2 Seduction on the 22nd

I'd seen him once or twice before, just in passing and the scent of his Armani cologne lingered in the back of my mind for what seemed like a multitude of seasons. A while had gone by and what once was a gratifying yearning for something that was possibly within my grasp suddenly became a distant & intangible memory. But my longing for him was only short lived.

I saw him again, on an elevator filled to its capacity, there he stood, in front of me. My five foot five frame vanished in the mirrored doors as I positioned my back against the wall and made room as the final occupant entered. The exterior lining of his suit brushed lightly against my hand as he eased backwards just a bit. I felt a brief pulsation in my chest as he turned in my direction and fashioned his mahogany lips to say "Excuse Me" I timidly smiled and replied “No Problem”. After a few weeks which turned into a few months, passed, I began to become accustomed to his routine. Not by choice but by circumstance. It was as if our alarms simultaneously echoed, as if our toast got crisp just past 7:15 because every morning we’d cross paths in that elevator. We’d say our cordial hellos, brief conversation, even became familiar by name. But the scent of his cologne never lingered past the 12th floor, not for me anyway. He had business to attend to and so did I. When the florescent numbers lit up & colored the number 12 in red, that was my cue, the soft chime forced my imagination to subside back to my reality as I reached my floor. He’d tell me to “Take Care” as I exited and I’d reply “Thanks, Have a Good Day”. I wondered if my sweet scent lingered as he stood alone on that elevator awaiting his destination, little did I know I’d soon have my answer.

It was late in the evening, and it had been a long and stressful day. The only thing on my mind was a steamy shower with my name on it. I couldn’t wait to get home and relax. Just as I locked the lobby doors I noticed that small brown box that I’d been procrastinating to deliver since the beginning of the week. I had an extended weekend ahead of me and figured there was no sense in ignoring it again. So I grabbed the package and headed to the 22nd floor. On my way up I glanced at myself through the elevators mirrored doors. "What a mess" I said aloud. I quickly gathered myself as everything seemed out of place. I swept my long black hair behind my shoulders and placed my hands on my hips. The black pencil skirt in which I hadn't worn in months seemed to be fitting just a little too right. Aside from the compliments & second glances I'd received all day I shook my head in disbelief at the few inches my thighs had grown since the last time I'd worn it. I turned to the side and examined the reflection of my silhouette. I couldn't help but to crack a smile as I thought back of how the delivery guy always turned around as I walked away, to get an eye full of my frame from behind. Just as the elevator chimed to the 22nd floor I readjusted my form fitting white collared blouse and headed to suite 2200.

Aside from the after hours cleanup crew, the place seemed very much vacant. As I walked past the lobby I inhaled the scent of Armani Code in the air. His door was slightly cracked but I proceeded to tap on it lightly as I'd done on many of occasions. He opened the door and silently motioned for me to come in as he stood near the window behind his desk. I quietly pulled the door closed and placed the package at the edge of the end table. I sat and watched him finish the long winded conversation he was having on his cell phone and at times he seemed to be growing a bit tense. While I awaited patiently I began to dissect his body from behind. He stood about 6 foot 4, his build was firm and his shoulders were broad. The lights beneath the tinted skies reflected from the window against his almond toned skin. His deep, rich, baritone solemnly said "Take Care" to the voice on the other end. Before turning in my direction he gazed at the skyline for a moment and took a deep breath, as if to disconnect his thoughts from the previously present.

"How was your day" he asked as he took a seat behind his desk.

"Long but Interesting" I replied.  He loosened up his tie and smirked "It took your ass long enough to get here". I walked towards him, placed my hands firmly on his shoulders as I stood behind his chair.

"Somebody's a little tense, can I make it better?"

"You always do" he replied.

