0 Old Competition

The music had the crowd fully ecstatic.

The bar was on my left, and there was a walkway with cubicles surrounding the upper tier of the dance floor. I usually don't come to events like this. I've always believed in a healthy dose of saving money from the club, but tonight was different.

I slowly crawled my way between the bar and a very voluptuous woman. She looked me in my eyes I attempted to avoid rubbing my dick on her. She smiled and reached down and grabbed it. I smirked and thought to myself, you are lucky I don't do jungle fever.

I sipped my red bull mixed with Jim Beam while slowly crossing through the west side of the club. I gave dap to a group of high school friends that were posted inside a cubicle. I saw a glimpse of a familiar face resting on the railing that rode the perimeter of the upper tier.

I approached her slowly, slightly smiling that smile you give people when you think you know them, but are not quite sure. "Jackie?"

She was immaculately groomed. Natural nails, immaculate pedicure, with an urban silhouette airbrushed on them. She looked up without quite looking up, pursed her lips slowly, "Boy, Don't play..."

I laughed. "You haven't change any!"

She swung around her stool. She tilted her head took me in. I was immediately overwhelmed, and began to smile. "What you looking at like that?"

She uncrossed her legs. While dragging her tongue around her parched lips she said, "Don't play. I look at what i want, you know that. What you doing up here? I thought you was too good for this scene."

I furled my lips in response, "Typically. I was given a free pass. I had to come through the back door and everything."

She laugh while looking down at her breast, then looking up at me with her eyes, "Yeah, I know how weak you can be for the back..."

I stepped in closer, now firmly between her legs, "What do you exactly remember about me, ma'am?"

She leaned her hips closer to mine, moving her waist to the beat. "I remember you hate competition! You can't stand losing!"

I laughed, “You are absolutely right! Who likes losing?"

She laid her head on my chest, slowly sliding her hand up my shirt. "You come her with someone?"

"If you are asking if I am seeing anyone, the answer is, no," I stated.

She grabbed my hand, lifting herself from her perch. She dragged me through the crowd to the elevator. Looking at me slyly, we entered the booth headed upstairs. I pressed her up against the wall. She pushed me away from her with her hands.
"No, sir. You are so impatient. I swear some things never change."

I laughed heartily, "You are still playing games!"

She nudged me with her head, making sure not to damage her hair. I slid backwards into the wall behind me. She began to nibble on my right ear, whispering poetry. Her left hand gently caressed my stomach, as she moved it deliberately underneath my shirt. The elevator door slid open, and she grabbed me by my shirt tail towards the hallway.

We came to a door, and she bent over, swaying her hips side to side, and dipping slowly as she opened the door with her card key. She ran into the suite with my hand in hers. Twisting and twirling in a slow whine, grinding her hips on mine. I was bothered and grabbed her closer. I lifted her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. We danced like this toward her bedroom.

I laid her on the bed. She flipped over, while looking back at me, she slipped her skirt up revealing a red thong. I slipped the thong to the side, while pulling her to her knees slightly. I slid my tongue between her vulva lips. She jerked and slowly slid onto her back. She shook her head with a smile, and grabbed my dick. She unzipped my pants and pulled them down. Her mouth was full of wetness as she embraced my lower member. I tilted my head back, as I pulled her closer, gripping the back of her head.

She slowly nibbled across the base and ran her teeth around the head gently. I began to grab her shoulders, and she started laughing. She swiped my hands off of her and continued. I simply couldn't control myself, I lifted her from the ground and threw her legs apart.


I entered her, stroking her deeply with much control. I let the tip of my dick head rise between her lips, and then slowly back down in. She looked at me approvingly. "Mmmm...get that pussy, boy..."

She slid over to her left side, closing her legs around my shaft. She began pouncing on it while still sideways. Her juices flowed profusely, making me lean over and grip her shoulders. She smiled, and gently positioned her pussy on the tip of my dick, and worked her hips in a slow circle. While she shook and came all over, I began to collapse from the pleasure. SHe sucked on my chest, at the same time she worked me all the way back inside her. I could feel her walls opening up on my cock. She stared deeply into my eyes.
She laughed.

My eyes had closed, and I was about to climax when she pulled me out of her. She grabbed my lower member with both hand and took me deep inside. My whole body screamed as I released. She gulped me down and continued to take every drop and inch that I had to offer. I was laying on the bed in sweat when I finally opened my eyes.

She laughed.


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