5 The Ride of a Lifetime

I still remember, I mean how could I forget.

One of my top five sexual experiences of all time, no question. It was a Sunday night in DC. We had just come from watching Steve Harvey perform at Constitution Hall. We head to this strip known as Adams Morgan, known for its jumbo slice pizzas and mixed nightclubs. Being that the female I was with was from Guyana, we decided to go to this Caribbean club, Timehris. Straight to the bar, double shot of patron for me, patron margarita for her. It seems like the drink and the DJ was on one accord, as the drink kicked in, the music got better.

It had to be the drinks for me because I didn't recognize any of those damn Jamaican/African songs that were playing, but she knew and FELT all of them. She backs me up the wall and began to whine heavily on me with the music. It didn't take long for me to get aroused, the way she worked it, I knew she wanted it and I guess me licking on her neck and ear from behind didn't help the situation at all. She then turns around, looks me in the eyes and says, "Let's go fuck." Now usually in a loud club, things need repeating, but at this moment I think my supernatural hearing sense kicked in because I understood every word as I nodded and led her out the club.

Soon as we get out the club and up the steps, she grabs me and we tongue kiss for a good minute, right there on the street, now its nothing wrong with pda but I'm thinking, "lets get to this vehicle before this "i wanna fuck" spell wears off!! So now we're in my truck and while we're on the way back, she lifts up her skirt and starts fingering herself. This is turning me on like shit!! I reach over and start playing with her titties at the same time. Then she COMPLETELY BLEW MY MIND when she took her hands out of her pussy and started to lick them herself. So after running a red light I asked her can I taste it? She nodded and reached her hand over to my mouth, where I slowly licked her fingers, tasting the thick gooeyness of her cum I wanted more.

So as we pulled up to another red light, I lowered my head in her direction and gave her a few licks on her clit. She moans and slides up in back in her seat. I look up for a second and see that the light is still red, I proceed to go back down, this time licking faster, nibbling on her clit while she moans again! So after the light turns green and being blown at by the cars behind, she looks at me and says, "Can I come over." Since she had done this before I said sure. I unzipped my pants and she slowly started giving me head while I was driving. While getting head, I reached around her body and started fingering her at the same time, which made her get more into it.

I must say, the head was the best ever. After about 2 minutes of head she starts tongue kissing me again and then she says, "I want you inside me." Now I'm realizing I'm not going to make it to the crib OR find a spot that's vacant to pull off and smash. I realize I didn't have a condom in the vehicle so I knew I had to stop. I pull off at the next 7-11, run in there damn near half dressed and scoop up a box of Magnums. Get back in the truck and she's still wanting the dick, so as I pull off I ask, "can u get it back up," and she does. She gives it a few quick strokes and licks and Wahlaaa, its back up and at it. I put on the condom while still driving and I tell her to come get on it. She didn't even hesitate. She climbs on top of me, at this time, my speed has dropped to about 25mph. She slowly goes down on the dick. It was something about this position which made HER and I feel EVERY THING!! She starts to go faster and she's loving it.

Cars flying by, street lights glowing as we come to intersections, we didn't care. She was fucking the pure shit out of me. After about 5 minutes of riding, stopping at red lights, and passing other vehicles, she says "I'm about to cum." I continued talking back to her by saying "Cum on that dick" and THAT she did. She let out this loud moan as her legs locked up and began to shake intensely, while I continued to give her "the dick." After that was done, she FALLS off top of me and back in the passenger seat, looking like she had just completed a NY Marathon. At this moment I notice I'm a few blocks from her house. After making a few loops and discussing what had just happen, we pull up to her house, she throws her panties and heels back on, gives me the kiss goodnight, and goes inside. I leave, still taking in what just happened, and LOVING IT! I mean, I didn't have to go home, or pull off on the side of the road, or bring her BACK home, I got everything I needed on the way there AND SHE WAS SATISFIED. What more could I ask for? We classified that moment as a "POTG" which means Pop On The Go and we continued to have more of those as the relationship went on. If you have not experienced that, you should.

Thank you for sharing this with me, well not really, but you know,

~Your favorite twitter pal!


  1. Um, while the story was entertaining...and steamy...why ninjas always gotta throw "Magnums" in there? Don't get me wrong if you packin enough to warrant a Magnum...HALLELUJER for you....I need proof....lol

  2. I.Luv.It. annnnnnd I just wanna say that I'm gonna try a "POTG" STAT!!!!! LMAO!!!

    DEAD @ Tini!

  3. Well I'll be damn'd! I want to go out to a club right now and whine up on a dude and try this move...lol

  4. lol@ Bahama...dis damn site gat me hooked every damn thing on point!

  5. I like that this was set in D.C. getting freaky around Adam's Morgan...lol


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