1 Pit Stop

***Written By: J. Farand aka Owlasylum be sure to visit his site here.***

"Street life! It's the only life I know..."

"Turn that down!"

"Huh? You tripping. You don't know nothing about good music..."

The conversation between Jessica and her boyfriend in the driver seat over the disc on rotate had been going on for five minutes.

"Boy! My daddy use to play that all the time! You got me fucked up..."

Her boyfriend, Chris laughed. He swerved through the slow moving cars as he made a left into a residential neighborhood.

"Naw...you was too young to appreciate the words."

Jessica rolled her eyes and turned towards him in her seat. Now sitting with her left leg over her right, she began to look at him long with her eye brows up.

"Please. I bet I've known this song longer than you..."

Chris laughed as he made a turn, and drove the car into an alley. He attempted to avoid a pothole in the narrow road, and a loud sound was heard and the car leaned lower on his side.

"What was that?"

"Calm down...I think I might have blown the tire."

Chris parked the vehicle inside of a dimly lit lot. A fenced in enclosure adjacent to another building that had been long in need of a renter. He walked around and inspected the back tire. Running his hands along the edges he silently cursed to himself. He walked around to the trunk of his car and opened it up. He pushed the grocery bags to the side and dug underneath the carpeted encloser. Pulling back the thin piece of fabric and rubber, he exposed the spare donut. He lifted it out and laid it next to the wall of the building.

He began to unscrew the nuts on the tire. His muscles flexed slightly as he worked to remove the deflated tire. Jessica had gotten curious as to exactly what the job required, and she stepped out of the ride. Her dress slid up, and so as she exited the car she had to adjust herself. Closing the door and walking to his side she bent over and kissed Chris on the ear lobe.

"Don't do nothing that will get you bent over out here. I'm almost done getting this wheel off. Do me a favor, grab them nuts and put them in something, so I don't lose any of them..."
She did just that. Chris looked at her, and was enticed by her shape. Her large breast hung low and his penis begin to jump as he looked through her low cut dress. He reached out and rubbed her stomach. He squeezed gently on her stomach and his eyes revealed a desire that made Jessica smile.

She turned around and began to bend over, collecting the last the nut that was on the ground. Chris slid from the position he was in near the tire and ran his tongue up her exposed right thigh. He bit gently into her calf, and sucked passionately on the under side of her knee caps. She braced herself as she began to tremble slightly.

He grabbed her leg, and ran the side of his cheek slowly up and down it. His hands aggressively pulled her closer as his tongue work its way up to her panties. She bent all the way down as his tongue slid her panties to the side. She let out a loud gasp as he began to suck on her clitoris. She began fondle her nipple through her double d sized bra. He slid his hand between her legs and assisted her.

"Give me that dick..."

Chris lifted up from the ground and unzipped his pants. Jessica had adjusted herself, and was leaning on the car's trunk. She pulled her dress up around her wide hips. She turned around to glance at his member, reaching out to hold it. He took one step closer to gain balance, as she guided his cock into her wetness.

She exhaled and moaned as he slowly entered her throbbing pussy. Her head dropped and came up in a violent gesture as Chris stroked her. His hands gripped her large breast and squeezed tightly. She began to move her hips to his rythm, attempt to take all of his dick inside her. Her moans began to escape her mouth and the lights of a neighboring apartment building caused her alarm.

"Damn...we gone get caught..."

Chris grabbed her hair and began to stroke faster. His arms were tensed and he was laying on her back. The mixing of fear and his strokes sent a wave through her body. She fought to hold back the screams of ecstacy as her body convulsed. His began to twist and pull on her nipples while her vagina opened and began to become extremely moist. She closed her eyes and allowed orgasm to completely take over her.

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