7 I Fucked A Stallion Extraordinaire...

It's actually kinda funny when I think about it but we met at a hair show in Philly last summer. I was there as a favor for one of my girls who does hair. I mean he wasn't "doing" hair but i caught my first glimpse of him backstage after the show. He was brushing a set of lace fronts across the room. I'm wild about a tall dude and one of the first things I noticed about him was his height; he was probably like 6'2 and had a decent build. But what drew me in the most was his hair. I couldn't take my eyes off the shit...it was so gotdamn silky...and I'd never been attracted to a dude before who's hair looked better than mine...and my tresses ain't tainted either...I mean my mama IS half Indian. But this niggas hair had me feeling some kind of way...like almost insecure about my own shit....He was like...like...like a GODDESS?! errr um a GOD....yeah a GOD! He must've felt me staring at him because once our eyes connected it was like instant attraction...I don't remember who approached who but we chatted it up for a bit & both started vibing real hard. Turns out he was only in town for the weekend and so was I. He gave me the spill about him sharing a hotel room with his two brothers; I died at their names...Chance & Real....LOL!!! all I could think was what kinda names are those for men?... but we both wanted to hook up so I invited him back to my hotel.

I already knew what was up upon his arrival...I knew he didn't come to my room just to watch TV or to curl his hair. I knew WTF was up. So shit got hot & heavy FAST...next thing I know I was unzipping his staillionaire beaded jeans with intentions of ridin' the nigga to sleep. But once I got an eyeful of his trophy....I knew where things were headed...
His shit was HUGE...I mean it wasn't just no ordinary dick...the shit was immaculate way beyond average and thick too...had to use both my hands to pull it out...and like I said I only had plans to fuck the nigga nothing extra...but as I held that 17.5 inch joystick in my hands It was then that I knew I wanted to put that meat on my teeth...But don't get it twisted...I've fucked with plenty industry niggas and athletes before but rarely sucked any of 'em off. Half the niggas were simple they just wanted some ass and the other half weren't worth the effort...So I'm on my knees...down on this niggas throne for about half an hour and it's obvious he's enjoying the shit...cuz he's got this high pitched ass moan going on...then that's when shit got REAL awkward.....in between his moans he starts yelling out hair products! I felt like I was auditioning for a Dr. Miracles hair commercial...IDK if it was the tattoo of the pony on his inner thigh or the piercing in his pelvic region that made me start focusing on shit that normally I wouldn't focus on....But as I'm finishing this nigga off I'm noticing the hair down below...it was just as silky as his tresses, fine like baby hair and it was trimmed up neatly & there was a bald spot in the middle in the shape of an S' (stood for Stallionaire I guess) so I stroked my tongue along the shape of the S' and this nigga damn near jumped outta his skin & grabbed me by the jaw...so I look up @ him with a confused look in my eyes...but he didn't say shit....so I just gave that nigga a smile....and stood up. He was rock hard so I proceeded to sit on his lap and he slid inside...at first I'm uneasy cause his shit's so HUGE...so I adjust myself to a more comfortable position and ride his ass for what seemed like days...Finally he throws me on my back and proceeds to get on top...for some reason I'm trembling a little because he's getting buck wild & starts singing in a very feminine falsetto "I bet ya never fucked a stallionaire....fucked...fucked a stallionaire"

So then my eyes got wide & I started to tense up as he continued to shove his trophy inside...So now I'm whimpering like Bambi and shit because I couldn't TAKE it all...it was too much dick! But shit I didn't tell 'em to stop...I let him bust it wide open till his heart was content...So he slides out just before he releases & tells me to come here...he points the dick at my face and I back the fuck back and tell the nigga "HELL NAH"...I lay back on the bed & point to my tittays & stomach and tell him "Right Here"...he obliges and lets off like 10oz against my skin...the whole time he's moaning in this bitch ass high pitched voice again...So he finishes and I'm about to hop up & shower but I notice it's a bunch of thick PINK shit all over my skin...WTF??? Instead of panicking I put some on my fingers and start to examine it.The shit smelled so sweet & fucking familiar...then it all came to me @ once...the nigga had skeeted out Pink Lusters Hair Lotion!!!

Best dick I had in my life...i was bruised as fuck tho....but that pink lotion had my skin glowing for days....We don't really keep in touch anymore tho...I seen him a couple times after that & we fucked two more times but he started becoming distant & stopped returning my calls after I asked for the number to his hair stylist....I ain't heard from him since....


  1. Sigh, Odara, I think I hate you... that was hilarious!

  2. OMG pink lotion...PINK LOTION?! LMAO

  3. hmmm? strangest case of deja vu....i think i mighta been there.

    LMMFAO...damn fool

  4. i had to stop at 17.5 inches...*looks up at Micah*...girl stop playin! lol

  5. i cant even get into the story cuz of that picture! GOOD FUCKIN DAY! LMAO

  6. I hate your gutsssss lmao lmao.


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