7 I'm A Sex Addict ( and I Love It )

We had known each other for over a year, We worked at the same place both married to respective spouses but there was this chemistry between us that we did not know what to do about it. Every time we'd see each other it was like there was no one around we were the only ones and the world belonged to us. We flirted a lot, a smile here, a touch a rub a flick of the lips here and there. We could not stay away from each other. One day we were keeping a party at work and I dressed in this tight black(come fuck me) dress, in my 5" stiletto heels and red lace underwear with matching bra, I told myself I wasn't going to bring my husband because he was getting on my nerves and I wanted to get away. I'm 5'9 dark chocolate brown skin, well toned, flat tummy, long black hair and with an ass to die for.

There he was in a corner looking like a god, 6’ 2 body built like a quarterback, muscles everywhere, wearing a nice Armani shirt, with pants and hair looking neat as ever. All the girls were all over him then I walked in the room he came right up to me and brushed against my tight round firm ass and kissed me on my neck and said "Can I take that off with my teeth tonight". I turned around and said" right here, right now" Mind you I wasn't shy about sex at all, I love sex and he knew I wouldn't back down at all.

He grabbed me by the hand and we made our way through the crowd to his car, while in his car we started kissing and with the force we were going at made his cock stand at attention, he started driving and I pulled that monster out it looked like about 10" and I went straight down on it. Deep throating that fucker and he started to push my head deeper down on his cock and I said "you like that don't you mother fucker, fuck my mouth harder" I was loving it and he was making a lot of noises that was turning me on even more, I lick the shaft of his dick all the way down, up and down.

I started finger fucking myself while deep throating him and I came all over my fingers. I pulled my fingers out and pushed it straight into his awaiting mouth and he licked every one of them off.

We finally reached home and we couldn't wait to reach inside, He lifted me up off the ground and brought me upstairs and threw me down on the bed, and just went straight for my pussy. I was dying with pain and pleasure. I kept screaming "fuck me, fuck me harder with your tongue" and the noise just keeps turning him on. We switched into the 69 position and I just went crazy on his dick, deep throating that cock, so hard and he pushing my head down giving me everything and i just loved the shit out of that.

He lifted me up and him standing with my ass in the air and his dick in my mouth I was in dreamland begging for more, "Please baby fuck my mouth".

He threw me on the bed and turned me around with my head down on the side of the bed and just started fucking my mouth so hard, I was choking but I loved the hell out of it. He couldn’t take it anymore and just came all down my throat and I swallowed every last drop. I turn around and started to suck him back to life again and then just started riding the hell out his dick, going up and down and turned cowgirl and he couldn’t take it anymore so he pushed me off and placed me in the doggie style position and was just fucking the shit out my pussy, I kept saying " yes daddy fuck me, fuck me harder, I want it all and he just went deeper and deeper and I felt my pussy just throbbing and my feet started shaking and I was just ready to explode. He started talking shit saying "this my pussy and I’m going to fuck you till it hurts" and he held onto my shoulders giving me the full hundred It was pain and pleasure but to hell if I die I would die happy. He started to moan loudly so i told him to fuck my ass and he entered it was awesome. He started slow then he got up to tempo i was in wonderland speaking all different types of language begging him " don't stop, just fuck me harder baby, I want more fuck my ass harder. He was sweating and saying " You like this dick don't you and I said "yes don't take it out just give me more daddy, I want you in my mouth" and he came out my ass and shot is load straight down my throat again and I came with a massive gush and he was just lapping up all the juices that was flowing out my pussy.

We laid there on the bed just smiling afterwards.


  1. wow! intense & very descriptive. i'm certainly aroused. think i'll hang around your blog for a while :)

  2. I have a concern...lol...great story..(makes me wanna find some ho shit 'round mi office...then again scratch that...ain't nothin dark enough in here for me. But both parties are married right? So.....who's crib was this at? LMAO #Imjustsayin

  3. Lol Martini I was wondering the same thing!!! But great story!! Loved it!

  4. this is amazin u made me horny i want dick inside me.

  5. i want that dick inside my black wet black pussy, if i get hold of it wil fuck it very well. well done girl friend u a damn lucky to get that huge cock inside u.

  6. Damn i could masterbate to this shit


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