3 Bad Girl

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, I’m locked out. Open up.”

I slowly approach the door, adjusting my short, plaid skirt and white button-up top (That pop-tart Britney doesn’t know how to work this look quite like me), checking myself out in the mirror once more. Damn, I look good. The word gorgeous has been thrown my way quite a few times, with my slim but curvy build and smooth chocolate skin. My height only accentuates my presence; standing at 5’ 8”, 130 pounds. When wearing heels I’m usually right at eye level with most men, which is probably why I’m so good at flirting.

I open the door and Darnell’s face lights up. “Damn girl!”

I take a moment to smile, and admire this sexy mutherfucker standing in front of me. He’s tall, at least 6’ 4”, with creamy butterscotch skin, and a body that’s chiseled like a Greek statue. Giving me that model vibe, but with a definite rugged edginess that I like.

I go right into my character. “Good evening Dean Goodrich, I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding the place.”

His face took on a quizzical expression, which was quickly replaced by a sexy grin.

“No Ms. Hopewell, It was pretty easy, your directions were excellent.”

“Where are my manners, please come in.” “I’m very grateful that you could come by today, to discuss my situation. I know I’m in a lot of trouble.”

“Yes, you could be expelled behind this matter, which would serve you right.”

“I know it was wrong to masturbate in the middle of your lecture, and I really am sorry.”

Darnell tries not to laugh, as he’s not the best actor, but he has a big dick, and a gifted tongue, so I forgive him this one fault.

“Yes, it was quite wrong, you caused a stir with the guys sitting next to you, and they all failed their tests.” “Do you think you should be punished?”

“Yes sir, I deserve to be punished, right now.”

He takes a seat in the chair I’ve pulled from the kitchen, and pulls me down into his lap.

“I’m going to spank you, like the filthy, bad little girl you’ve been.”

He lifts up my skirt to find that I’m wearing a black, lace thong. Taking a moment to admire my smooth, round little ass, he begins to punish me. “Smack!”, the first blow stings, instantly bringing my nipples to full attention. “Smack, smack, smack!”, the subsequent blows are faster, harder. I feel my ass growing warm from the punishment. My pussy responds to the assault on my ass, and I’m wet enough to drown this sexy man under me. I always enjoyed the rough play.

Darnell takes a break from the spanking he’s laying down, and pulls my thong aside. He explores my pussy, noting the wetness that’s seeping through the scrap of material I’m calling underwear. He sticks one, then two fingers in my pussy, I moan and wriggle on his lap, brushing his ever-growing erection. I purposely stimulate his dick, wanting to get him to end this torture and fuck me, hard.

I put on my sweet, innocent voice: “I’m sorry Dean Goodrich, please stop, I won’t do it again, I can’t take this anymore, please!”

“Are you gonna pay attention in class, and stop being a slut while you’re supposed to be learning something?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson yet, I think a hard fucking might teach you something. Go to your bedroom.”

I run to the bedroom, anticipating the pleasure that this man always brings me. He comes in and removes his clothes; he slowly unzips his jeans, knowing how much I like looking at him, especially when he unleashes that magnificent dick of his. I take off my sexy outfit, and strip down to nothing but my thong (I like to let him rip off my underwear; it turns me on something serious). He gets on the bed, and passionately kisses me all over my body, exploring and praising my sexiness. I revel in the bliss that he causes in me, and feel like I could explode from the lust I feel for him. He trails wet, soft kisses down the center of my body, starting at my collarbone, taking his time, making his way to my breasts. I sigh when he takes my hard, chocolate kiss nipple into his mouth, and does that tongue swirl that made me fall for him the first time we fucked (that was a hell of a night).

