4 Boyfriend No. 2

Most days me and my dude didn’t get along. If we weren’t arguing about him not calling me, we were arguing about him not texting. It was one thing after another. And to top it all off, we weren’t even having sex. Me, Im not a “nympho” per say but I do like to get down. And he just never seems to be in the mood when I am. Shit, as of today we havent fucked in like 2 months! One thing I’ve learned, you cant force a man to fuck. Well you can, but that’s too much work for me! So after having one of those nights of too much arguing I officially made up my mind. I need a side boo.

Me and my girls decide to hit up the local strip club. Strange I know but that’s where all the cuties hang. And everybody knows me, when I step out, watch out! I’m 5’9’’ of caramel delight and well known around my city. Most niggas try and usually fail. But this particular night something felt different.

While standing at the bar doing my best to keep my composure after my 5th gin and tonic, I feel somebody walk up behind me. “How you doin’ miss?” The most beautiful, sensual baritone voice cooed into my ear. Shivers ran up and down my body as I turned around to see the finest man I’d ever laid eyes on. He towered over me and I inhaled his sweet, manly scent. “I’m fine and u?” I try to whisper back in my sexiest voice but deep down I’m nervous as hell because this man had me feeling some type of way just off his voice. “I’m doing well. I could be doing better.” He said staring in my eyes so intently. “How could you be doing better,” I questioned as he moved in so close to me I could see the sex building in his eyes. He then grabbed my hand and led me out of the club. I was halfway nervous but fuck it. My man wasn’t acting right and I knew it was time to get this well manicured pussy tore down. As I walked behind him I thought to myself what am I doing, but as I admired his well toned muscular body I knew exactly what was going down.

We got into his car and sped down the highway. Not knowing where we were going kinda scared me but turned me on at the same time. The smooth sounds of Dwele hummed in the background as we pulled into his driveway. “Where are we?” I questioned as he turned off the ignition and slid out of the car. As he walked over to open my door, I knew he was gonna fuck the shit out of me and I could hardly wait. He opened my door and lifted me up into his massive arms and kissed me hard and deep. My pussy dripped at the thought of what was in store. We hardly made it into the door before we were tearing each others clothes off, kissing and breathing like we would die if we stopped. He laid me down on the couch and slid off my panties. “Ooh what’s that?” he asked, but before I could answer he slowly drug his tounge along my swollen lips as he made his way to the center of my being. I threw my head back in ecstacy as he played with my clit ring over and over. It felt like thunder was rolling up in my body because the next thing I knew I was screaming out! OMG!!!!!

Like a snake he slithered up my body and made his way to my awaiting mouth. But not before I caught a glimpse of what I was preparing myself for. And honey, he was at least 11’’ of solid, chocolate rod. My pussy began to throb at the thought of all that man inside me. He entered me slow and forcefully and I allowed myself to give into the feelings I was feeling. As he dug his manhood deeper and deeper into me, I floated farther and farther into another world as I began to feel that same rolling thunder building up in between my legs. He began to pound me harder and faster until I felt his body tense up over mine and he quickly pulled out his massive dick and shoved it into my mouth and laced my throat with some of the sweetest cum I’d ever tasted.

Needless to say, 5 months later, he is still taking me to ecstacy.


  1. can you say top shelf ho shit??? LOL!!! okay these are the parts that literally made me gasp! LOL!!!

    "as he moved in so close to me I could see the sex building in his eyes"


    "My man wasn’t acting right and I knew it was time to get this well manicured pussy tore down"

    ^^^^^ *snaps* *snaps* *snaps*

  2. Whoa.. I knew I shouldn't have clicked on this link so early in the morning after just taking a shower... now I need another.. thanks a bunch ladies *snickers*

  3. Um, does this dude have a brother that's JUST like him? I got a "taste" for some chocolate myself now....damn....hoe shit....


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