6 Elevator Games

We had been planning my trip for quite some time. She said her "girl" was hungry for some "him".

It was a moment I had grown extremely impatient for.

She was waiting for me as I entered the hotel. Smiling that smile she always smiles. The elegant skirt that reveal enough of her legs to be enticing, and yet left enough to my imagination to create the visual sexual tension that made my blood boil. Well, at least it got my dick hard.

As I approached her, she stuck her tongue out. I stuck mine out, and we began to play the game that we used to play as teenagers. Quick sideways flickers as we held our mouths slightly shut, and ended with a lip greet and meet. I always licked her lips slowly. Her eyes did this disappearing act everytime I did that.

As our elevator slowly approached, she, facing the elevator with her back towards me, grabbed my arms and pulled my body into hers as she wiggled her butt on my crotch. I laughed my million dollar laugh, and began nibbling on her ear slowly. I could feel her face tighten as she bit her lip like she always did.

She dragged me into the elevator giggling loudly. Her energy was addictive. Tall, but with that thickness that black men love, she danced a quick subtle movement while looking me dead in my eyes. I lost all sense of control as I heard the elevator doors close.

I grabbed her by the back of her knees and lifted her onto my shoulders. She gasped and I lowered myself by bending my knees so that she wouldn't be pressed by the ceiling of the elevator. She started to hit me on my back. I lifted my left leg up and gently tapped the elevator stop button.

She slowly relaxed into our game. "I missed you, daddy"

My heart began to beat through my tongue after my head worked its way under her skirt. I dug into her deeply. I felt her finger nails digging into my back and her inner thighs clenching my neck and shoulders.

I began to play my game.

Sucking on her clitoris and flickering my tongue rapidly, rubbing my face passionately into her lips, slowly nibbling on them, and parting her pussy lips with my tongue as it slid inside.

Her body quaked.

I began the rhythm that we played our game to. She begged me to stop as I felt her opening up and becoming more moist. Inwardly I smiled and giggled.

Her legs began to shake as the wrapped themselves around me tighter. Taking my full tongue, i licked from the bottom of her until I reached her clitoris. I sucked and licked until I heard that familiar sound.

Her back banged against the walls of the elevator as she shook uncontrollable. I laughed within.,

I lowered my tongue inside of her as she began her drip. Her nails dug a little more into my back.

As her climax tempered, she lowered her mouth to my ear, "Alright, you win that round, my turn..."

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  1. I confess....I've always wanted to do it in an elevator with the corny music playing.

    :nods head:

  2. Its a fantasy of mine to be fucked on an elevator inside a posh hotel.

  3. lol @ Bahama...but yes it is a fantasy of mines as well....this post was good had me damn near ready to cum

  4. and J Farands site is not coming up...can someone please send me the link...thanks.

  5. @MSJJohnson1 I fixed the link it should be working now!


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