He moves down to my tummy, and pauses at my bellybutton, dipping his tongue inside. I jump a little; he knows this is a sensitive spot for me. He looks down at my thong, and grips the waistband, pulling at it. He gets a good grip and rips it apart, tossing the material aside. He finally makes his way to my pussy, admiring its smoothness (that Brazilian waxing does wonders), and dives right in like the pussy-eating champ he is. I can hardly stay in one spot, and almost suffocate him when I put my hands on his head. He can make me cum this way, but he has bigger plans for me tonight. He removes his head from my “Y” and looks at me with those eyes that say: “I’m about to tear that pussy up!” I tingle all over when he looks at me that way. He moves into position, and takes my right leg up to his shoulder. He thrusts his dick in me, and I scream from the pure ecstasy and relief. I feel his dick stretching me, and filling me up, making the wetness slide down my thighs. I’m just getting used to the fullness when he withdraws and plunges back into me, I feel my eyes fluttering at the pleasure, as he fucks me with such ease. Then, its like a switch is flipped on, as he starts to pound me like his life depends on it. I hold on to the headboard and scream out for him not to stop, dammit don’t you stop! I start to move back against him, throwing my pussy back at him, he loves this, and grips my ass, digging his fingers into the cheeks. I feel a lustful frenzy coming on, and grab his hand to place it on my neck. He knows what this means, and he lightly grips my throat, almost choking me. I’m entering that primal zone that can only lead to one thing: a mind-shattering orgasm. He continues to pound into me, and I can hear his breathing getting ragged. We’re both close, and with a hard squeeze on my neck, I’m pushed over the edge. It’s like a damn bursts inside me, as I squirt and cum all over Darnell’s dick. This proves to be too much for him, and he thrusts hard into me and pauses with the powerful release of his cum, “AAAARRGH”, he groans and tenses with the sheer force of his orgasm.

We both lay panting and smiling at each other, feeling that high of post-orgasmic bliss. He gently pulls himself from me, and wraps his arms around me, snuggling up to my back.

“So I guess you learned your lesson Mrs. Hopewell?”

“Yes sir, I did. But if that’s how I’m to be punished, I’m gonna have to keep being bad.”

He looks at me and laughs. “Mia, you’re something serious. I love your crazy ass tho.”

“I love you too baby.”

8 Forbidden Encounters Vol. 1

I swore to myself I would never fuck "Chauncey" again. How could he have not one, but two girls on the side? All that time I thought we had something special and it was all a lie. I never wanted to like him from the beginning, I mean he aint the cutest, but something about him pulled me to him. After that falling out I never heard from him. No apology, nothing. I was hurt, but it just made it easier to move the hell on. I was doing so well. A whole year later I was talking to Sean now. Really sweet guy, kinda chubby, but hey he treated me right.

 It was date night for us and we went out for a simple meal at Chili's. We chatted about nothing in particular over appetizers when I excused myself to the ladies room before the main course arrived. I freshened up and prepared to head back to my table, but when I stepped out of the bathroom who did I see? None other than that two-timing slimeball Chauncey. He grabbed me in his arms and greeted me like an old best friend he hadn't seen in awhile. Well I guess I had to be nice. He smelled so good, just like I remembered. He made a joke about the teddy bear back at my table. I was surprised because I had no idea he was there. He asked for my number and I hurriedly gave it to him and walked back to my table. Why did I just do that? I thought to myself. No good can come from him having my number.

Me and my boo finished our meal and ended our night at the movies. He had to get up early for work so he dropped me off and went on home. I got online and browsed through Facebook and YouTube. That got boring really quick so I decided to take a shower and call it a night. When I got out of the shower I noticed my phone had a red light flashing. I figured it was just Sean texting me goodnight, but to my surprise it was Chauncey. I could hear his deep, smooth voice as I read it. "What's up babygirl? What u gettin into?" I was setting myself up, my mind was telling me no, but my fingers were moving way faster. I responded with a simple "nothing, just bed". Chauncey replied "Is it still soft and warm like I remember?" I giggled because that could be taken two ways, but I just replied "of course".

