2 Hook'd On You

She was nervous this was her first time doing anything like this but she had agreed and there was no way she could back out now she was just stuck. She adjusted the wig on her head and fiddled with the trench coat ties, she bit her lip took a deep breath and walked to the corner. She stood there for five minutes, five minutes turned into ten, ten slowly crept up to fifteen, just as she was about to lose her nerve and punk out she saw a car slowly creeping up on her. She was so nervous what if she messed up, what if it was a cop. She tried to look as if she was about to cross the street just in case it was a cop, the last thing she needed was to be taken down to some police station. The car slowed down even more and stopped right in front of her, she leaned down and smiled hesitantly.

You looking for a date daddy, she said. The driver nodded his head and asked her how much. She told him she would give him head and a quickie for $40.00, he then asked her what about the whole night how much would that cost she quickly came up with a figure $150.00 for the whole night but I hold your keys and no funny business mister. He nodded his head in agreement and she hurriedly jumped in the passenger side of the car. They drove in silence until they pulled into a rent by the hour motel spot. She sat in the car while he went in and paid for the room and got the room key. She nervously bounced her leg up and nibbled on her thumb nail, she tried to push all thoughts out of her head as she waited for him to come back.

Sitting in the room she looked around and thought what a dump, this place should have been shut down a long time ago she thought, but business is business. HE asked her if she wanted something to drink she nodded her head and he handed her a plastic cup filled with brown liquid and ice. The first sip took her breath away and then it warmed her chest she drunk all of it in one long swallow then held her cup out for more, he obliged her. Usually she wouldn't have drunk anything but tonight was far from usual and she was just trying to go with the flow. Feeling tipsy and way more relaxed she held her cup out one more time she knew this third cup full would push her over the top she didn't care. He studied her closely as he poured her third cup she wasn't what one would call beautiful but she was far from ugly as well. She had a sensual aura about her that he was sure she wasn't aware of and that made it all the more appealing.

Just looking at her made his groin tighten he was ready to get down to business. Noticing the way he was staring at her she threw back the third cup full of the brown liquor and felt it immediately go to her head, she giggled. He cleared his throat and she stopped giggling immediately she could tell he was ready for business. She stood up slowly and made her way over to him she stood directly in front of him and slowly sank to her knees, once on her knees she proceeded to undo his pants and with one hard yank his pants and boxers were soon a puddle around his ankles. She took her hand and proceeded to give him a hand job then she proceeded to hoover his dick. He moaned and palmed her head like a basketball he began to fuck her mouth and they developed a rhythm she kept her eyes focused on his eyes he moaned and she sucked, until with a shake and a throaty growl he shot his load into the back of her throat and she swallowed it all.

He pulled her up from the floor and undid her trench coat she had on a sheath like dress with no bra and no panties on underneath and black fuck me stiletto thigh high boots on. Lay down on the bed he said she did as she was told, now he said I want you to play with your pussy while I watch, she gave him a confused look mister I don't usually do that. If you do it tonight there's an extra $50.00 dollars in it for you. She wasn't a fool $200.00 dollars for a couple hours of work wasn't shit. Sure mister whatever you like she said. She proceeded to lay back on the bed and threw her legs wide open and he proceeded to kneel in front of her slowly she took one finger and started from her clit and ran it down the length of her vulva until she felt the rim of her vagina she used one hand to squeeze and play with her rock hard nipples. She was getting turned on knowing she had an audience which actually made it that much better she had never done this sort of thing before but tonight was a first for a lot of things.

She proceeded to play with her pussy starting with one finger as she closed her eyes and stroked her wet warm pulsating pussy she let out a small moan of delight. She arched her back and breathed deeply her shit felt like warm velvet she loved how her pussy felt with her fingers in it. She teased herself wanting to prolong her pleasure. She stuck one of her fingers insider of her vagina and felt her vagina muscles contract. She was so fucking turned on she was breathing extra hard she added two more fingers to the one and proceeded to stroke her pussy rapidly causing her to orgasm deeply wave after wave of pleasure crashed upon her senses. Between the brown liquor and the orgasm she was ready to tap out and she wished she could but begrudgingly she remembered she was still on the clock. Just as she was about to sit up she felt his hands on both her thighs he proceeded to lick where her fingers had just been she could feel her already sensitive pussy pulsating again, he licked her from her clit to her vagina then he proceeded to open her vagina up so he could stick his tongue down there as well. He licked, he sucked, he flipped her onto her stomach and proceeded to slide his rock hard dick in her dripping wet pussy. Her shit was so wet when he slide it in it made a suction sound, he put his hands on both her shoulders and proceeded to ram his dick deep inside her. She throw the ass back at him when she did that he took the opportunity to take one of his hands off her shoulder and he smacked her ass hard hard. The way he was pounding her pussy and smacking her ass was turning her on even more it was like all of her nerve endings where set to super sensitive. She squeezed and twisted her nipples as he deep stroked her, he then flipped her over unto her back again and pushed her legs back to her shoulders and fucked her while she held her ankles..

He pulled her off the bed and shoved her against the wall he fucked her from the back while the rough cheap wallpaper assaulted her delicate skin he slapped her on her ass again she felt her cheeks stinging still tingling from the first round of slaps he had delivered to her ass. she was so completely turned on she felt like she would explode from the sheer pleasure of it. He yanked her away from the wall and threw her back on the bed he put his hands around her neck and applied pressure as he continued to deep stroke her. She felt her air becoming more and more restricted and at the same time she felt herself on the verge of cumming, again he squeezed her throat and he stroked and then he pushed her over the edge which made her cum violently, he let go of her throat and he withdrew his dick and shot his load into her face coating it completely, she licked some of his cum off her lips and smiled a satisfied grin.

Spent for the moment they both collasped unto the bed she laid her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. She couldn't think of any other person she would have ever dared try this fantasy with he was her match in everyway and she was glad especially today that this man she had just shared this experience with was indeed her husband no one else would have ever even suggested this but she was glad she had done it, she was glad he liked new things, and she was glad he brought out her freaky side, gazing down on him as he lightly slept she crept out of bed and opened the duffel bag he had brought in with them earlier she pulled out the silk scarves, handcuffs, blindfolds and nipple clamps the night was just beginning and so was she!


  1. what is with you and theses whips, clamps and chains??? hunh? HUNH??? LOL!!! Umm Hmm FREAK yep yep that's you! LMAO!

    Great Post!!!

  2. oh damn! this was good, nice lil twist at the end. I likes, I likes.


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