6 Ring Me Anytime, Baby

I was in the mood to try something different. My birthday was approaching and I wanted to whore-it-up in a way that would make my parents embarrassed.

A wanna-be lover invited me to a sex party. I was the black Dita Von Teese. Men and women wanted to serve as the props in my world. I couldn’t resist any of them. The attention was like being fucked by God.
White dude, dressed in leather and spikes, approached me. He wasn’t incredibly cute but his dick with the ring through the tip certainly was desirable.

I had never been fucked by a man who wore a cock ring. Honestly, cock rings frightened me. No way would I allow such a thing inside my precious. But, like I said, I started the night off feeling especially horny and daring.

What the hell…what’s the big deal….a cock is a cock, unless it’s deformed or diseased and then, well, I have no use for it.

But, I consider a cock with a ring through its tip the 8th wonder of the world. I’m an adventurer, an exploring and I wanted that ring to explore my love box.

We exchanged mindless chatter about his cock ring before he asked if I wanted to ‘feel it inside of me’. Of course I did, but I played shy.

A crowd gathered around us, hoping for a show, and I wanted to deliver.
I was wearing lingerie, ya know, for easy access. He was wearing short leather shorts, which provided easy access as well. He whipped out his dick, the silver cock ring was not as overwhelming as I imagined it would be. He put on a condom, bent me over and inserted it slowly.


Ladies, my words do not do justice to the feeling of a long, hard cock with a ring through its tip inside your throbbing, wet pussy.

My excitement was heightened because I love white cock. Ivory fucked Ebony like she was trying to escape from his plantation and Ebony loved it. If he could stay inside Ebony forever, Ebony would have allowed it.
That cock ring dick inside me was a pleasurable pain that left me feeling like a crackhead, I wanted more of it immediately.

Sure, I’ve had good sex before, but this sex was the best because of that damn cock ring.
How could this be? How could a simple ring turn sex into that ultimate high?
That ring knew exactly where my 'g-spot' was and it kept it company for a while. Unlike those ringless dicks that need a map to find your spot, my true freaks know what I'm talking about.
Ladies, trust me when I tell you that the cock ring plays with the inside of your pussy in a manner that shames your boy-toy and his ringless dick.

I'm certainly not encouraging you boy-toys to invest in a cock ring, I'm simply warning you that your stroke can’t compare to the boy-toys who have cock rings. Their dicks are like magic with a splash of heaven and a wedge of fortune.

I'm grateful that I was feeling exceptionally experimental that night, doing so opened me up (pun intended) to a dirty, new world that I would like to visit again.


  1. ummm I think we've created a new meaning for the term "birthday sex" LOL!!!

    OMG I'd me scared as FUCK of that! LOL!! Totally shouldn't have read this @ work... *going to the ladies room to take a wash up*


  2. let me find out this is based on a true story lol

  3. lol.. Whoever Mistress D is; I have a surprise for you. lol

  4. yes, this is totally based on a true story...MY STORY, which took place at the Exotic Erotic Ball, a wild sex party that I attend annually.


  5. As a cockring wearing man I can say that cockrings take your cock and stud ability to the next level. If you are serious about your cock and being able to fully please your woman's pussy for an extended amount of time, then get cockringed!

  6. forgive me if this is a stupid question, but did he have his dick pierced or is that just a ring around the base? sounds like it was pierced. only white boys lol


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