His responses came immediately with the next one being "let me find out for myself unless you hugging on that teddy bear tonight". I told him "the teddy bear went home, has to work early". He said "I'll be there soon". All I could think was OMG! But for some reason I couldn't find a reason to tell him no. I just put on a nightgown and turned on the tv in the living room so I could pretend to watch it. Chauncey must not live too far away because he made it there in no time. As soon as I heard him knock my heart started to race. I ran my fingers through my hair and went to the door. "Hi" "Wassup sexy" We embraced then sat on the couch and watched an old episode of Martin. I was staring dead at the tv, you could feel the tension in the air. A commercial came on. "Come closer" he said as he guided my hips with his hand.

I obliged then nervously asked if he would like a drink. I was acting like I had never been alone with this man! I mean I did have a boyfriend, but obviously I wasn't thinking about him too much. His arm moved from my shoulder down by my waist and he grabbed a handful of my ass then he whispered in my ear "Yep, still soft". I just smiled as he started kissing my neck. I closed my eyes and melted away. There was no turning back. It was that easy. I turned towards him and his lips met mine. He was still soft too. He wasted no time pulling my right leg over his lap so that I was straddling him. The kisses got more intense as he glided his hands up and down my soft, but firm booty. His kisses moved from my lips, to my neck and then to my chest. He pulled the straps down on my nightgown and exposed all of me. He held my breasts in his hands and rubbed his thumbs over my nipples making them harden while he took turns licking and sucking each one.

He stopped then picked me up as he stood from the couch. He lowered me to my feet and I turned and headed to my bedroom. I slid out of it quickly and sat on the edge of the bed as he pulled his shirt over his head. I pulled him by the belt closer to me and unbuckled him. I slid his pants down and admired the bulge in his boxers as he stepped out of them. I kissed it as I looked into his eyes. He uncovered my prize and handed it to me. I knew just what to do. I licked the tip and he moaned instantly. I licked up, down, round and round. I took as much of it in my mouth and he was lovin it. He put his hand on the back of my head as I slurped faster and faster. I took his dick out of my mouth and licked the spot right below his head just where I knew he would like as I stroked him. I started to suck his head a little more, but he pulled it away from me and told me to lay back. I laid in the center of the bed, but he pulled me back to the edge and got on his knees. He placed each leg over his should and kissed the inside of my thighs. He got closer and closer to the center then I felt his tongue sliding up and down between my lower lips.

 It felt like heaven as he twirled his tongue over me. He sucked on my clit and tightened up my grip around his head with my legs. He started to fuck me with his long tongue til I couldn't take anymore. He lifted his head and asked me if I was ready. I nodded my head, but who knows if he actually saw me in the dark. He stood up and I positioned myself back in the center of the bed. He climbed up on top of me and started kissing my neck as he rubbed his dick up and down my wet pussy. I liked the tease, but not for too long. I grabbed him by the waist and pulled my legs closer signaling that I was ready for entry. He guided himself in and I could feel a tear roll out of one eye. I had a boyfriend, but his sex was nothing like this.

He eased himself in slowly letting my body adjust to his size. He started to get faster and faster and I grabbed onto his dark chocolate muscles. He started talkin shit "Teddy Bear don't fuck you like this do he?" I cried out a no. I pushed my legs down to the bed and started thrusting harder. I shouted making sure all the neighbors knew his name. He pulled out and ordered me to "turn that ass over" and I obliged happily. He placed himself inside, smacked me on the ass and told me to "work that thang" and I did. I locked my feet around his ankles and went to work. I knew it was his favorite position and it was also mine. I pounded myself back on him as hard as I could. He took things into his own hands when he held onto my hips and jackrabbited his way into my pussy. I bit into the sheets as tears rolled down my face. I let out a loud moan as I came on his dick, but it didn't phase him one bit.

