0 Skin Rhythms Staccato Beats

She had a butterfly tattoo but she was flyy too. She didn't speak much but she always had a ready smile, I could tell by her outfits and hair that shorty was wild. We never spoke but her aura was no joke she was at peace with herself and I liked that. She didn't seem to be burdened by the everyday things like bills, kids, rent, school none of that she just did what she pleased when it pleased her to do so. She intrigued me deeply but I never stepped to her scene I liked her better in my fantasies and dreams.

One day minding mines shorty runs in huffing puffing counting time. I say nothing but I stand still she seems mad it made her cuter still. She spots me holds me with her eyes they pierce right through me that ain't no surprise. She mentions me to follow her to the store room in back I glance around, flip the sign, locked the door and my core proceeded to react. I didn't know what to expect shorty could have been a stick up kid for all I know. Snowing me with her good looks and calm demeanor it didn't stop me from following her though, I was intrigued infatuated so I had no choice but to play the scene out.

Cautiously I walked foot in front of the other to the back supply room, shorty had already made a palette on the floor she was resourceful I noted, I also noted the sleekness of her thigh and how it looked super smooth and like paint on a bland canvas against the backdrop of drab cardboard. We didn't speak at all she took my hand and guided it to her pleasure palace which was already slick and wet, shorty was hot like the fourth of July. I stroked she moaned I moved slow she clicked her tongue in anger I moved faster she rode my hand stroke for stroke I watched her in amazement my brain couldn't process this moment yet my eyes were drinking it all in.

She came hard her love juices soaking my hand running down my wrist her breathing heavy but slowing her eyes closed, her face flushed, she was magnificent to watch I didn't move I didn't want to break the spell we were under I didn't want her to look at me with disgust in her eyes. A small smile broke on her face but her eyes looked sad. She kissed me gently softly and with passion sucking my bottom lip gently biting it with her teeth. My body responded and I moaned softly.

She slipped her hand under my shirt into my bra and gave my nipple a squeeze it made me instantly arch my back, she undid my pants and pushed me down on the make shift cardboard bed she pulled my pants down and swiftly lowered her head. Just the anticipation of what was to come made me wet, she gently flicked her tongue on my pearl tongue sending all thoughts out my head she used her tongue like a fine tuned instrument I didn't know if she was a pro but she certainly was skilled.

Licking, licking, licking, licked, fingers, tongue, fingers and tongue, hips moving, head bobbing, tongue lapping, nipples throbbing, she straddled me matching her pussy lips up with mind and we tribbed the light fantastic, rubbing, rubbing, grinding, grinding, winding, winding, spasm, spasm, rolling orgasms I was so in lust with her I never wanted to leave this space, this time, this back storage room matching her gaze I watched her hazel eyes for clues of what to do next. She watched me too, disengaging hormones still raging she neatens her clothes and gets ready to go. I hastily dress feelings a mess not sure what to do had just sexed a dream unreal real it seemed. She walked to the front door of the store and I let her leave no words exchanged, no backward glances. Just the rhythm of her beat in staccato stanzas playing a goodbye serenade she was a dream but wasn't I awake?


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