I leaned in and stroked my tongue lightly across his ear. "Make me work for it" I whispered. Still standing from behind, I began to unbutton his shirt and tossed his tie to the floor. He rotated his chair to face my direction and positioned my body between his legs. As I stood he caressed my hips with his palms and pulled me closer until my breasts were one with his face. I placed my fingertips on his forehands and guided them from my hips to my ass. He slipped his hand inside the top of my blouse, beneath my black laced bra and pinched my nipples which immediately reached their peak. I slipped out of my blouse and closed my eyes as he planted soft wet kisses across my cleavage. I released a playful moan and the warmth from his lips ignited my temperature.

His kisses abruptly stopped and he reached for his cell phone that created vibrations across his desk. The look in his eyes made it obvious who was on the other end. I wanted him to ignore it but it wasn't my place to suggest. I knew my role and I knew what took weight of his heart and with that I couldn't compete. I also knew how to manipulate the one thing that did belong to me, his body. I sat across his lap and pressed my lips against his neck, that was his spot. He'd always grow so weak when I'd kiss him there. I wanted his full attention and demanded it with the way I nibbled on his neck. I sucked & planted more wet kisses and smiled as he grew more sensitive with every kiss. He finally released the phone from his hands and made the choice to ignore it. I smiled playfully because at that moment I knew I was in full control. I felt the bulge in his pants swell against my thighs and I placed his hand in mine. I slid off the silver band around his finger and carefully placed it in his briefcase underneath the desk. He took off his shirt and unzipped the back of my skirt as I knelt to his throne. I sat on my knees in between his legs & brushed my hand across his erection, he was so hard.

"Stand up" I commanded, he obliged and dropped his pants to the floor. I stroked the length of his dick with my hands and sucked just the tip into my mouth. I held that position for a few seconds until it intensified his erection. As he rested his hands on the back of my neck, my pussy got so wet from the sensation of his trophy against my tongue. The sound of his moans turned me on more as I sucked harder down to the shaft "you taste so good" I said so seductively. I drew his dick into my mouth in it's entirety then released it slowly & grazed my teeth against it lightly until the head was back at the tip of my mouth. His pelvic muscles contracted as I gave it one last kiss. He instructed me to stand up, slid my skirt off aggressively and pushed my body down until my back rested against his cherry wood desk. Chills ran down my spine as he kissed around my navel. He teased my pelvis with his tongue then slid off my lace panties using only his teeth. My hips trembled as his tongue devoured my pussy until I felt the creamy warmth run down my thighs. He pulled my back from against the desk & held me at my waist until my ass was just at the edge. He spread my thighs apart and pushed himself inside my dripping pussy.

"Mmmmmm" I moaned "give it to me baby" I liked talking shit and he loved talking more shit. He shoved himself in deeper and I jerked back as I felt the throbbing pressure against the base of my spine.

"Don't run from it, take this dick" he commanded as he grabbed my waist and reeled me in closer. I felt every inch of his dick throb between my pulsating pussy and could no longer control my silence. I whimpered and pierced my fingertips into the flesh on his back as he continued to thrust against my body. There was so much sweat between us he had to interlock his hands around my waist just to keep me from sliding. His grinding was getting faster and my pussy got more sensitive with every thrust. I knew he wanted to explode but he always held back until I came first. I felt my clit swell and the sensation in my pussy pounded like a drum. I closed my eyes and dug my face into his shoulder and moaned loudly as I came. My whole body trembled, then he grunted and released inside of me. He could've held my body in that position until morning if I hadn't whispered in his ear "you have to go".

He looked at the time as we cleaned up & pieced ourselves back together. I slipped back into my pumps,  handed him his brief case and watched him slide that silver band back around his finger. He kissed my cheek gently before letting me out of his office and told me to "Take Care". I only heard the echo of my heels click clack across the marbled floors as I walked alone out of suite 2200. Back at the mirrored doors I stood. Back to my reality my mind fashioned.


  1. Wait I thought they didn't know or each other or was that a daydream? Or no?

    1. No, they eventually got to know each other. Just didn't elaborate on how. Gotta keep the ppl wondering! ^_^


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