He was focused. He pushed me down lower into froggy style. He never slowed down, then next thing I know he jumped out and let out his warm sticky fluid onto my ass cheeks. He fell to my side out of breath. We laid there both defeated. There was so much sweat between us you couldn't even tell we were right under the fan. He got up and got cleaned up then brought out the wash towel to clean me up. How sweet. lol He laid back down and said "Damn girl u still got it." I giggled as he cuddled up with me while we cooled off under the fan. He got up to get dressed and I got up to get a bottle of water out of the refrigerator. I giggled at myself as I passed a mirror and saw my hair all over my head. I didn't care. I stood in the living room as Chauncey walked out. He gave me another hug and a kiss on the forehead. "Aight babygirl, I'll see you later". I said goodbye as he walked out the door. I instantly thought "damn why did I do that?", but Sean would have no way of finding out so I forgot about it, hit the shower once again and finally got some sleep.

But that wouldn't' be the last time I backslid...

Written By: Sunshyne84

2 Deep Into Dee

It was late one Saturday afternoon while I was at work that I had to take some merchandise upstairs to storage. The store was closing, everyone was leaving and I was trying to finish up so I could go home. As I passed by the housekeeping office, I noticed that Dee, the housekeeping supervisor, had her coat on and was locking up her office. She asked me if I was going to take long. I said “No, I just have to drop this stuff off and I’ll be out of here.” She said she would hold the elevator for me. I was surprised to find that Dee was in because she is usually off on the weekends. I asked her why she was in the store that late on a Saturday and she explained that she was going to be on vacation the next week and wanted to finish up some paperwork before she left. I went to drop off the merchandise and then turned around to head back to the elevator.

With sexual harassment becoming a major part of office politics, I had been reluctant to really make a play for her. I had seen other guys trying to hit on her and she had always turned them down cold. I had thought that she was somewhat attractive, but she never wore much make-up and always wore her hair pulled back in a bun. She and I were both single, but I was too shy to approach her. After we became acquainted we would make small talk and flirt innocently from time to time, but nothing serious. Her office was located in an isolated area of the building and sometimes when I was on my break, I would go up there and we would talk and have a cup of coffee.

I noticed that she was dressed much differently today than in the usually conservative (frumpy) clothes that she normally wore to work. She had on lipstick and make-up and had let her hair down. I had thought that she might have a nice body but I couldn't tell because of the loose fitting clothes she would wear. Tonight she was dressed very sexy. She had on a very sheer white blouse with a deep vee neckline and a filmy, white lace bra underneath it. I could see her chocolate nipples poking out and her dark areolas through the thin material. I noticed that her breasts were full without being too large and thought that they would have stood up proudly even without a bra. She also wore a slim, silk like mid-length form-fitting skirt with a slit cut way up the side. I had never seen her look like this before and it struck me that Dee was a very attractive Black woman. I’m like,”Dayammn! this babe is fine!” She has a flawless light chocolate complexion and a nice round world-class ass that only Black women seem to possess. She has a very pretty smile with nice full lips I would love to kiss. I told her how sexy I thought she looked, but she just smiled and said, "Thank you". I said she must have a really hot date tonight and she responded mysteriously, "Yes, very hot!"

I drove my truck onto the elevator and Dee followed behind me and closed the door. The elevator started to move for couple of feet but then it stopped. I looked around and saw Dee pushing buttons but nothing was happening. I hopped off my truck and told her I would take a look and see if I could get the elevator going.
I checked the safety gates and the control panel and tried the buttons but nothing worked. Dee then said to me, "Why don't you try these buttons"? I turned around and was shocked to see that she had removed her coat, opened her blouse and had unhooked the front clasp on her bra. She had just perfect breasts with her black cherry nipples proudly standing erect. I was caught off guard by this sudden turn of events and stood there with my mouth wide open, in shock and bewilderment, looking like a complete idiot! “Don’t you like what you see?”, she said seductively. I could only nod my agreement, being completely stunned as I was. She then took a step forward and took my hand and placed it upon her breast and then grabbed my crotch with her other hand.

