4 For The Last Time

It's been 2 months now and I can't say that I miss him. I can't say that I don't. Even though we still talked regularly, the lack of his presence didn't go without notice. Just last night I touched myself as I showered. Reminiscing on the mornings we spent together in his shower, and the nights I spent fucking him in his bed. Funny how towards the end we weren't exclusive. Funny how content I was with that. Although we both had an equal amount of suspicion. I didn't question his whereabouts, he didn't question mine. In the areas where our relationship lacked, we made up for it through sex and back blowing sex it was. It didn't matter the argument or the cause because by the end of it I knew that he was gonna tap that ass too sleep.

I don't know what got into me last night but I was feeling some kind of way. It was hella humid too, the thick moisture in the air had my satin nightie clinging to my clammy body and sleeping half ass naked under the fan wasn't helping. Tried clinching the pillow between my thighs but that only made me want it more. I sat up in the dark, debating if I was gonna call him. It was 2am, either he was on the way home or just getting in, so I decided to text.

"hey, u up?"

"just got in...about 2 shower, wassup?"

"just checking on ya"

"why you up so late"

"can't sleep and thinking about you...ain't that some shit? lol"

"you always thinking about me. don't front"


"lol...you good? want me to call you?"

"i'd rather come by".....

I had no problems inviting myself. Hell, there's never been a time he'd declined and tonight was no different. and just like that, I was headed across town in the middle of the night wearing nothing but his old college jersey with my nightie underneath. He was half an hour away and I didn't care because I knew I could get there in 15 minutes. I had an appointment with my dick dealer and the only thing on my mind was him tattooing his signature all across this ripe pussy.

Even though I still had my key, I tapped on the door to announce my presence. He stood in the threshold bare chested wearing nothing but gray jogging pants. He smirked as I walked inside, "Is that all you wore" he asked. "unh unh" I shook my head and lifted his jersey off my body, revealing the gold satin nightie. He offered me a glass of wine but I quickly declined. There was nothing needed to elevate my mood because I was already there. I didn't need him taking time to slide off my panties because; shit, I wasn't wearing any. And in one smooth motion he had my back against his living room wall, three of his fingertips inside my soaking wet pussy and his soft lips suctioned against my neck. "mmmmm" I was only 3 seconds in his ecstasy but could already feel my clit swelling against his fingers. The thought of WANTING him was no longer running rampant in my mind. I NEEDED HIM. He shoved those three fingers inside my mouth so I could savor on the taste of my own river. I sucked each of them one by one and he lifted my body upward until my thighs were clamped around his waist. He moved in closer until my back was firmly against the wall then plowed his dick firmly inside. He thrusted back & forth against my body and the dampness of my pussy allowed him to slide in deeper with each stroke. The harder he pushed inside the more my pelvis throbbed. My thighs began to weaken and shiver beyond my control. I was growing numb and had a slight dull pain in the small of my back from that position, but sweet pain it was. I'd been a bad girl and I deserved to be punished.

No doubt about it, I wanted it rough and he knew it. With my legs still interlocked around his waist he carried me to the sofa dropped me on the cushions and commanded me to turn around until I was positioned on my knees with my back facing him. He bent me over the armrest and entered my pussy from behind. Thrusting and slapping his body against mine in hard fast motions. In the height of my orgasm I tried to resist him as my pussy pulsated rapidly. But he grabbed my upper torso and forcefully drew me back in against his flesh. I moaned as I felt the creamy warmth of both our rivers drip down my thighs. He slid out and released his grip. He was still hard and I wasn't leaving until I got what I came for. I turned around and pushed his back against the sofa and slid my pussy down his rock rod as I sat face forward in his lap. I bounced on that dick until he squirmed and was damn near ready to explode.

I wanted all of him. I knew he was about to release so I hopped off his dick and sat on my knees in front of him, he glanced at me with a look of confusion because he knew although I didn't mind his juices against my skin I'd never been a fan of it anywhere near my face. Tonight was different. I had an eerie feeling this could very well be our last time."mmmm give it to me" I whimpered."I want all of it". I didn't have to ask twice. I tilted my neck back, closed my eyes and felt his warm sweet cum splash against my mouth and drip down my chin. "mmmmm" then I stroked my tongue across my lips and rolled all of it into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the tip of his dick and swallowed every drop of his love.

It's been 2 months since the last time we talked, 2 months since we touched. It's been too long. I'm thinking about texting him. For the last LAST time.


  1. You executive woman, you.


  3. This was hot....it's my responsibility, you don't owe nothing to me, but to walk away I have no capacity!


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