3 Red Velvet

“I want you to slap me.”


“The next time we have sex, I want you to slap me.”

“You want me to slap you on the ass when I hit from the back or something?”

“No, I want you to slap me in my face. Choke me a little bit. Be rough with me.”

“Ummmm…okay…How hard to you want me to slap you?”

“As hard as you can. Don’t hold back. I can take it.”

He paused for a minute. You could tell he was thinking I was crazy as hell. I thought he would turn me down but he responded, “I think I can handle that for you, but we’re going to need a safe word.”

“A safe word?”

“Yeah, a word that we wouldn’t commonly use during sex so we know if it’s going too far. What do you want the safe word to be?”

Right then I knew I had picked the right man for the job. I wasn’t sure how he would respond when I asked to be dominated. I had asked men in the past and they simply couldn’t handle it. They thought I had some daddy issues or something. The truth is I’ve just always liked to push the boundaries of sex. I like to feel excited, I like to feel alive. Thomas was the man that could provide me with that feeling.

We’ve always had amazing sex, but truth be told I didn’t think he would go for it. He’s a sweet guy. He’s always been really respectful. As a matter of fact, apart from the sex, I’d say he’s pretty lame.

“I can’t think of a word…”

“Just pick anything, a color or something, anything you wouldn’t say normally during sex.”

I searched around the room looking for something to use as a safe word. My favorite color has always been red, but that seemed too simple. Then it hit me. “Red velvet” I told him.

“Red velvet?”

“Yeah, that’s my favorite cake. Red velvet. That will be our safe word.”

When the day finally arrived I was both excited and nervous. I was pretty sure I would enjoy the aggressive sex but there was no way to be certain. As soon as I came through the door, he held me close and kissed me deep and passionately. After our long kiss, he grabbed me by the face and said “Bitch go in the room, get naked, get on your knees and wait for me.” It made me wet just thinking about what he was going to do to me and I loved the way he was talking to me. I went to the room and got naked, but I wasn’t about to get on my knees. Who did he think I was? I just sat in the bed and anticipated my punishment.

The bedroom was decked out like a true bachelor pad. He represented his fraternity with the color scheme. He had black curtains that matched his black comforter. The bed sheets and pillow cases were gold. On his nightstand there was a nice contemporary lamp and a stuffed monkey. The part that I liked most of all was the mirrors. He had a mirror in the headboard, a mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed, and a full length mirror on the wall next to the nightstand. His bedroom had all the signs of a true freak. He also had some half melted candles on top of his dresser for those sensual nights, but something told me we wouldn’t be making love this evening.

He came into the room with no clothes on. His muscular frame was looking magnificent. The tattoos on his biceps, back, and chest made him that much sexier. He was already hard. He always kept that dick hard for me. He wasn’t too long, but it was the girth that kept me coming back. The brother could fill out a magnum quite nicely. He was a former baseball player so he had a nice build. His six-pack had turned into a four-pack after college, but don’t get me wrong, he was still fine. He wasn’t as tall as I usually like my men. We were about the same height when I put on some heels so I didn’t mind it that much. But if he was an inch shorter, I couldn’t fuck with him.

“Bitch, where did I tell you to be?” he said as he grabbed me by my hair and snatched me to the floor. I’m only five foot five, one hundred and twenty five pounds. I thought I was going to fly through the third story window of his apartment. “Red velvet motherfucker!” I screamed while he still had my hair clinched in his hand. He let go and asked me what was wrong. I said “First of all you almost threw me through this fucking window. Second of all, don’t mess with the hair.” I had paid too much money to have my weave looking right and he was not about to fuck up my head with some foolishness. He looked at me as he tried to hold in his laugh and said “Okay, you good?”

“Yeah I’m good.”

He didn’t waste any time getting back into the swing of things. “Now suck this dick and you better suck it like you love it” he told me as I let his hardness enter my mouth. He held the back of my head and pushed it down until I could feel the head of his dick in the back of my throat. I tried to come up for air. He slapped the shit out of me. “Did I tell you to take this dick out your mouth? You want me to fuck you up don’t you?” he said in a serious tone. I said “I’m sorry sir” and continued to suck his cock.

