3 Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned Pt. 2

Changing positions sexy black lifted Meegan off him Meegan saw that his dick was still hard, damn she thought he really has been celibate for two years. He pulled her off the bed and put her back against the wall, Meegan put her legs around his waist and again he slide his shaft deep into her dripping wet pussy with each stroke Meegan pushed back it was like she had been starving and didn’t know it until she had been given food. Sexy black was slow stroking driving Meegan crazy until his rhythm picked up and he started going faster Meegan was loving it she was loving every damn stroke she smiled at the camera and then gave it the finger with a gleam in her eye. To think she had been with the wrong man all these years she could have kicked herself but she wasn’t wasting anymore time making up for lost time.

After the wall they both collapsed on the bed, breathing steady and hard, Meegan felt so invigorated and revived she felt like she could go on forever, she looked over at sexy black he looked like he was sleeping Meegan tried to extract herself from his side as quietly as she could, but sexy black wasn’t having it he wasn’t finished he grabbed her around her waist lifted her up over his face and proceeded to eat her pussy again for the second time his tongue working out a rhythm that had Meegan’s body begging for more she worked her hips and played with her breast, in one smooth motion black put her on her knees in the bed and pushed her back down so that her ass was arched in the air and he proceeded to finish eat her pussy but from the back he also stuck his tongue deep in her asshole there wasn’t an orifice on her body he didn’t want to taste. He had waited to long for this opportunity and he wanted to taste every drop of her. Meegan came so hard she saw spots and it took her a couple blinks until her vision cleared.

Seeing that he had satisfied her he felt triumphant in his abilities he stood up and proceeded to get dressed. Confused Meegan sat up “where are you going?” she said Black stopped dressing and said, “Well I came and did what you asked me to do and I thought it would be a done deal.” Meegan stood up and walked over to sexy black and yanked his jeans and boxers down to his ankles and proceeded to work his dick over, slowly, she sucked it as if her life depended on it. She wanted to taste him fully she worked his dick over until she was sure he was going to explode in her throat feeling his tensing up and trying to pull out her mouth Meegan hoovered his dick like the vacum and clamped down and sexy black released his load and Meegan swallowed it all. Now she felt satisfied and filled to the brim with cum. Getting off her knees Meegan led sexy black back to bed, they had more positions to try out and she was far from tired. All sexy black could do was follow her on weak legs, he had been in love from afar but the reality blew the dream out the water and he wasn’t going anywhere not now he was finally where he wanted to be…

Meegan hummed as she tidied the bed and put away the camera she had taken off the wig and the dramatic make up she had put on last night and looked more like herself. While she waited for Mychale to come staggering in like he did often whenever he would pull one of his all niters with whatever worthless whore he had spent the night with she cooked pancakes and turkey bacon. Mychale’s bags were already packed and waiting by the door and Meegan was finally at peace. At a quarter to 10 like clock work Meegan heard a key in her door, then she heard cursing she had changed the locks she laughed to herself. She slowly made it to her door and opened it with a scowl on her face and waited for his pathetic excuses to come pouring out. “Baby I was working all night me and Black we was doing inventory.” At the name Black Meegan arched an eyebrow and then opened the door wider to show Mychale black sitting at her table with just basketball shorts and Jordan sandals on, “sup dawg” Black said and continued to finish his breakfast. Mychale looked from Meegan back to the back of blacks head in disbelief realization slowly dawning on his face. Before he could even muster up the words to cuss them both out Meegan placed his suitcases at his feet and told him he could keep the key the locks had been changed anyway, and then she slammed the door in his face.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned Meegan smirked as she made her way over to her new man she proceeded to take her shirt off exposing her full breast to the morning air Black pushed everything off the kitchen table and placed Meegan in its place and proceeded to eat his second breakfast provided by his new woman…


  1. Wheeew Good Lawd! lol...ok so I had been reading this in bits and pieces but I FINALLY read it all together...and ummm I'm gonna have to stop reading this site @ work...be having me feeling some kinda way...LOL!!!

    Mychale got chopped & screwed!

    Very Good Story Ms. J!

  2. I'm sorry it was so long winded lol I will be shorter next time lol.


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