Well!!! I may be shy, but I ain't stupid! I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately on her mouth. “Damn, Dee”, I started. “I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve wanted you!” She responded by grinding her pussy hard against my steadily growing cock. I kissed her ripe lips lightly at first, but then with overheated passion. I nibbled on her ears, then started kissing her on her neck, and finally moved down to start licking and sucking on her tasty, erect nipples.

She started to unfasten my belt and unzipped my pants. She pushed my pants down, then my silk boxers, and then took my cock in her hand and started jacking it lightly until it was up to full strength. She rubbed a drop of pre-come around the head and then stuck her finger in her mouth to lick it off. I cupped her luscious melons in my hands and sucked on her hard nipples and licked and kissed her breasts. I alternated my attention from one tit to the other. Then I squeezed her tits together and sucked on both nipples at the same time. She groaned and seemed to get weak in the knees. She slid down my body until her face was level with my cock. She looked up and gave me a wicked smile, then took my bloated dickhead into her mouth. I never in the world thought that I would ever see those lovely, full lips wrapped around my boner, and yet here she was kissing and sucking on my steel hard dick.

Dee's hand gently caressed my cum filled balls while her other hand jacked near the base of my cock. She licked around the head and then down the sensitive underside of my hard penis and then up again. She went back to sucking on my swollen knob and teasing the crown. Then she opened her mouth wide and tried to stuff all of my hard dick into her mouth, deep-throating my cock until it was buried down to my pubes. Damn, she was good! I started pumping my hips back and forth; fucking her mouth like it was a pussy. While she was playing with my balls, she slid a slender finger up my crack and teased my asshole. This proved to be too much for me and I creamed her lovely mouth while she continued to suck all my hot juice out. She swallowed all my love juice and then looked me in the eye and gave me a seductive smile.

Weak in the knees after such a mind-blowing orgasm, I had to sit down before I collapsed. Luckily, I had a clean moving blanket on the back of my stock truck so I spread out the blanket and laid her down on it. I raised up her skirt only to find that she wasn't wearing any panties and not only that, she had shaved her pussy too! Well, I love to eat pussy and fresh shaved beaver is absolutely my favorite! I knelt down on the floor and dove right in and stuck my tongue as far into her bald snatch as I could. I licked all around her hungry hole and nibbled on her labia. Even though Dee had just done such a great job of sucking me off, the taste and aroma of overheated pussy made my fuckmuscle as hard as stone again in no time flat!

Dee moaned and held my head in between her upraised thighs. I rimmed her juicy pussy and lapped at her clit while I stuck a finger into her juicy slit. I continued to lap at her steamy slot and tease her sex nubbin while I worked another finger into her cunt. With my other hand I caressed her excited nipples. I continued to stroke her and tease her g-spot. By now she was completely enthralled and started moaning "Oh God. Yes, damn, that’s good, eat me, eat me"!

I concentrated my efforts around her erect clit and then felt her body spasm as her orgasm washed over her. My cock was so hard I thought it would explode. I raised up and started sucking on her tits while I lined up my cock with her hot, wet pussy and buried it with one stroke. She screamed at the invasion and then bucked her hips back at me and rammed her pussy back onto my dick as hard as I was pushing it into her. I thrust into her tight fold and used the ridge of the crown to rub her hot spot. I knew that I would not last long if we kept up this pace so I pulled out and let my overheated rod cool off for a second. I told her to turn over so I could fuck her doggystyle. I love to watch nice round asses when I fuck and hers was indeed a great one.

