5 Three Rounds

I didn't consider myself the average bartender, no not at all. And trust me; with a frame like mine I had pretty much heard it all. Some of the guys were witty with their approach, others comical, but most just weak and very unimpressive. The women were bolder than the guys but with an ego like mine there was only enough room for one bitch; so I'd decline. But hell, could I blame them? I stood 5'11 in my baddest heels; slender and curvy in all the right places. But my confidence intimidated most and I had a jazzy mouth to go along with it.

To say I loved my job would be an understatement. I was more than just eye candy that could mix and serve up a good drink. I was a friend, a confidant, and probably your man's liquid mistress. I was fascinated by the vast types of people that sat at my bar. I poured their "spirits" as they poured their souls. I vowed never to mix business with pleasure, but little did I know I'd soon be serving a double shot....

I poured two shots of Cognac and slid them across the bar. “This is your third round fellas! Time to wrap it up, I have to close in a few minutes”

"Do you guys ever sleep?" I asked as I wiped down the bar....

"Why would any man wanna close his eyes when he could be looking at you?"

"You do know that you're corny as hell, right?" All I could do was laugh at Greg because he'd been trying all night. In fact he always made it his duty to hit on me every time he dropped through...He was a regular during my late night shifts and this time he'd brought a friend along. They both were cute, but his friend Chris was fine as fuck! He had an athletic build and was tall...just the way I liked my dudes...Chris seemed kinda shy; he didn't say much and would only laugh when I cracked on Greg about his corniness...

Greg said something slick as I adjusted my outfit and closed out the register...don't know what exactly got into me, but I was more than ready to call his bluff...

"You know what Greg?, you talk a lot of shit. Big shit..how about you shut the fuck up talkin' and show me". I unbuttoned my blouse and threw it on the floor while walking towards him. He just sat on the stool, eyes wide open, smirking like a kid in a candy store. I grabbed his fly and proceeded to unzip it. Chris was sitting next to him but hopped up and said "I'll meet you in the car man"...

"Unh Unh...I want you to stay..." they both looked at me in amazement. I knew I didn’t have to convince Greg, he wasn't going anywhere...but I grabbed Chris by the hand and led him to sit back down...he obliged and watched me as I pulled Greg's dick from his pants...I stroked it with one hand and looked back at Chris. He seemed uncomfortable with the situation but I knew just what I needed to do to give both boys the attention they deserved. I told them both to stand up and I dropped to my knees. I pulled Chris's pants to the floor, my eyes grew big & my smile widened as I got a good look at his huge first place trophy dangling in front of me. His dick was big, but my ego was bigger. I knew I could take it all and I couldn't wait to do just that...

I jerked off Greg with one hand and pulled Chris's dick into my mouth with the other. He tasted so good. My mouth watered as I licked up and down his thick shaft. The harder he got, the more I wanted to deep throat that dick. I kissed the tip softly then slowly reeled his massive cock down my throat until my lips rested at the base of his dick. He released a breathy moan, and I glanced up at him while slowly retracting him from my mouth. He looked surprised that I didn’t gag but I just gave him a smile and whispered “I got this”. I felt Greg’s dick swelling in my hand as I continued to massage it. I could tell he was anxious, so I turned in his direction to give his manhood an equal amount of attention.

I wrapped my lips around his rock hard cock and went to work. I placed my hands against his waist and sucked in a deep slow rhythm. Greg moaned and tilted his head back. With a mouthful of cock, I looked in Chris’s direction and his dick was at full attention. I pulled Greg’s dick from my mouth and positioned myself until I was kneeling evenly between both of them. I grabbed their dicks, one in each hand and stroked & jerked them off simultaneously. I was in full control and loved it. They were good boys and took turns giving my tongue a dick spanking. Chris grabbed my hand and led me to my feet. He unsnapped my bra; and moved his hands up and down my spine. Greg stood behind me, caressed my hips and slid off my skirt and lacey thong. Their hands felt so good against my skin.

We made our way towards the leather sofa that sat across from the bar. Greg positioned me on all fours with my head near the armrest, then climbed on top of me and entered me from behind. Chris stood directly in front of me, his dick one with my face. Without hesitating I sucked and slurped that chocolate cock into my mouth. I reached down and felt my throbbing pussy, I was dripping wet. I bobbed my head up & down on Chris’s dick and bounced back while Greg was thrusting his cock aggressively into my ass. They both started talkin’ shit…

“Swallow that dick” Chris said while pressing his hands against the back of my head.

“I want you to cum on this dick” Greg commanded as he smacked my ass.

My pussy and thighs trembled while I choked on one dick and got plowed with the other. I let out loud sensual moans as the double shot of pleasure invaded my body.

We switched positions. Chris sat on the sofa; I sat in his lap in a reverse cowgirl stance. I slid my pussy down his shaft and rode that dick like my life depended on it; he cupped my breast and groaned a little. Greg stood facing me and shoved his dick in my mouth, I took it to the back of my throat and kept it wet, just as I liked it. I felt my clit swelling while I bounced on Chris’s dick. He was about to explode and so was I. I jerked harder at the base of Greg’s cock and sucked vigorously until I felt him swell against my tongue. They both were about to burst and I wanted to feel them all over me.

“Make it rain on me Daddy” I said as I glanced back at Chris and Greg. I bit down on my lip, bent over the sofa and buried my face into the cushions. I came as I felt their warm creaminess trickle down my ass.

“So, how about another round?”


  1. Damn this was hot

  2. i wanna do a 2-man 3some,too.

  3. ^^^^of course you like it bammy. you're such a slut! :-P


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