25 The Ice Cream Man

"Get off your knees"

that's what he told me as I kneeled in front of his naked torso...he sat at the edge of the bed and lifted my face in his direction until our eyes met. I raised my eyebrows and asked "whats wrong"....our bodies both still damp from the steamy shower we just shared. I sat on the floor between him ready to go to work on that dick as I stroked it with my hands.

"Just stand up" he demanded, he placed my hands in his and guided me to my feet. He proceeded to unravel the small towel I'd wrapped around my wet hair and my natural curls cascaded against my bare shoulders. His eyes studied my naked body as I stood in front of him hand in hand. So many apprehensive thoughts ran through my mind but I didn't say a word...

"I'll be right back"... he whispered. I sat on the bed with my back against the pillows and watched him walk away. His mahogany skin glowed in the dim lighting, those years of playing college football did him well, his body was a work of art. I was still confused as to why he stopped me he'd never done that before. He loved getting head but I think I liked giving it more...and hell with me? he never had to ask...I'm like a dick connoisseur, my pussy would throb just from the thought of his long hard cock against my tongue. I loved watching him squirm as I took that dick to the back of my throat...loved to hear him moan when I spit on it and sucked him harder.

But he just asked me to stop? He was up to something...

He came back in the room smiling and as he got closer I noticed he was holding a half pint of french vanilla ice cream in his hands. I laughed and asked "were you that hungry?"...he nodded his head yes and stuck his fingers in the carton motioning for me to come closer....I laughed playfully and licked the ice cream from his fingertips.

"Lay on your stomach"....I wasn't sure what he had in mind but I followed his instructions. I laid down on the satin sheets and rested my head in my hands, he climbed on top of me, massaged my shoulders and kissed me softly on my neck. I felt his dick brush against my skin as he moved his lips across my back. He paused for what seemed like a full minute then my body jolted, reacting to the unexpected sensation of melted ice cream dripping against my skin. I exhaled and bit down on my bottom lip and he asked "is it too cold?"..."Its okay" I whispered. He poured more down my spine and we both laughed as he made his way down dribbling it against my ass cheeks. I felt goosebumps all over my body and trembled just a little. Then he blazed a trail with his tongue down my silhouette licking and slurping the french vanilla delight from my almond flesh. I felt my clit swell against the satin sheets and whimpered when his tongue made its way across my ass. He wasn't done...he turned me over on my back until I faced him and dripped the melting ice cream from my collar bone to my navel...he circled my nipples with his tongue and bit down slightly until they became erect. He licked and slurped every drop and my pelvis trembled as he moved closer towards my pussy...he spread my legs apart, my thighs tensed as I prepared myself for what was next...he stuck his fingers inside my pussy and flicked my swollen clit...I could no longer hold back my moans...."mmmmm" i squirmed as he entered my pussy with the cool vanilla cream on the tip of his tongue. He tongue fucked my pussy vigorously until my warm juices streamed down my thighs...

I was so turned on and ready to return the favor. I sat up on the edge of the bed and he stood in front of me. I firmly stroked both hands down the length of his dick...it didn't take much to get him hard. I started at his balls and sucked both into my mouth at once...I teased him and flipped my tongue across the head, he grabbed me by the neck and forcefully shoved his dick down my throat until I gagged. I smirked as I pulled him from my mouth "you couldn't wait to feel me hunh?" Then I spit on that dick...stroking the base with one hand while sucking him hard in my mouth. He loved sloppy blow jobs and I made sure I kept it nice and wet for him. I deep throated that dick and grazed my teeth against it lightly as I slid my mouth up and down his shaft. I fingered my pussy as I sucked on that rock hard cock....I was soaking wet....and so was he....I felt that dick get bigger against my tongue...he was about to cum, I could feel it...he tasted my ice cream and I was ready to devour every drop of his. I sucked harder on the tip of his dick and his veins grew larger...he grunted....moaned.....then tilted his head back and exploded inside my mouth...."mmmm" I giggled playfully and licked my fingers....savoring on every drop of his french vanilla....