Dee stood up and we kissed, mixing our love juices that were in our mouths in a kinky sex cocktail. She took off her skirt and bent over in front of me and gave me a wicked smile. I kneeled behind her and starting at the back of her knees, kissed up the backs of her legs. I lapped at her pussy one more time and then rimmed her tight back hole with my tongue. I stuck my tongue into her tight anal pucker and then tried to slip a finger into her back door, but she pulled my hand away and said that we would have to save that for the another time.
I eased in behind her and slowly slid my dick into her hot, juicy crease. She wiggled her ass back at me to try to stuff more of my cock into her but I held back and just let her have the head of my rod. I would just slide the head of my cock in and out a few times and then would bury my dick and then pull back to the head. This drove her crazy with frustration and she begged for me to give it all to her. I then slid my cock into her with long, slow strokes while she wiggled her ass from side to side, trying to stuff all of my cock into her hungry, wet, overheated pussy. I bent over her and started kissing her neck and back and reached around and started tweaking her nipples. She reached between her legs and began to rub her clit.

This added stimulation sent her over the edge and she climaxed again and again. She bucked her backside at me and implored me to fuck her harder. I started to jackhammer my hard dick into her boiling cunt, fucking her as fast and hard as I could. The sounds of our lovemaking filled the elevator shaft, making it seem as if there was an orgy of lovers with us. By now I could feel the juice in my balls start to churn and I knew that I would not last much longer. I grabbed her by the hips and slammed my cock into her one last time and ground it around and around into her as hard as I could. My love juice exploded into her as shot after shot of my hot cum washed her insides. We both collapsed in a heap on the back of the truck.

After we regained our breath and got dressed, Dee kissed me once more and said, "Thank you"! I managed to wipe off my silly grin and said, "No, I should thank you for helping to make one on my fantasies come true. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to make love to you, and today you were all that and more!”
She smiled and told me that today was her birthday and that I was the one present that she really wanted.” I’ve wanted you for a long time, but I could never work up the nerve to tell you,” she said. She then reached into her coat pocket and pulled out the key for the elevator. I knew then that I had been had, but hey, I'm not complaining!

1 Ice Past Your Waistline

Photo Credit: Jafar M. Pierre

An ice cube in my mouth
is an ice cube to your neck
Slide it down your skin
let it glide across your breast
Rub it down to your navel
You get chills as I get low
Once I cross your waistline
you know where the ice is about to go
New cube between your thighs
I see you rolling
and tightening your eyes
Grip my head
spread your legs
as I slowly put the ice inside
I see you shake a little
as my tongue starts to wiggle
Now that’s one cold cherry
So I kiss the stem until it bust up on my dimple
I promise I’m in love with your juice
That’s the perfect taste for me
Its like your my vitamins
You got that smoothie for a king
My lips for your lips now that’s a perfect French kiss
Your Vicky Secs mark the spot
And you know I never miss
If you had a long day
I’ll eat your stress away
Long as you keep that steak cooking
My appetite is here to stay

Written By: Sonnie InkStar http://inkstarzz.com

4 Steak & Stilettos

“So that’s how you feel?”

“Yeah, that’s how I feel!”

“Are you sure?”

“Muhfukka, I said it didn’t I?!”

Devin & Sheryl had been arguing for weeks … really days but it felt like months. Nothing Sheryl did seemed right & Devin was getting on her last nerve.

Although they had been together for 2 years it seemed like they were complete strangers.

Suddenly, Sheryl’s goals weren’t the same as Devin’s & Devin’s goals didn’t have anything to do with Sheryl.

… Or so they thought.

What Sheryl didn’t know was Devin had just purchased a romantic vacation in the Bahamas where he was planning to put the 10 carat diamond engagement ring – another recent purchase- on her left ring finger. As much as they were fighting, Devin knew she was THE ONE and was tired of being a “boyfriend”- he wanted to be her HUSBAND.

Ironically enough, the cause of their fight was a sexy night, the otherwise conservative, Sheryl had planned. Sheryl, got off work early, made his favorite dinner, and had a shiny & sticky dessert waiting in the bedroom.
See what Devin didn’t know was that, Sheryl had a secret of her own. Her “Book Club” meetings with the girls, were really pole dance classes at The Pole Hole on MLK, Jr. Blvd. Yes, for her man even Sheryl’s ultra- sadditty ass would venture to the hood. So after all the cooking, cleaning, twurking, & jerking she was EXTRA pissed when Devin came home an hour late from work.

