5 G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators are some of the best vibrators on the market today. These toys are designed for maximum stimulation, with vibrating sensations located towards the top of the vibrator to provide extreme pleasure. These designs are primarily jelly texture, which provide for a smooth waterproof design and added comfort for repeated vibration. Most G-Spot Vibrators are phallus-like shaped/ergonomically designed to provide 3 main functions: Vibrate, Pulsate, and Escalate. When choosing a G-Spot Vibrator you want a toy with a curve toward the tip, also something with a firm material such as silicone or glass acrylic dildos and jelly based. The curved ends are helpful in the art of reaching the hidden areas/G-Spot.

My choice: G Girl Tickle Vibrator

Using the G-Spot Vibrator:
-Make sure you are comfortably positioned
-Try to pinpoint your g-spot with your fingers to help guide the vibrator
-Use lubrication to increase the experience.
-Work it in slowly, far enough so the tip is pressing your g-spot
-Use the varying pressures of your G-Spot Vibrator to stimulate

Ladies… Just In case you didn’t know exactly what a G-Spot is…..
G-SPOT is a small sensitive area inside your vagina up at least an inch, which provides maximum sensations.


  1. Oh My!!! I haven't gotten into toys but this sounds like it would make that "area" quite "sensitive" LOL!!!!

    I'd love to see these in Walmart...LOL!!! RECESSION!

  2. hmm, I'm trying to figure out why I don't have one of these...

  3. LOL NO Walmart, but I have a couple places for you for about 15 bucks.

    Mistress D you have to get one with the vibrator in the top its the best pulsation you will ever have!!!

  4. They're really cheap on Amazon too... I also like the rabbits, they're hands free.

  5. Yea rabbits are cool. not for the beginners but once you start using toys, they are the hotness and give you that maximum appeal.


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