2 Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned Pt.1

Meegan was tired. She was tired of Mychale always lying to her and she was tired of the cheating and the always being taken advantage of period! Tonight though, tonight was the straw that officially broke the camels back. The saying was true hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and tonight she was truly a woman scorned. Tonight was supposed to be there two year anniversary for the first time they had officially met and of course Mychale had forgotten it and ruined the whole evening leaving her high and dry at the last possible minute. She didn’t know why she put up with his bullshit, then she dropped her head yes she did it was because she thought she loved him and no matter how many times he fucked up she just let him right back in she knew she was weak when it came to Mychale and he knew it as well and he used it to his advantage every time. Every time he would mess up he would just look at her with his light brown eyes and poke his full lips out at her and give her his most pitiful remorseful look and she would be like silly putty in his hands.

Meegan balled her fist up until her nails cut into the palms of her hands she was tired of being Mychale’s doormat even her own mother had chastised her for letting Mychale make a fool out of her. She had been so ashamed she didn’t know what to say. Meegan looked at the clock on the wall then she checked that the video camera was set up at the foot of the bed that she had spent way to many nights in alone. Tonight was all about her and she was going to do what she had always fantasized about but never had the courage to do tonight she was going to put on a show. The doorbell rung at precisely 8pm Meegan tightened the belt on her well worn robe and walked to the door on unsteady legs, she looked out the peephole and her mouth started to water instantly. The man at her door was so fine he made her heart palpitate with anticipation and her palms started to sweat. Meegan took a deep cleansing breath and proceeded to open her front door. Her guest stood in the doorway sensing that Meegan needed time to adjust to his full presence and he was right. Meegan was used to seeing sexy black in passing but the whole magnitude of him unleashed in her presence was enough to give her second thoughts. Shit, shit shit, Meegan thought what the hell am I doing what was I thinking I can’t do this.

Meegan opened up her mouth to tell Sexy Black that she wasn’t going to be able to go through with what she had initially planned to do but in one stride Sexy Black had crossed the threshold of the doorway closed the door with his foot swept her up in his massive muscled arms and proceeded to kiss her all in one fluid motion, the man was beyond good he was masterful in his own skin. With her body pressed against his all reason flew out of Meegan’s mind she was giving in and it felt good for once. Her temperature was rising fast and she felt her face getting flushed. This is what it must feel like to get swept up in the moment Meegan thought fleetingly. Meegan was vaguely aware of being carried to the bed she was so caught up in the heat, the feel, and the scent of the viral man that was Sexy Black this man was so fine he put the damn Rundu calendar men to shame compared to him those men were smuts. Broad shoulders, thick muscled arms, big ass barrel of a chest slim waist and powerful legs this man was a beast. An Ebony god the closest thing to perfection in human form he was a perfect specimen of manhood. To think that he was Mychale’s best friend they were as different as night and day. Mychale was handsome but like a pampered pretty boy who had always relied on his looks but Sexy Black was hard, he had come up by brain and brawn he was a scrapper and he was pretty intelligent where one couldn’t get him the other one did. He had several businesses that had garnered him much success his most successful business was his physical fitness empire that the man had built up from the ground. It was an easy sell seeing as how he was a product of the very thing he stood for every man wanted to look like him and every woman wanted him in her bed.

 Despite all that though Sexy Black was lonely and the one woman he had always desired was the one his boy Mychale had went out his way to get before he could. To add insult to injury the real truth of the matter was Mychale didn’t even want her but he didn’t want Sexy Black to have her either. So Mychale kept her but cheated on her blatantly and threw in both him and Meegan’s faces he was a bold cold bastard and he knew it. What made matters worst was the fact that Meegan accepted the cheating like it was some sort of punishment for some unknown crimes she had committed in a past life. Every time he saw Meegan his heart broke into pieces a little more each time until he finally just stopped coming around he didn’t even think it had registered until Meegan called him out the blue asking him if he could do the strangest thing. Since it had been all he could think about doing with her from the first time he had seen her he had said yes with no hesitation and now here he was he could see the doubt in her eyes and his one chance slipping between his fingers so he had made the first move being the aggressor for once.