I can’t lie; the slap startled the shit out of me. But at the same time, it made my pussy leak like a bad faucet. I sucked his dick better than I ever had before. It was a combination of fear and adrenaline and whatever else was getting me off. I went into beast mode.

I could feel him growing in my mouth, rising to ecstasy. He abruptly pulled my head out of his lap and told me to get in the bed. I laid down on my back with my legs open and he got on top of me. He grabbed me tightly by my throat, to the point where I was struggling to breathe, and asked “You want this dick don’t you?” I tried to speak but the words wouldn’t come out, so I just nodded my head up and down. “Is this the best dick you ever had?”

Truth be told, he wasn’t even close. He was a straight freak and the sex was fun, but I didn’t have enough of a connection with him to call him the best. I just gave him a blank look, not really knowing what to say. He grabbed my throat tighter. Looked at me intensely and asked the question again; “Bitch you heard me. Is this the best dick you ever had?”

“Yes daddy” I lied.

He took his hand off my throat and slapped the shit out of the left side of my face. “Fuckin’ lyin’ ass bitch, I shouldn’t even give you this dick, you don’t deserve it.”

“I’m not lying. You’re the best daddy.”

He raised his hands to my face and I flinched. He had actually made me fear what he might do to me and I loved it. I considered talking shit to him to push him further, but I don’t think he needed any extra motivation. He grabbed my face and began to kiss me while he entered my wetness. The fact that he could be so sensual and rough at the same time had my head spinning. He put his hand back on my throat while he pinned my right leg by my head with his left shoulder. I could feel him deep in my pussy and he was taking nice, long, slow strokes; just the way I love it. He slapped me again and told me “You better take that dick.” He sped up the pace, moving his hips so magnificently and hitting every corner of my pussy.

I could feel him growing stronger like he was about to come, but he had excellent dick control. He pulled out of me just before he was about to climax and told me “I’ll be right back.”

He went into his walk-in closet for a brief moment and when he emerged he had a large black leather belt. I was scared as shit. I worried he might be about to go too far. But this is what I asked for so I was going to see it through. He told me “Get on all fours like the bitch that you are”, so I did as I was told like a good girl. I was facing his headboard mirror so I could see what was taking place behind me. He took the belt and wrapped it around my neck like I was a fucking horse or something, and he was my jockey. He held the ends of the belt firmly as he entered me from behind. With each thrust of my poonani, I could feel the belt getting tighter and tighter around my throat.

His dick was so exquisite from behind. I could feel him in my stomach. He was going deeper and deeper with every stroke. I tried to throw my ass back at him but the belt was restricting my oxygen…which made the sex that much better. So good, in fact, that I refused to tell him to stop, no matter how close I was to losing consciousness. He fucked me violently. He talked so nasty to me. I could see his muscles flexing in the mirror and a cocky look on his face because he knew he was killing my pussy. I felt my orgasm begin to rise.

Now what I should’ve said at this point was red velvet, but instead I just said, “Fuck me harder.” I must’ve triggered something inside of him, because he became even more aggressive. I began my ascent into outer orbit. My legs began to shake. My breathing would’ve become heavier, if I could actually breathe. I became light headed. I felt the most earth-shattering orgasm take control of me. I screamed, “Don’t stop”. My voice was becoming more and more faint. “Fuck me.” I felt myself losing consciousness but I didn’t care. The feeling was just too good. “Yes! Yes! Ye…………………………………….”


  1. Three words... I.Love.It.

    and trust me its RARE that I can say I love everything about most stories/posts. You are a GREAT writer!!! OMG! HOT!!!!!!! It kept me intrigued...and as I read it I actually felt like I WAS the character...got kinda turned on! lmao...and that's EXACTLY what its suppose to do...The whole submissive/dominant concept VERY sexy! and the fact that you wrote this from a womans perspective, had me convinced.....I was literally smiling while reading it LOL!

    I'm down for being a little rough...HOWEVER!!! lol...slapping my face and pulling me by a belt until I damn near lose consciousness...HELL NAW! I'm not tryna tap on glory's door just for the sake of busting a good nut...LOL!!! Excellent Story!

  2. See his ass woulda got slapped the hell back after he broke me off minus Ike Turner chokin my ass...lmao...great story tho...luvs it!

  3. oh my...I think I need to change clothes after reading this...sexy!


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