9 The Dick Slayer

At 30 I’ve seen a lot of shit in my lifetime. I saw Whitney Houston on crack rocks, Chris Brown whoop a bitch's ass, and now finding a man that thinks he has me dick shook. The world was going haywire.

We met through a mutual friend. He looked like a damn NBA player; he was tall, dark, and fine as hell. Through our brief encounter he asked me for my digits. I nicknamed him "D", because with all that his dick had to be big, fat and delicious. *Damn I hoped it was* We talked on the phone for a week, and decided to have dinner that Saturday night. We met at my favorite restaurant in the middle of Atlantic Station. We ate, talked, laughed, and had a few drinks. The night was off to a damn good start. Dinner was winding down so he asked me if I want to go back to his place. Little did I know he lived in one of the condos right across the street.

The moment we got in the elevator we were all over each other. He cupped my breasts and kissed them through my top. He then came up and kissed me like he was trying to touch my tonsils. The elevator doors opened and we rushed to his place. I knew at that moment I was gonna fuck him!!!! We got into the condo, gave me a brief tour then we relocated his leather couch. I'm very aggressive so I straddled him and kissed those lips again. He removed my top and bra and went to town. He licked, flicked and sucked on my girls like he was breast feeding. I removed his shirt and gave his sexy chest equal attention. I got up and motioned for him to stand up also. Without taking my eyes of his I unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. His dick was itching to come out of those boxer briefs so I did what felt right. I let it ALL hang out. This man had a HUGE dick and for a split second I thought it was a bad idea, but I kicked that timid bitch out my head and pulled it towards me.

I dropped to my knees and I tasted him. Not only was it delicious, I kept it wet with my tongue. He asked me to stand up,then he picked me up and flipped me upside down. The standing 69 was the fucking truth. He ate my pussy so good I was starting to feel light headed. Wait, it may have been the fact that I was upside down....but I digress. He led me to his patio. The Regal movie theatre stood in our view; but we were about to put on a show of our own. He lifted me off the ground and entered me. I swore I heard a splash on the floor. Pussy juice everywhere. He started moving in and out slowly, only placing half of his man power inside of me. I guess he thought I couldn't take it; HA Men! He tried to come down slowly again, but I pulled my weight down. I took all of it without hesitation. I fucked him in up tempo style. Grinding my hips on his dick. I can tell his arms were getting weak so I stopped and got down. He laid on his patio chair and I straddled him again. This was my moment, fuck what you heard. I wanted to ride the shit out this man. Hell they don't call me The Dick Slayer for nothing.

I guess he was expecting me to stay in the position I was in, but I had something else in mind. While on top and positioned on that dick, I turned around. I was giving him the Missionary Head to Toe. While he spanked my ass and moaned loudly, I motioned up and down on his dick and started to rub his feet. Yea double the pleasure. He continued guiding me on his dick. I lifted my body up and spun around again. I wanted to look at him while he came. Positioning my hands on his chest I leaned forward and worked that dick again, this time throwing the Kegel moves in there. I started moaning because my pussy pulses and his fat dick felt too good to hold it any longer. I moaned, he moaned louder. He gripped my waist and moved closer to be breasts and made a faint sound. *Wait did he just growl?* I whispered "Cum for me daddy", no sooner I said that he let it go, and so did I. We laid there with only our breaths trying to catch its regular rhythm. I didn't move. Sometimes you just want to lay and let it deflate while its still housed in your pussy. We still said nothing! He fell asleep still inside me. I eased off of him trying not to awake him from his sleeping slumber. I grabbed my things and got dressed. Before I left his place I found a piece of paper and wrote a small note...The Dick Slayer Strikes Again!
I walked out the door....

I Slay Dicks, Dicks Don't Slay Me!!!!!!!

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  1. Lawd, ^5 gull. You braver than I to be touching a ninjas foots...I damn near gagged on that part...lmao. But sounds like homie was served up well. *Notes standing 69* Owwwwwwwwwwwwww......

  2. I say GOTDAYUM!!!!!!!! a STANDING 69??? *gulp* Ummmm...this right here has me @ work hot & bothered...LAWD i'mma just go & pray for a huge dick dealer I can SLAY! lmao!

    dead @ tini & the feets...LOL!!

    *gone to the ladies room to cool off*

  3. I love this post! It is intenseeeeeeeeeeee, lawdy, y did I had to read it alone...where is he when I need him! Men always think they whoop us but reality women that handle their bizness, whoop them and leave and say OH SHIT, I still got it! HAL!

  4. You two are so stoooooooooopid. lol

  5. Missy,

    When I wrote that shit I was getting all hot and bothered. lol

  6. You was getting hot and bothered,fuck girl u aint no shy girl,loved it and for your first piece of erotica its outstanding and very detailed,detailed to the point that i was picturing it in my head.....a bit strange as u my friend but hey so what it was still really horny.cant wait for the next piece of erotic imagary xx love vixen37

  7. That was really intense. I have read a lot of sex novels & short stories by a variety of authors but I have never read a scene like that before. She really lets it go. Invite her back for more!!!!


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