3 Tony Who?

...not Tony

Saturday morning........

Bria stretched her naked body under the covers and purred a sigh of utter contentment. She had never felt more satisfied in her life. With eyes still closed, she savored the subtle soreness from parts of her body that let her know she had been thoroughly fucked... and fucked well.

Turning her head to look at the now empty space beside her, she picked up the folded piece of paper that was lying on the pillow.

'You were sleeping so peacefully that I didn't want to wake you. I called my car to take me back to the hotel to shower and change. I’ll call you in a couple of hours.'
PS If you're smiling right about now, that means I did what I needed to do..'

Baby, you did your job and then some, Bria thought to herself with another smile.

Finally working up the strength to get up and take a quick shower, Bria went to the bathroom to turn the water on. After she had adjusted it to a comfortable temperature, she stepped under the shower and let the water run over her body.

Closing her eyes, the marathon sex that she and Michael had experienced last night flashed through her mind. The pictures were so vivid that she could almost feel his dick as she slid down on him and rode him for all she was worth. She had squeezed and primed that dick with every twist and circle of her hips. He may have had her damn near speaking in tongue, but she held her own as well. By the time they'd finished, there was no question that she’d done the damn thing and given him the business. He was moaning and screaming and cursing about as loud as she by the time they fell asleep from pure exhaustion. The way he'd made her feel, Tony had never.....

Damn. What was she going to do about Tony? She was sure he was wondering what in the hell was going on the way she had rushed him out of the door last night. They had been together for a while, but lately… Coming out of her daze, Bria shook her head..... She'd deal with Tony later. Right now she was dick whipped and planned on getting a lot more of it before Michael left tomorrow.

*to be continued*


  1. awwww sh!t now! Bria is a skeeza...I love it! LOL!!!!

  2. *pulls out badge*

    HO SHIT HO SHIT!!!!!

  3. I love it!! I cant believe I missed this post!! On to part 2!!


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