3 A Night With

It was the night of my birthday and me and my girls were just getting the celebration started. My sister had purchased three tickets for us to see Trey Songz live in Las Vegas. I must admit, I'm not much of a Songz fan. I don't know many of his songs, I haven't bought any of his albums but I will admit, he's a cutie! I was probably the least excited to go to this concert. Honestly, I'd rather sit up in the casino with a glass of Chardonnay and some spending money and make this the most memorable vacation ever. Unfortunately, the girls would rather hit up the concert instead.

We got dressed, I figured if I was going to completely waste my time I might as well sexy as hell doing it right? Luckily I brought the smallest, tightest, black dress that my size 2 frame could squeeze into. Fierce? Understatement! Makeup and Hair? On Point! I looked good if I must say so myself.

We finally get to the club where the concert was taking place. As we approached closer we realized that the line to the club stretched well down the block. YAY! *sarcasm*. Unfortunately I did not plan to be standing in 4 inch heels for over an hour. My mood easily went from 'happy birthday' to 'get me the hell home'! "Girl you'll be okay" My BFF kept reassuring me. I sure didn't feel okay. All I kept thinking about was getting out of these shoes. Eventually I had had enough! 20 minutes of standing in line and I have had it! I laid my coat down ad sat on the curb as I waited for the line to move. Not even 10 minutes into me sitting down a black Chevy Tahoe speeds towards me. Immediately I panic. I thought my feet hurt before, now I was 3 seconds away from having them flattened by this SUV.

In utter rage (and fear for my life) I jumped up. "You stupid mother$^%@ you could have killed me!!!" The driver of the car stepped out. He was an older husky gentlemen, inches shorter than me. "Watch where the hell you're driving!!" I yelled with my arms flailing, shoes and all. As I continued to spazz out I noticed the back window roll down. "What's goin on?" the person from behind the glass asked. The side-eye I was about to give at this point would be enough to shoot flames through a brick wall. What do you mean whats going on? Where have you been the past few minutes. As I fixed my mouth to continue to curse him out the window rolled down further. It was Trey Songz. I felt an immediate sense of embarrassment. "Girl you're too beautiful to be raising so much hell!" he laughed as he stuck his head out the window. I looked back at my friends who at this point were shocked and in awe. Slowly Trey opened the door to the truck and with one lick of his lips he whispered "Come in". Trey sat me on his lap as he ordered the driver to drive to drive. When the driver asked where, he just said "Keep Driving".

I had never seen a man so beautiful in my life. Those sexy lips, those eyes, he was gorgeous! As I sat on his lap we chatted a little bit. He asked me where I was from, was I having fun in Vegas and somehow the subject changed to my birthday. "Oh yeah? Its your birthday ma?" he asked with that beautiful smirk on his face. I nodded shly. Trey slowly started to rub on my thigh, making his way up my dress..."Well let me give you your gift then". He slowly kissed me as he continued to work his hand further and further up my dress. At this point I could hardly register what was happening. Are you serious? I'm making out with Trey Songz in a moving car! I've never done anything like this before. I closed my eyes and before I could fully collect my thoughts Trey let the seats back and layed me down with my legs facing him. As if he's done this before, he hiked my dress up to my waist and pulled my panties down with what seemed to have been all one motion. I was wet just speculating what was about to come. He grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to him. I had to open my eyes and take this all in. I watched as Trey pulled his pants down and pulled out dick. I must say I was very impressed. Trey Songz was officially perfect from his lips to his dick. He wasn't huge, but definitely a happy medium.

He entered me. If I would have had my eyes closed I would have thought he was a full 10 inches. Trey definitely wasn't the sappy sensitive guy he sang about in his songs (if I knew any of them). With every thrust he pulled me closer and closer, pushing himself deeper and deeper. I was finding it very hard to remain conscience of my surroundings. We were in a car, his driver was RIGHT THERE and the windows were open. As much as I wanted to scream out I had to hold it all in...and it was hard! "Damn baby you feeling so good right now" he kept saying to me. He must have known that I loved to hear that because I was getting wetter and wetter. Eventually I couldn't take it any more, I had to scream out. Teasing me, he pulled out and motioned me to turn over. Taking a hand full of my hair he slipped back in and continued to work. I couldn't contain myself any longer. With Trey's hands on my hips I came. Nearly collapsing into the seat cushions I layed as Trey slowly pulled out. I could feel his warm cum dripping onto my back. I couldn't even be mad. Playfully he smacked my ass and turned me over. "Happy Birthday Sweetheart" he said. With a smile I replied, "And I won't be pressing charges for you nearly killing me either"

*This story is all fiction. I have never had sex with Trey Songz allthough I would love too. Call me Trey!*


  1. you effing SLUT! my niggahhhhh *hi-fives* HAHAHAH!!! This is a GOOOOOD one Miss! still mad you used my boo as a part of the shenanigans! LMAO

    and *DEAD* @the disclaimer!!!


    I ♥ it! guess I gotta submit my story next. =)

  3. haha i was gettin horny, that was an awesome story if only it was true, he probabbly does do that shit though


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