1 The Rainman

I looked out the window and sighed lighting a cigarette. Opening the door, I stepped out onto the wooden deck. I stood there while looking outside all around me. I looked down to my cigarette, it needed to be flicked but I just watched the ash until it fell to the floor. I sighed again and moved over to the edge of the porch and leaned up against the railing. The big back yard sprawled out in front of me. I inhaled deeply, the smoke filling my lungs and giving me a little tingly feeling throughout my body. I had just started smoking and the sensations were still there. I felt a small rain drop on my head. I looked up and sighed as it started raining slightly.

“What are you doing out here?” I flicked my cigarette and turned around. My boyfriend of four years stood there smiling at me.

“I don’t know, I’m bored.”

He walked over to me and kissed me roughly. I pulled away and smiled at him. His hand reached around to pull my skirt up over my ass. I wasn’t wearing any underwear and he smiled as he gripped my ass tightly. I knew the next-door neighbors couldn’t see us because of the tall trees that guarded us. I kissed him deeply and he pushed me into the railing. He broke the kiss and quickly turned me over. I moaned out. I didn’t realize that he had released himself until his thick cock rubbed against my sweet opening. He pulled me to him so he could enter me with ease. My hands held onto the wooden railing for balance as he teased my wet opening. I gasped as he pushed into me with all his might. I turned to see his pleasured face, I felt a thick raindrop fall onto my nose. I smiled to him as the sky opened up and rain dropped on us hard. He pulled out and then pushed back hard. Our rhythm started as I moaned out, loving the feeling that was gathering inside me. I reached down as he slammed into me to rub my nub quickly. I moaned louder, pushing back against him. He knew I was going to cum soon, but he didn’t want that. He pulled out of me, shoving me against the railing and turning me around. He slammed into me again and I watched his face, I loved how it expressed his pure ecstasy. I knew he had always wanted to have sex outside. I laid my head back and let the rain drop on my face. I moaned as his fingers played with me between his pounding. I felt his body tense – he was going to cum and he couldn’t hold himself any longer. I moaned as I watched his face.

As soon as he was done he dropped to his knees. I couldn’t catch up fast enough and gasped as his fingers went inside of me and his tongue licked me quickly, tasting himself on me. I moaned out loud as his finger fucked me and his tongue licked me vigorously. I lifted my leg to rest my foot on his shoulder so he could gain better access. I was getting close and I gripped his hair. His tongue flicked one last time and I screamed out. I pulled on his hair as I rocked against the railing, enjoying my high. He came up and pulled me close and held me tightly.

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  1. **singing*** blame it on the RAIIIIIIIIIIIIN.... ~milli vanilli

    I LOVE THIS!!!!


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