4 Circle of Friends: Nurse Lolli

Normally people wouldn’t glance twice at this part of town. With the ramshackle buildings, dilapidated cars and tribes of stray dogs- it’s the kind of place where only bad stories would fester.

The Olde Towne warehouse district. Scattered street lights color choice parts of the once bustling marketplace and it’d be dubbed a veritable ghost town if not for the meeting that take place in the restored meat packing house, right in the heart of things. The building itself still reeked of death and carnage, blood and guilt, all not too far from what its current patrons were used to. Nestled in the largest room was a set of chairs, loosely arranged in a hackneyed circle. In the middle was a small desk with a register of names, mostly veterans with the occasional cherry-faced visitor eager to hear of the tales of people’s past while slowly building the nerve to share what they felt necessary.

In the chairs sat blank faces, aged eyes, thumb-twiddlers and anxious legs. The air was rife with casual perfumes and boxed coffee, a slight volume of murmurs littered the circle as old friends greeted and new names meeted.

“Good night everyone”, bellowed a kind but authorative voice from the focal point of the circle, “I’d like to thank you all for coming and for the new folks, my name is Danson Hill, you can call me Danny of course, and we would like to get right into things. As you all know, we would all like to be friends here since we all share the same inflictions. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible because although the world out there may frown on you, we are all addicts if the same kiln and that kiln is human sexuality.”
All attention was surrendered now.

“You all have name tags, so we won’t go through the lame introductions,” Danny joked to welcomed chuckles, “but if you are new, we would like to hear from you, so please, feel free to introduce yourself and share.”

As Danny sat down eyes darted about the room, hoping to pick up on who would take the helm. At the three o’clock spot stood an average height, moderately busty 20-something wearing a loose, conservative sun dress named, “Mayla, hello.” The crowd reverbed, “Hello Mayla, and welcome” in unison like a middle-school class.

“I’m a nurse, with pediatrics and I sing on occasion at The Barrier.” Her voice was easy with a sultry flair. She had thin lips and lightly curled hair that was bunched in a shroom-fro. Her skin was Cadbury, milk chocolate and she bore no makeup, except for some gloss to highlight her slightly darker lips.

“Some call me insatiable, capricious, slutty, and whatever else they can muster up. I’m 23 and, from what I recall, I’ve had about 64 partners, of which 3 were women. I can’t remember all the experiences, or the faces, or the names. I haven’t met anyone I can openly talk to about my urges and my desires, most of the friends I kept got disgusted with my habits and wanted little or nothing to do with me, that’s why I came here, I guess.”

“Well, you can relax,” chimed in Danny, “no one judges anyone here, feel free to share Mayla, get whatever off of your chest.”

“Thank you.” She replied relieved. “I think I realized I should get help when I crossed the line with the father of one of my clients, as he waited on results with his wife.”

The attention was surrendered once again. Breathing became anxious as the regulars awaited their weekly dose of carnal adventures and mishaps.

“The kid was brought in with a broken arm. Was routine shit, went too high in the tree and too fast to the ground, oddly enough he was quite the trooper. I had on my lilac scrubs with the improvised lower cut. His father was a sight… tall and evenly muscular with an Edward Norton goatee. The wife was alright too, she was more worried than focused though, I had her fill out the forms while ‘daddy’ brought the kid into the room. He asked the usual questions, ‘how serious is it?’, ‘will he be able to go to school’, and ‘what’s the heal-time like’ all while trying his best not to stare at my tits… I helped him out by putting junior in a low chair so I’d have to bend over to do the tests. It worked; he had to alter his posture to mask the stiffy. Married men are such teases. I told him to wait in the room while I took the kid to get scanned and casted, five minutes I said, ‘Ok, I’ll wait’.”

The crowd was tuned in like she was reading off future lotto numbers, the only sound was the cycles of the coffee maker bubbling.

“When I got back he was leaning on the counter all casual-like with a manly flair that made my nipples perk. ‘The doctor is checking him out now, do you have any other questions?’ a wry smile checkered his face and I could feel the sexual tension rising, ‘well there is one’ I raised an eyebrow to egg him on, ‘are you flirting with me? Because I feel like I’m picking up some weird air’, a brazen little soldier he was, he must be used to the come-ons and if so he should be used to exo-marital pussy. I smiled and looked away, ‘do you want me to flirt with you?’ I walked closer to him with a feline gait, his smile turned into a grin, ‘my wife’s right outside’ he said, trying to bridge caution. ‘Yeah, I know’ I assured, whilst reaching for the door and locking it, ‘and she’s nose-deep in a coffee and a Cosmo, quite the trusting lady’, he tried to hold back a chuckle and edged towards me, ‘you are one sexy fuckin’ nurse by the way’, I guessed the inhibitions were faded. He pulled me by the waist; his hands were big enough to almost touch my belly button and my spine. I had to tip-toe to kiss him, but it wasn’t much of that mushy shit. Belts and zippers were loose in seconds; I only had to slip down my scrub bottoms. As he wrestled his pants down I wondered how he wanted me… would he lift me on the counter? Spin me around and smash from behind? Put me up on the wall and let me leg wrap him? My pussy was jumping at the conclusions. His dick was finally free from the Hanes-chains and it matched my speculations wonderfully, long enough with a thickness that’d treat all my walls and stiff enough to hang a wet beach towel on. I tasted it and traced the midrib with my tongue, I was more than wet enough now and he was more than ready. He spun me around, just as I suspected and eased in slowly… I had to bite my lips to suppress the moans, he built up the speed like a decent pop song and I felt nothing but bliss. The moment, the dick, my wetness and his delight all bubbled into this scream-worthy thing and all we could do was breathe heavy. I felt him thickening as he was about to let the troops loose and he pulled out like a good Catholic. It was one of the best coffee breaks I’ve ever had, I came, he came… three minutes, easy. When we got dressed and cleaned up, I gave him a cherry blowpop for being such a good boy.
he asked me what my name was so he can have a bookmark to remember me by and I told him…”

“Nurse Lolli,” interrupted a mellow voice from the faint edge of the crowd, “and it was an apple blowpop.” By now the mystery guy littered the audience with surprise faces. “Hi, Mayla... my name is Ted.”

Mayla looked directly at him and relaxed her pose as the familiarity set in, “hello Ted, it’s a small world.”


  1. Um, did I miss something? Why is this devoid of ho shit?

  2. Thank you guys for the comments, and thank you Odara for Publishing :).
    I agree that it's not the usual fare of hoshit, I apologize, I had gotten the hoshit manual after I wrote this.
    Nurse Lolli is the first in a series though and I will try my best to pique your libidic interest with the others.


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