  1. Man, ya know ninjas be lactose....lawd gon have ppl hurting reading dis naughty ass shet.....lol

  2. real talk if i was MissOMyGoodnezz I'd be mad at u for posting some similar shit about the nut being food right on top of my shit lol. Red Velvet must've made yall hungry!

    interesting how she had to get him hard after he ate her out. eatin pussy turns me on. guess that's y im mr freakin me

  3. @mrfreakinme you've got hella nerve accusing me of biting off shit from my OWN site. I've had this "ice cream" story posted in my drafts for weeks now. And to you? insert nigga please face here______ I owe no explanation to. I'm guessing shit talking its just in your blood b/c from what I've observed you seem to thrive off of it. Well let me introduce you to the basics...here's my ass ()() <---- kiss it and STFU! Thanks & do have a great day!

  4. ummmm mr freek daddy or whatever yo name is if u love eating pussy so much, call me.....u can practice on me, i am clean n cute!!

  5. lol odara i wasn't say u were biting, just bad timing. and i get turned on kissing ass too ;-)

    lol @ chrissy snow. add me on facebook and twitter


  6. ^^^^^ dead @ chrissy LMFAO!!!

  7. i am @ work MrFreak no access to that....

    odee, why i like his site tho

    why imma be his new groupie

    why i am such a cyber slut?

    wait, why i just read he gets turned on from kissing ass?

    why imma ask mr freak what else turn yo freaky ass on, kissing kneecaps?

  8. @mrfreakinme and don't let it happen again *HMPH* LOL!!!!

  9. Chrissy GO WITH GOD and kiss fooken kneecaps....

  10. WOT????? i am just asking him what he like is all lmao a curious female cant ask, some dudes might like some prelly kneecaps

  11. chrissy....

    why I got some whys too???

    why I wish you and ur ditzy twin bambino would come back from vacay????

    why i'm glad you like the site???

    why i'm gonna have to cosign and agree that you are such a cyber slut???

    why mrfreak better respect my house???

    why i'm just playin wit' his ass but i'm really not???

    why kissing kneecaps KILT me tho???

  12. why imma get some help for my cyber ho ways

    why i hope daddy shep dont see this shit nigga gon have a fit and lock me in my room till forever

    why me and bammy had discussed coming back but hell our brains wont agree with the comeback for some reason lmao

    why i hope mrfreak realize we dont play and when we say repsect it we mean dat shit

    why i will let him slide tho if he use me as his pratice sex dummy when he wanna try some new shit

    why imma stop lmao

  13. odara u act like i said this story sucks like that other mess lol. i was simply pointing out that they have similar themes and it was bad timing. not a knock on u at all.

    u asked for more comments and then u trip on me everytime i comment. this is probably the most comments any post on this site has gotten within a few hours.

    chrissy i have a bit of a shoe fetish. some sexy heels and nice toes do something to me. i call sexy shoes "keep em ons". u can take everything else off but keep those on

  14. i got somma those mrfreak sir, i shole do....lol

  15. btw Odara im gonna steal ur idea and start posting music with my stories lol.

  16. well @mrfreak at least my comments are coming from REAL individuals and aren't just "cut & pasted" thoughts.... *hint*cough*hint* lmao!

    and timing???




    and time deeeeeeeeez!


  17. lmfao did u really just put my business out there!? i can't believe i trusted u! damn u warned me u were not ride or die but i didn't know ud throw me under a fuckin bus.

    u seem to have some pinned up aggression. do i need to put u on the list for a sex practice dummy wit chrissy? call me, i can make it juicy for ya!

  18. *Leaves STOP THIS BULLSHET FUMIGATOR BOMB in here...let's see what roaches are left afterward.....* *evil grin*

  19. lmmfatfo cut n pasted tho mrfreak, damn u that heard up for comments i got u homie.....

  20. man what had happened was...see a lot of ppl will give me feedback but they afraid to put stuff on the site for whatever reason. so lets say they send me an instant message or text about the post, i simply post what they had to say. i mean they did comment on it, they just need some assistance. dont judge me, yall dont know what i been through lol

  21. lmao.......imma go comment on every post u got right now

  22. ***feels the love in the room**** lmao!

  23. it's a whole lotta comments....all yall some freaky story stealing ho's.

    The end.

  24. Bammy when the hell you gonna publish that damn post?!!!!!!!!


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