3 Bad Girl

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, I’m locked out. Open up.”

I slowly approach the door, adjusting my short, plaid skirt and white button-up top (That pop-tart Britney doesn’t know how to work this look quite like me), checking myself out in the mirror once more. Damn, I look good. The word gorgeous has been thrown my way quite a few times, with my slim but curvy build and smooth chocolate skin. My height only accentuates my presence; standing at 5’ 8”, 130 pounds. When wearing heels I’m usually right at eye level with most men, which is probably why I’m so good at flirting.

I open the door and Darnell’s face lights up. “Damn girl!”

I take a moment to smile, and admire this sexy mutherfucker standing in front of me. He’s tall, at least 6’ 4”, with creamy butterscotch skin, and a body that’s chiseled like a Greek statue. Giving me that model vibe, but with a definite rugged edginess that I like.

I go right into my character. “Good evening Dean Goodrich, I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding the place.”

His face took on a quizzical expression, which was quickly replaced by a sexy grin.

“No Ms. Hopewell, It was pretty easy, your directions were excellent.”

“Where are my manners, please come in.” “I’m very grateful that you could come by today, to discuss my situation. I know I’m in a lot of trouble.”

“Yes, you could be expelled behind this matter, which would serve you right.”

“I know it was wrong to masturbate in the middle of your lecture, and I really am sorry.”

Darnell tries not to laugh, as he’s not the best actor, but he has a big dick, and a gifted tongue, so I forgive him this one fault.

“Yes, it was quite wrong, you caused a stir with the guys sitting next to you, and they all failed their tests.” “Do you think you should be punished?”

“Yes sir, I deserve to be punished, right now.”

He takes a seat in the chair I’ve pulled from the kitchen, and pulls me down into his lap.

“I’m going to spank you, like the filthy, bad little girl you’ve been.”

He lifts up my skirt to find that I’m wearing a black, lace thong. Taking a moment to admire my smooth, round little ass, he begins to punish me. “Smack!”, the first blow stings, instantly bringing my nipples to full attention. “Smack, smack, smack!”, the subsequent blows are faster, harder. I feel my ass growing warm from the punishment. My pussy responds to the assault on my ass, and I’m wet enough to drown this sexy man under me. I always enjoyed the rough play.

Darnell takes a break from the spanking he’s laying down, and pulls my thong aside. He explores my pussy, noting the wetness that’s seeping through the scrap of material I’m calling underwear. He sticks one, then two fingers in my pussy, I moan and wriggle on his lap, brushing his ever-growing erection. I purposely stimulate his dick, wanting to get him to end this torture and fuck me, hard.

I put on my sweet, innocent voice: “I’m sorry Dean Goodrich, please stop, I won’t do it again, I can’t take this anymore, please!”

“Are you gonna pay attention in class, and stop being a slut while you’re supposed to be learning something?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson yet, I think a hard fucking might teach you something. Go to your bedroom.”

I run to the bedroom, anticipating the pleasure that this man always brings me. He comes in and removes his clothes; he slowly unzips his jeans, knowing how much I like looking at him, especially when he unleashes that magnificent dick of his. I take off my sexy outfit, and strip down to nothing but my thong (I like to let him rip off my underwear; it turns me on something serious). He gets on the bed, and passionately kisses me all over my body, exploring and praising my sexiness. I revel in the bliss that he causes in me, and feel like I could explode from the lust I feel for him. He trails wet, soft kisses down the center of my body, starting at my collarbone, taking his time, making his way to my breasts. I sigh when he takes my hard, chocolate kiss nipple into his mouth, and does that tongue swirl that made me fall for him the first time we fucked (that was a hell of a night).

He moves down to my tummy, and pauses at my bellybutton, dipping his tongue inside. I jump a little; he knows this is a sensitive spot for me. He looks down at my thong, and grips the waistband, pulling at it. He gets a good grip and rips it apart, tossing the material aside. He finally makes his way to my pussy, admiring its smoothness (that Brazilian waxing does wonders), and dives right in like the pussy-eating champ he is. I can hardly stay in one spot, and almost suffocate him when I put my hands on his head. He can make me cum this way, but he has bigger plans for me tonight. He removes his head from my “Y” and looks at me with those eyes that say: “I’m about to tear that pussy up!” I tingle all over when he looks at me that way. He moves into position, and takes my right leg up to his shoulder. He thrusts his dick in me, and I scream from the pure ecstasy and relief. I feel his dick stretching me, and filling me up, making the wetness slide down my thighs. I’m just getting used to the fullness when he withdraws and plunges back into me, I feel my eyes fluttering at the pleasure, as he fucks me with such ease. Then, its like a switch is flipped on, as he starts to pound me like his life depends on it. I hold on to the headboard and scream out for him not to stop, dammit don’t you stop! I start to move back against him, throwing my pussy back at him, he loves this, and grips my ass, digging his fingers into the cheeks. I feel a lustful frenzy coming on, and grab his hand to place it on my neck. He knows what this means, and he lightly grips my throat, almost choking me. I’m entering that primal zone that can only lead to one thing: a mind-shattering orgasm. He continues to pound into me, and I can hear his breathing getting ragged. We’re both close, and with a hard squeeze on my neck, I’m pushed over the edge. It’s like a damn bursts inside me, as I squirt and cum all over Darnell’s dick. This proves to be too much for him, and he thrusts hard into me and pauses with the powerful release of his cum, “AAAARRGH”, he groans and tenses with the sheer force of his orgasm.

We both lay panting and smiling at each other, feeling that high of post-orgasmic bliss. He gently pulls himself from me, and wraps his arms around me, snuggling up to my back.

“So I guess you learned your lesson Mrs. Hopewell?”

“Yes sir, I did. But if that’s how I’m to be punished, I’m gonna have to keep being bad.”

He looks at me and laughs. “Mia, you’re something serious. I love your crazy ass tho.”

“I love you too baby.”


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