5 Tony Who? (Part 3)

Tony Who? (Part 1)
Tony Who? (Part 2)

Before he could say a word, Bria stepped inside and pulled his head down to hers in a long kiss, running her hands over his muscled chest. Groaning he closed the door behind her. Pushing her against the door, his hands traveled leisurely over her breasts and down past her waist until his hand came to the tied bow at her dress. With a slight tug of his wrists the wrap dress fell open. Moaning his appreciation, Michael pushed it off of Bria’s shoulders to the floor. Taking a step back, he looked at Bria’s petite body covered only by the red lace boy shorts and bra. “Damn, good things do come in small packages. You are so sexy mami,” he whispered.

Bending down to nibble and bite at her stomach, Michael slipped his hands underneath her underwear to grab handfuls of her ass, slowly pulling her underwear down. On his knees, he first placed one of her legs over his shoulder, then the other leg on his other shoulder, leaving her heels on, until she was sitting with his face between her pussy.

“Hold on tight,” he grinned up at her.


Sliding her back against the wall, he slowly stood up until he was in a standing position. He began to eat and lick her pussy until her head fell back and she let out a high pitched scream. Grabbing his head, Bria did as she was told and hung on for dear life.

If possible, Bria became even wetter as Michael’s tongue gave her a slow, deep fuck. With his tongue inside, he continued to move it like he was searching for something of great value and wasn’t going to stop until he found it. Pulling back he gently sucked and massaged the inner lips of her pussy with soft suctioning motions, then moved his tongue around the base of her clit. He had found the spot last night, and it had driven her crazy.

By now Bria, was damn near trying to smother him the way she began pushing his face closer to her pussy. Wetting his finger, from the juices running out of her, Michael gently inserted his finger in her ass, while simultaneously flicking his tongue around her clit then firmly sucking on it. He kept this up until she began trembling from the force of her forthcoming orgasm.

“Oh Fuck!!!...” Bria screamed. Cum began to flow out of her like it was a faucet. Michael licked and swallowed until every drop. Damn, she tasted good.

Finally, he carefully put her down until her feet were touching the floor. Leaning down, he kissed her wetly, letting her taste how sweet was, which she did eagerly.

Moaning, Michael walked Bria back with him while still hungrily kissing her. Breaking the kiss, he turned her around and leaned her over the table by the wall and spread her legs

Unzipping his jeans, he pushed them down to his ankles and growled at her in a voice full of need, “You might want to hold on tight...again ”, right before he plunged his full length into her to the hilt. Throwing his head back he groaned his pleasure. Shit, this pussy is so tight.

Bria almost passed out from ecstasy as he began to fuck her deep and hard and fast. He wasn’t gentle, but then again, she didn’t want him to be right now. Squeezing the muscles in her pussy, she tightened up even more. Grabbing her hair, he continued to circle his hips back and forth as he fucked her, trying to get as deep as he could. With his other hand, he smacked her ass hard. Bria screamed from the slight sting, but it increased her pleasure even more, and before she knew it, she was cumming again. Feeling the contraction around his dick, Michael let out a loud series of grunts as he came.

They continued fucking for almost another hour in different positions before they ended up on the bed trying to catch their breath from the furious sex session.

Pulling Bria to him, Michael held her as she nodded off. Wherever this thing with them led, one thing he knew for sure; he wasn’t going to share her with anyone else. She was definitely going to have to get rid of her so called man. Now.

As she stirred almost half an hour later, Bria turned her head to find Michael staring at her.

“Whats wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing's wrong, baby. Just watching you sleep….and also thinking about how hungry I suddenly am,” he said with a grin. “What would you like to order from room service?”

“What time is it?” Looking out the window, she noticed that the sun was beginning to set.

“Almost 6. Why?”

“Shit.” Leaning over to give him a quick kiss, Bria jumped up. “I was intending to tell you when I first got here, but something distracted me,” she told him with a sexy smile as she hurriedly pulled on her clothes. “I forgot that I have to go to a birthday party, and believe me if I could get out of it I would.”

Just then her phone rang. Seeing that it was Tony she gestured to Michael to be quiet. “Yes, Tony?”

...to be continued...


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