5 Now She's Going To Kiss My Brother

Tell everyone you know that I am a very bad girl. I can't help myself. It's my nature. Your God and I have had a lot of discussions about my need to date sin and he says it's ok, so as long as I use protection and not scar the children. ;-)

I have very few regrets, and if I could, I would spend a year reliving the wildest moments from my life.

One of those unapologetic moments occurred a couple of years ago when I, along with a couple of friends, traveled to Las Vegas for a wild weekend of gambling and boozing. My brother brought along his sometimes girlfriend. She wasn't anything special, kinda sweet and polite, but not a stunner.

She was a couple of chapters ahead of me in the "How To Out~Freak The Next Freak" book. It wasn't until she asked me could she eat my pussy did I finally understand why my brother was attracted to her. At that point, she had to be the freakiest chick he knew and fucked. What young, horny stallion wouldn't use a freak like her as his cum depository for a little while, if I had a dick, I certainly would.

I laughed off her oral~licious request. But she insisted...no, she begged to taste my pussy.

She turned me on with the wild dreams she had about my legs wrapped around her neck with her face buried in my pussy.

I was tempted. But, "How will my brother react should he learn of this?"

If my brother truly gave a fuck about this chick, he wouldn't have left her alone for several hours in the suite while he and his buddies drank for free and played the quarter slots in the casino.

My brother is clueless about my level of freak. Had he known that I am capable of 'banging yo chick' he certainly wouldn't have left her ass alone with me.

My brother is a player, so I knew this girl wasn't 'the one'. His heart didn't belong to her nor would it ever, so it was with great ease that I took off my jeans and panties and laid across the bed as she instructed.

She parted my legs.

She touched my thighs and death smiled.........

She was acutely aware of the fact that I was not going to return the favor. She didn't want me to.

We both understood that we each desired my cum smeared over her face.

She ate my pussy like she was competing in an Olympic sport. Bitch won the Gold medal. If eating pussy was an Olympic competition, I'd sponsor that bitch every 4 years.

"Why is it that women can eat pussy better than men?" = that's what I was asking myself as I put my panties and jeans back on. We didn't say much of anything to each other after she swallowed my cum and smiled peacefully upon leaving.

Actually, despite the fact that I enjoyed myself, I was relieved when she finally left the room to go to my brother. I needed time to reflect on how karma would come back and fuck me raw with no lube and no warning for what I did with my brother's sometimes girlfriend.

.......And then suddenly it occurred to me..."Fuck, now she's going to kiss my brother."


  1. oooooooooh I'm Telling Your Brother!!!! lol

  2. dis was hot......and i dont even like ho's

  3. well, you haven't LIVED if you've never liked/loved a ho.

  4. LOL...this shit was good...i smiled when i realized where the topic of this damn blog came from lol

  5. really good shit awsome i finish wet after read it


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