4 Breakfast In Bed

So I lay there watching him sleep. It's 7 am, I know he had a long night, I don't want to bother him but I'm starving. All I can think about is dipping his caramel into my coffee and holding off on the cream until its time for lunch. For just one more morning I want to give up on being a vegetarian so I can savor the sausage I've been craving all night! How dare he come home so late and leave me so hungry?

I feel my stomach growling, I look at him. I wonder if he'll notice if I just take a little bite. I promise, just one taste and I'm done. Oh, but I can't! Every time I see those strawberry lips I reminisce on his flavor. I can still taste him on the tip of my tongue. I can feel his chocolate melting in my mouth. My memory won't let me forget the cream and sugar combination we both get when I'm feeding on his....

I can't take it! I know he's asleep so I'll be gentle. Maybe he won't feel me pull down his boxers. I'm just really, really craving and he's always been the one to supply what my body demands. I pull it out. My eyes widen. It's breakfast, lunch and dinner wrapped into one. I learned in the beginning you can't try to devour it all at once. You have to taste test. I bite my lip, then start to slowly lick his lollipop. You can call me a sucker, but you know I have a thing for candy! His body flinches. He's not asleep, but he still pretends. It's okay, right now I'm satisfying my appetite. I suck and lick on his popsicle until I feel his ice cream center flow down my throat. Mmmm he tastes as sweet as I remember. I lay my head onto his chest and melt into his arms. Breakfast has been served.

Damn, but I'm still hungry.


  1. Oooooooh Weeeeeee! Miss is such a SLORE! HAHA I love it!!!

  2. Damn and to think I had doritos and soda for breakfast...FML...I need to get on this meal plan


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