As he entered the door, he was greeted with:

“Where the fuck have you been?”

“I was at work babe! Can I get a ‘Hello’?! DAMN!!”

“Hello! DAMN you were supposed to be here an hour ago DEVIN”

“I got caught up … with a client… on the phone, I..”

“Shut UP! JUST SHUT UP!! I don’t want to hear it! I am so sick of your excuses!! Mostly, I’m just sick of YOU”

…And that, my friends, is where we enter the story…

Heartbroken, all Devin could do was try to find out if she really meant what she had said.
As he went to reach for her to hold her, she smacked his hand away.

“Don’t touch me,” she said. Sheryl was poking him and Devin was trying to back away but he found himself wedged between the dining room table & and angry woman.
Which is JUST what Sheryl wanted ;-)

As Devin stammered to try to get in the conversation, Sheryl unbuttoned then unzipped his pants. His words drifted off as he felt the warm softness of her mouth. Confused and a little scared he started to push her off him but SHIT- he thought- her tongue moving up & down his dick was feeling too good. So good in fact, he didn’t realize they had slid down to the floor until began shaking as he came in her mouth and hit his head on a leg of the table.
“FUCK!!” he screamed holding his new speedknot.

“Oh that’s what we’re about to do” Sheryl replied as she wiped the corners of her mouth and headed towards the bedroom.

Still confused Devin followed Sheryl into the bedroom, which she had transformed from English country to sex dungeon raunchy.

“This bitch has lost her mind,” he thought to himself. Quite the contrary, the argument was a distraction, the dinner was for later & Sheryl was eager to show Devin the things she’d learned at The Pole Hole. She had stripped out of her business suit on the way to the room. Standing there in her bra & panties which was sheer with just a hint of purple, Sheryl’s full breasts, thick thighs & legs were hypnotic in the mix of baby oil & candlelight.

She pulled Devin -shirt half-unbuttoned, pants hanging open- down to the floor using his tie. Sheryl pulled his shoes, then pants off as she kissed and licked all along his pelvis.
Devin could feel his dick getting hard again and decided to let go of the argument they had not 10 minutes prior. Obviously, she wasn’t that mad or maybe it was a set up to kill him. He settled on “Fuck it! If Imma die this is how I want to go”.

The Show
After Sheryl got him naked she pulled him closer to the pole she had set up in the bedroom. She climbed up the pole with the stealth and agility of a cheetah. Once at the top she flipped her upside down, and slid down the pole winding around slowly. As she spun around the light would catch an ass cheek or a breast just slightly but enough to make Devin’s dick throb. When she was close enough she pulled his meat into her mouth again and began to lick and suck and stroke while balancing herself with her legs still wrapped around the pole.

He looked at her head, then at her ass that was all curves in the candlelight and arched perfectly from her being on the pole. Just as it was feeling really gooooood to him she pushed herself up and flipped with her thick already wet pussy landing perfectly at is neck.

“Fuck them purple panties” he thought as he went to rip… yes RIP… them off! Devin wanted a taste and was tired of waiting. He put his whole face in it! Licking her clit in circles & spelling his name with his tongue until he felt her juices drip down his chin. As soon as she came, he wrapped his arm around her waist & turned her over. As he entered her he kissed her one time on the back of the neck to let her know that she was loved, then he pounded that pussy like it was a boxing match and his dick was Muhammed Ali- THE GREATEST!!

They fucked all night:
Kiss…Suck… Pull… CUM

Deep breath… Lick… Wet… CUM

Moan… Bite… Stroke… CUM

Grab… Sweat… Taste … CUM

Until they passed out on opposite sides of the room.

When Sheryl woke up, she was surprised to find Devin already up & a plane ticket next to her orange juice.

-Written By: Cristal Bubblin http://www.cristalbubblin.com/
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