wide and she stick my tongue out she then began to grind harder and harder and I was having trouble breathing and her body began to tremble and shake and then I could feel and taste her warm pussy juices flow onto my face and mouth. I know I wanted more and I wanted to taste those big breast and she rode my dick. I told her I wanted to fuck her and she said I had to earn it. I asked her what I needed to do and she told me to bring my girlfriend next time because she wanted to fuck her.


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