7 Be Careful What You Ask For

Remember when you said you would do anything for me?" Alonzo asked before tracing my belly button with his tongue.

The two fingers he quickly plunged into my p*$$y made my body arch and shudder before I could respond with a soft "yes".
"Well," he said while using his fingers to gently fucc me, "there's something I want you to do."
I was anxious to hear what he wanted, but the pleasure he was bringing my body far outweighed my curiosity so I let him take his time with both.

"I want you to have a threesome with me."

I immediately froze, not quite sure I'd heard him right.

"So you wanna see me fucc another man?" I asked sliding up onto my elbows. "Yeah, I didn't think so--so you're cheating on me and want me to fucc your bytch???"

"No baby, it's not even like that, I never even touched this girl--I met her at that bachelor party I went to. She tried to holla at me, I told her I had a woman and she said something about including you."

"Nah, I'm not interested--I'm not into women and I'm not into sharing my man with one."

"You sure baby?" Alonzo's voice was husky as he asked, "You don't wanna know what it feels like for a woman to do this to you?" He started sucking on my clit a little rough, just the way I liked it. I melted into the sheets and fantasized (as I had many times before) that it was a woman's face looking back from between my thighs. With his long hair, unbraided and rubbing against my legs, Alonzo really could be a woman. I closed my eyes tight, pretending a woman I'd seen in the neighborhood was sucking and licking my p*$$y which quickly brought me to an intense orgasm.

A few days went by before Alonzo brought the topic up again.

"Baby, I really wanna do this. Just this one time, can you please just do this...for me? For us? Its just a little something different, please baby?"
My p*$$y started throbbing at the thought of another woman touching me, causing me to instinctively start rubbing myself. Alonzo just smiled, probably because he knew how wet I was just at the thought. He lifted my shirt and bra and started nibbling softly on my nipples

"Is that a yes?" He asked while tugging at my shorts. I nodded quickly and repeatedly, unable to concentrate on much more than the orgasm I could feel building from within my p*$$y.

A few days later Alonzo came home excited, I could tell from the look in his eye that he had spoken to the mysterious stripper.

"Baby, she gon' be here tomorrow!"

"Oh, huh?" I walked over to him, and lightly caressed his already rock hard dyck.
"Does that excite you?" I asked while unzipping his pants and pushing them down. I slowly licked as I slid my way down, working hard to not touch his throbbing dyck, while also making sure he couldn't touch it either. When I knew he couldn't take anymore, I finally slid my mouth over his dyck and went to work. I sucked his dyck til he came, licked him clean and proceeded to suck him off one more time, just so he'd remember how good the shit at home was.

I heard a car door close and my heart started beating wildly, knowing this is had to be her. I quickly fixed my hair and waited for the doorbell to ring. When it did, Alonzo and I both looked at each other. He was grinning like a madman and hopped to his feet and did a quick sprint to the door. He toned down his smile and straightened his clothing before he opened the door and let our mysterious friend enter.

"Kim this is Star, Star--Kim."

I consider myself to be a very attractive woman, but Star was one bad bytch. She was very petite, no taller than about 5', with curves in all the right places. I smiled, immediately turned on by her, she smiled and winked at me in return.

"Hi Kim, has anyone ever told you how sexy you are?" Her voice was raspy, which made her even sexier. She tweaked my nipple, and I felt my panties become moist. This chick had me open as a mu'fucka.

"Want a drink?" I asked trying to get myself together, I'd never been this attracted to another woman, and it seemed that we'd both forgotten all about Alonzo who cleared his throat at that moment.

"I used to bartend--I'll make the drinks." Star never took her eyes off me while she spoke, there was an undeniable attraction between us. I glanced over at Alonzo who appeared to be in awe at the whole situation.

We drank and chatted, with Star sitting between us on the couch, but focusing most of her attention on me.

"I didn't come here for conversation." She said and placed one hand directly on my p*$$y and started caressing me.
Alonzo almost fell over his own feet as he practically ran to the bedroom ahead of us. When we got there, he was already taking his clothes off, with his soldier standing at attention.
Star smiled when she saw him, then she looked at me, pulled me to her and started kissing me while fondling my azz. By this point my panties were soaking wet and I wanted to taste every part of her.

Star was in complete control of every part of what we were doing. The bytch was very bossy, but she was so damn sexy I didn't care. She wanted Alonzo to fucc me from behind while I ate her p*$$y. I was nervous, because I had no clue what I was doing, but Star seemed to enjoy it. Her p*$$y had a very strong taste, not bad, just very different from my own. I licked, trying to make waves with my tongue, which she seemed to enjoy, and then I put her clit between my lips and sucked til the bytch was screaming out. Her body, which was beautiful, was glistening with sweat. When I felt myself reaching the point of orgasm and stop concentrating on anyone's pleasure but my own, Star maneuvered herself so that she was sucking on my nipples. I climaxed like never before, my whole body trembling, Star then reached inside her over-sized bag, and pulled out a two-person dildo.

"My turn." Those two simple words, brought the most delightful sensation to my p*$$y. We fucked and fondled, sucked and kissed on each other until we were both too tired to move. We'd both forgotten about Alonzo, who was sitting in a chair with cum running down his hand from his self-gratification.

He was still smiling that silly smile, and I could tell he really wanted to sample the other p*$$y in the room. Star seemed far less thrilled at the prospect of dyck, but she laid Alonzo on his back and commenced to ride him in a way that I never had. The entire time she was either looking in my eyes or had her finger in my p*$$y. Alonzo orgasmed, she did not, then she slid of his dyck while he laid there with a sated look on his face before falling soundly asleep.
At the sound of his snores, Star smiled, and led me to the bathroom so we could shower together.

"Hey baby! Let's go out for dinner...I have some great news!"

"Um, ok, let me just go get ready real quick."

"You look fine to me." Star said as she licked her lips and slid her hand across my azz.


  1. She kissed a girl and she REALLY liked it...Nice.

  2. I LOVE this story SoMean! I love all your stories!

  3. HOT!!!!!!!!! The twist @ the end! I Love It!

    HAH! Bet Alonzo's ass won't try that again! Then again he's still a man! SMH! LOL!!!

    Great Post Sugar! Thanks 4 sharing it!

  4. Great story so mean! I just recently started following your blog a couple weeks ago, and now I am hooked!

  5. This entire site! OMG

    So kicking myself for JUST finding this

  6. lmao...damn that was good...i should let my bf read this so his azz won't try it


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