He was a big dude that’s why he took extra care to not be aggressive his size had been a burden and a curse for most of his life. But in this case he had needed his actions to speak louder than words. Laying Meegan on the bed gently and with trembling fingers unknotting her robe belt from her naked body he took his time drinking in the sight of her perfectly brown body with the big natural breast thick thighs and round apple ass. She was more than thick but her body was a real mans playground. His dick was so hard straining to get out of his jeans with one hand he removed his jeans and silk boxers his dick was rock hard just by looking at the women he had fantasized many a night about. Tonight was going to be all based on reality. He was going to make this shit last he wanted to take his time and savor every damn minute she was worth it. Sexy black started at her perfectly painted and manicured toes she had pretty feet he liked that, next he moved onto her calf planting slow wet kisses on the back of her legs which smelled like cocoa butter oil, her body glistened in the scented candle light, the moment was almost surreal. “Make sure the camera’s on” was all she said. Barely taking his eyes off her he made sure the camera was on and that it was taping and that the battery was good and that it captured her in all her naked splendor.

Lifting her torso up and leaning on her elbows, Meegan raised her hand and mentioned for Sexy black to come stand in front of her which he did willingly. Meegan sat all the way up and came to face to face with his sexy black rock hard shaft. In another lifetime she knew he would have been from the Mandingo tribe there was no mistaking it this man was a warrior had to be the way he stood so proudly in front of her immaculate in stature Meegan was intrigued in a way she had never been with Mychale which caused her to reevaluate why she was with a man who didn’t even love her. With that thought burned into her brain Meegan held Sexy Blacks gaze and took as much of his penis into her mouth as she could stand until she started gagging never breaking his gaze she glanced at the camera and adjusted herself so that the viewer of the videotape would be able to see everything blow by blow. She relished sucking Sexy black’s dick his precum was sweet from all the fruits and fruit juices he ate and drank on the regular. His body was a testament to his daily regimen workout and nutrition regimen. Sexy Black held Meegan’s gaze and he licked his lips he had never had his dick feasted on like it was a meal.

Slowly Sexy Black extracted his penis from Meegan’s throat and he pushed her back on the bed, slowly he lowered himself down on his knees and spread her legs apart with his hands, he started slowly kissing her inner thigh making a trail until he got to her inviting pussy. Using his finger he parted her velvet lips and proceeded to lightly tease her vulva Meegan moaned and arched her back while she twisted and squeezed her hard nipples. Meegan’s wetness soaked his fingertips ducking his head low he took his tongue and proceeded to lick and suck her soul through her pussy. Meegan moaned and squirmed and tried to run away from Sexy black he put her legs on his shoulders and used his hands to keep her thighs from squeezing shut. Meegan was grabbing fistfuls of bed sheet as Sexy black licked, sucked, caressed, blew, slurped, and tongue fucked her until her body was spent from the rolling orgasms sexy black had just given her. Her body had never felt like this with Mychale never had she even come close to being so satisfied not.even.once!

Meegan felt cheated like she had been lied to sexually, if this was what she had been missing what the hell was really waiting on the other side of the sexual door, wanting to give sexy black the same pleasure he had just gave her Meegan disengaged herself from sexy black and reversed their positions. She climbed on top of Sexy black and slowly lowered herself down on his penis. It felt like it was inside her chest she had never felt so full of penis in her life but she liked it, it felt as if his dick was specifically made for her pussy. In reverse cowgirl position Meegan begun to work her hips and she made sure to look directly into the camera while she was riding sexy black she also started to play with her clit. While sexy black was playing with her nipples, he was being so gentle with her but she wanted it rough, harder. She arched her back and popped her pelvis she heard sexy black catch his breath. Meegan grinned she had tricks no one even knew she had, she just never felt like she should break them out until now. Meegan put on a show for the camera hopping up and down, popping her pelvis, rubbing her clit, saying sexy blacks name, moaning, she felt sexy black tensing he tried to slow her down but she kept going and he filled her with hot cum she felt it shoot up inside her vagina and coat her insides. Yummy she thought maybe he will do something Mychale can’t like knock me up!


  1. "Mandingo tribe"....

    "proceeded to lick and suck her soul through her pussy"

    "Sexy black licked, sucked, caressed, blew, slurped, and tongue fucked her until her body was spent from the rolling orgasms"

    ^^^^^^^^^Good Googly Moogly! *prays for forgiveness*


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