5 A Night With

I'm used to the crazy lifestyle. I live a life full of parties, expensive clothes and late night sex. Some call me a video vixen, others call me a model, I call myself blessed. Blessed to be part of a very exclusive world where men gawk at you and women envy you. Blessed to be simply beautiful! Life isn't always glamorous for me however. Take today for example: It was a long day on set. Today we were filming the video for Pretty Ricky's new single "Tipsy". We had been on the set for what seemed like an eternity filming the same scenes over and over. THIS is why I hate working with other models, everyone has a diva attitude and swear that they are the next Tyra Banks. Excuse me honey, I met Tyra..she's not all that!

The shoot was winding down for the last scene of the night. The video crew had constructed a huge life-size martini glass full of a golden liquid and bubbles, similar to the one used in Beyonce's "Naughty Girl" video. "We need one of you ladies to strip down and get in the glass" one of the video crew yelled as he looked towards the group of us models who managed to have stayed for the entire video shoot. "Man, I'm tired!" one model complained. "I just bought this hair, I can't get it wet!" another model shouted. I stepped forward, "Cut the check!" I'll do it. What's another scene anyway. Anything to hurry this shoot up so I could go home to my cozy Atlanta condo.

Without being told twice I stripped down to nothing but a bra and thong panties as I climbed the latter into the life-sized martini glass. The liquid was warm, almost soothing. I was starting to enjoy sitting in there. Soon after the Pretty Ricky boys walked onto the set. One caught my eye, Spectacular. He was the only one dressed in only a pair of black silk boxers while his group mates were fully clothed. The director looked up at me, "This is an intimate scene between you and Spectacular. Try to make it look as real as possible". I nodded in agreement. Honestly, Spec was a little skinny for my taste, but oddly I found him kind of cute. Spectacular climbed into the glass with me. "How you doin" he whispered. I smiled, "Fine, just ready to go home".

"Cue Music!" The director yelled. Tipsy played over the loud speakers. I focused in on the camera making as many sensual faces as I could. From the corner of my eyes I could see Spec doing his famous grind, but this time it wasn't a folding chair...he was grinding on ME! Everyone watched as Spectacular had simulated sex with me. The looks on their faces was pure shock, some in disgust. I really didn't know how I felt at that point but it was time to have a little fun with it. As Spec splashed around sensually grinding on me, I slipped my hand into the opening of his boxers. I grabbed his dick. Spec didn't miss a beat, almost as if he hadn't noticed what I had just done. I smiled as I squeezed. That caught his attention as he stopped grinding for a second and looked me into my eyes. Stuck in the moment for what seemed like forever the director screamed, "Cut!! Spec what's going on dude?"

"Um, I need another take" Spec shouted as he gazed into my eyes. The director called for the second take. Spec was now totally into me and I was into him. I paid no attention to the audience we had watching us, including the other members of Pretty Ricky. Spectacular's dick was completely out at this point..and HARD! If it wasn't for the bubbles our little secret would have been totally exposed. I pushed Spec back, positioning myself on top of him so that I was on his lap and we were facing each other. I slid my panties to the side and sat on top of Specs hard dick. Not missing a beat Spec continued to mouth the words to his verse while I slowly grind on his dick. Who's the grind champ now? I continued to sensually rock my hips squeezing and moaning lightly with every movement. Not to be outdone Spec flipped me over and positioned himself on top of me. He threw my legs over his shoulders and grind on me as if I was an ottoman in one of his Youtube videos. He worked his dick deeper and deeper as he worked his hips in a circular motion. Oddly enough, he kept rapping. I could only imagine how this looked for the camera. Hey, he said he wanted it to look natural right? I moaned lightly, Spec positioned his hand on my stomach and pumped harder. I laid back, neck deep in water and bubbles as Spec continued to pound harder and deeper into me. I remember opening my eyes to see water splashing everywhere. Everyone watched in awe, not quite sure of what exactly was going on at the moment.

I pulled Spec's head closer to me. At this point I figured it was time to give the camera the show that they wanted to see. He started to lick the water as it dripped down my neck line. With both hands I slowly guided his head lower. I think he got the point because at this time his head was completely submerged under water and all I could feel was slight tickle of his tongue on my clit. I moaned with pleasure as Spec used his lips to give my lower lips the massage of a lifetime. In and out, he continued to work his tongue as if it was covered in crack and he was an addict. I moaned louder. The eyes of the crowd wide and mouths covered--they were on to us but I didn't care. Spec came back up for air as he slowly rose to his knees. He was fully exposed in front of me and all I kept thinking of was how those red speedos did him no justice, this boy was packing! I took his dick into my hands. The crowd was still watching in amazement. The camera was still rolling. If I was going to make my porn debut, I had to make it good right? I looked up at Spec as he licked his lips, his eyes were closed, he knew what was about to come...HIM!

I took his dick into my mouth bobbing up and down as my tongue did tricks on his shaft. He loved it! He pushed my head closer as I took the whole thing into my mouth. I didn't gag even a little, I mean if I could take every inch of Andre 3000 I'm sure I could take this. We were in our own little world. I was enjoying the taste of Spectacular, I didn't want this to end. I could feel his dick throbbing inside of me as he whispered, "I'm about to cum". He tried to pull out but with my lips I locked on. He may be used to those other lames, but me? Me, I take it all! I sucked harder on his dick as his warm cum shot down my throat. Yum! He tasted so sweet but it was finally over. I looked down, the set was completely wet and the martini glass was empty. Licking my lips I peered across the room, "So did yall get your shot?". The director nodded in disbelief. It was at that moment I disregarded all rumors about Spectacular and Pretty Ricky. Even if he WAS gay, he still is the best sex I've ever had!.


  1. rerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    *sirens blaring*


  2. OH.EM.EFF.GEE!!!!

    LMFAOOOOOO!!!! This is the BEST one so far...LAWD why did I read this @ work...

    these parts made me DIE...

    ""I just bought this hair, I can't get it wet!"

    "the set was completely wet and the martini glass was empty"

    "as if I was an ottoman in one of his Youtube videos"


    you know i'mma tweet this to sexy spec right? lol j/k

  3. With that I would totally NEVER EVER do Spec...but if this makes it onto other blogs, he owes me $$$ for this Publicity stunt lol

  4. chile, that hat across his penTis is KILLING ME!


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