7 Swallow This, Call Me Later

"I'll suck your dick, but I don't want to kiss"

He was oddly pleased by my response, unzipping his jeans, dick on rock, and I hadn't touched it yet.

We'd only been together for 10 minutes.

He was the exception to a new rule.

He stroked It and grabbed my face, pulling it closer to his.

I'm staring into his soul. I keep my sunglasses on because my soul is still asleep.

He wants to kiss. I turn my face. Caress his dick.

"I'll suck your dick, but I don't want to kiss."

On my knees.
He fucks my mouth.
It throbs.
I choke.
I want more.
Hard and deep.
I spit on it.
He cums, hard.

I smile. He smiles.

"Swallow it." he demands.

I force his mouth into mine instead.

He willingly receives his sweets.

Our kiss is passion as we swallow together.

I give him my cell number and walk away.


  1. Ooooooow!!! So Dirty...I Love It!!!! LOL!!!

  2. Well I'll be...

    makin a niggah swallow his own sh*t!...


  3. Nice writing. This entire entry was hot, until the end...

    Ladies, don't try that "snowball" sh*t in real life! You might not like what happens next LOL

  4. lol, well, only a real man...or should I say, a real freak, can handle snowballin'...what's the big deal? It's natural juices from your body. If we can swallow it, why can't you? Why are men afraid of their own cum?


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