1 Best Ride At My Sexmusement Park

Sure, I've had some bomb ass sex in my lifetime, but nothing compares to the night I took it up the ass for the first time.

For so long, I was anti-anal. But once the boredom from having typical sex made a cozy home in my perverted heart, I knew it was time to explore some of the the sexual behaviors that were on my "I Ain't Doing That Nasty Shit" list.

Anal Sex was on the top of that list. There were two reasons why I was anti-anal:
1: I believed that nothing should enter the ass, only exit it.
2: I assumed that it would be very painful, gross and unpleasant.

Sex shouldn't be unpleasant or gross.

But, a little pain is ok. I like a little pleasurable pain during sex: a slap here, a choke there, a bit of hot candle wax drizzled on me.

The boytoy rolled another blunt and he told me to take it to the head. He poured us another drink, we both wanted me ultra relaxed for the Anal Adventure. I had prepared the ride to ensure that the adventure would not be a gross one ;-)

The foreplay was mega, as usual. He finger~banged me while choking on my titties. It totally fucked-up his mind when we sucked on one of my nipples at the same time.

He was tall, 6'5''. His dick was taller, lol......He banged my pussy until it cried itself to sleep. But I was ready for round 2, as was he.

My girlfriend told me that the best way to take a dick in your ass for the first time was by laying on your back. So I did.

He wrapped my legs around his neck and licked, sucked, fingered and fucked my asshole with his tongue. Initially, it was an uncomfortable feeling, and that's only because I would not allow myself to relax. My mind kept thinking of all the reasons NOT to enjoy this Anal Adventure. That inner voice kept screaming at me to tell him to stop, and go home. But, physically, I was weak.

That inner freak, not the main one, but that one you keep bound deep within the pits of your soul, yeah, well, that one trumped my main inner freak, as well as that good-girl inner voice, and I couldn't stop him. I didn't want to stop him from preparing the ride with his hypnotic oral skills.

I warned him to enter the ride easy. If he rammed his dick into my ass like an anxious, virgin schoolboy, I was shutting the ride down. The Anal Adventure would be closed for the season. And I also warned him not to leave the ride in need of repairs. The goal is to make me say "thank you, cum again.".

He was a good boy. Boys will listen if they want it that bad. He was gentle and slow, he took his time upon entering my tight, wet and anxious ass. He was patient as I slowly accepted all of him. Once his rock, long, coco dick was all the way inside of me, his stroke was relaxing and soothing. It was the ultimate pleasurable pain. His stroke respected the ride.

The moment he was aware of the exact moment when I felt "there's no stoppin' him now", he repeatedly slammed my ass with such force that my breathy moans immediately turned into blood curling screams. Clearly, this must be what purgatory is like...and I don't mind it so much.

Ahh, the way his thick dick was throbbing inside of me....it was therapeutic.

I wrapped my legs around his waist tighter and gripped his ass and refused to let him pull out. This was the best sex of my life. It was like being a virgin all over again, only better because this time you'll swallow.

I so was tight, he was so big, it was the perfect match! The feeling was overwhelming. There were moments when I thought my soul had left my body and was masturbating while watching us. I was the peanut butter to his jam. The string to his guitar. The verse to his chorus. Too bad you can't find this feeling on eHarmony.com, otherwise every girl would marry it.

It takes a lot of work to make me cum via vaginal and oral sex, but this glorious Anal Adventure had quickly birthed an erotic volcano that was near eruption. It was the most powerful orgasm I was THISCLOSE to having until the fuckfacebastardretard pulled his dick out!!

Can u believe it?

"Why!? I cried. "Why did you pull out!...NEVER PULL OUT!!"

Sure, he was lovin' the ride. But he was worried that the neighbors would think he was murdering me and call the cops. My screams, the pounding, my begging for more and pleading him not to stop but stop, he couldn't handle it. His apartment had thin walls.......UGH, boys = always hard, never prepared.

What a tease. What a pussy. I was disappointed. I didn't fuck him again after that night. He didn't finish the job, so I was I turned off by him. But since him, I prefer boytoys who enjoy the occasional ride on the Anal Adventure. Like I said, its the ultimate high of pleasurable pain.

I read the following quote recently: "All girls like it in the ass, they just don't know it yet."


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  1. okay! I'm just gonna go'head and confess that I am EXTREMELY anti-anal! like to infinity and beyond anti-anal...lmao!


    your experience made it sound...ahh not so bad...


    I'm STILL very...VERY...afraid! lmao!!!


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