2 I'm Gonna Get Mine

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No, that bitch didn't hang up on her like that with that comment. Sure that was her husband, but no one was going to have him. NOBODY!

Besides, HE was supposed to be the one who stayed home while SHE got to go out with her girls every Friday and Saturday night. That was the agreement, since he had no friends anyway. Where and when did he get the nerve to start going out all of a sudden? He starts losing weight and now he wanted to be up in the club? Not happening. She put his ass on LOCK the minute he came home at 8am. That would be the first and last time she would put him in check.

As for her, she didn't need to be put in check. It was acceptable for her to come home at 5 AM. He didn't question her, what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

Truth be told, she only married him for the money and the fact that he worshipped her. She grew accustomed to the designer labels, a nice apartment, weekly trips to the hair and nail salon, and so on and so forth. But that co-worker bitch was not about to ruin it for her by fucking her husband and leaving him whipped on someone else other than his wife. Sure, the sex between her and her husband was not on point, never was for the last 10 or so years. She grew bored with the same routine and grew even more tired of trying to tell him how to fuck her properly.

Besides, she had been creeping on him for YEARS. Years before they were married and years after they were married. Why stop now?

She sent a text message to "Anaconda", her side dick.

"I'll see you tomorrow night."

He text back, "Good. Wear that thing that I like."

Friday night. She told her husband that she was going out with her girls. While it was partially true, and he was dumb enough to believe it, she was going to get her weekly fix of the dick.

The strip show was in Brooklyn at a club called "Temptations". The club promoter rented out the club for that night and tickets to see "Anaconda" were already sold out weeks before the event. "Anaconda" didn't have a dick, he had a COCK! It was rumored to be 16 or 17 inches, but you had to see it for yourself.

She did what "Anaconda" requested, she shaved her coochie bald, wore her red pumps and a leather bustier pushing up her 38 double D's with a free flowing skirt that showed off her thick legs. And no panties. He liked it when she wore no panties; easy access.

She met her girls at the club and they sat in the VIP section. The VIP was the front row to see the strippers up close and personal. Every single stripper that took the stage was as tantalizing as the next, dicks dangling in all different lengths and colors. Tight, oiled up bodies gyrating and grinding on the floor. If only her husband looked even remotely close to that!

The main attraction of the night finally came...Anaconda. He danced to "Darling Nikki" by Prince in a black leather outfit. The back was cut out, revealing a tight ass with a g-string. He put Prince's yellow outfit to shame.

He surveyed the room and saw her in the front row. Crawled on the floor, made his middle and index finger into a "V" and simulated oral sex by flicking his tongue. The girls went wild, but she knew he did that for her and, umm, after the show there was the after party.

She did get a little jealous when Anaconda picked some random girl and not her to get on the stage. He, dry humped her and once again, simulated oral sex by spreading the girl's legs open and burying his head between her legs. Then he flipped her over and simulated sex doggy style. He even pulled out her tittie, poured honey on it and licked her nipple! She knew that this was part of the show, but once the show was over, he would be doing the real deal with her. She wanted, needed that dick so badly inside of her.

After the show, they sped off to his house in his Benz. Anaconda had one hand on the wheel and the other hand fondling her pussy. She came all over his seat and his fingers and he lapped her juices off of his fingertips.

When they got to his house, they got in his shower. There, he picked her up, and slowly fucked her against the tiles. Her husband never did that. His dick invaded her walls, entered her so deep inside that she thought it was in her stomach.

He dried her off and they went to his bedroom where she was treated to a full body massage. First with the baby oil, where he massaged her breasts, her thighs, her feet and her ass. Then with his tongue, where he ate her pussy like a meal. Then he ate her ass while he fondled her pussy. Anaconda was the only man to ever eat out her asshole and she loved every single minute of it.

He went and got another Magnum and fucked her every single way she could take it. Doggy style, froggy style, sideways, upside down, on a chair. She even took it in the ass for him, all of his big pipe. Kama Sutra didn't have shit on Anaconda, he knew every trick in the book, even some new ones.

When "Anaconda" awoke at 11AM the next day, she was gone. She left him a check for five hundred dollars for "services rendered". He smiled, to him, it was just a regular day as a stripper/sometimes escort and being her side dick. He wondered if he could make an honest woman out of her someday. But the money was too good to let go.


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