10 When Kitty Met Monsta

“You have a thickness that I like.” he said as he sized me up.

“Well, you have a certain thickness that I prefer.” I replied while staring at his dick impression through his pants.

Once every couple of months, I don’t mind fuckin’ a stranger. Random sex suits my mood.

We met at coffee shop, on a Wednesday…Hump Day, and I was eager to be humped hard and thrown away dry.

We went back to his apartment and chatted about music while we drank our coffee. After coffee, he had a beer and poured me a glass of red wine. I sipped it slowly while he played rock music on his acoustic guitar.

I shared my love for rock music and the guitar with him so he thought the longer he played, the wetter I would get and the easier it would be for him to spread and conquer. Had he known that the moment our hands met at the coffee counter that it was on, he wouldn’t have wasted time to strum my pussy instead of that guitar.

He was trying to be a gentleman but this was one of those rare occasions where I didn’t want a gentleman.

I wanted him to throw me on the floor and have his way with me.
I wanted to leave his apartment with parts of my clothing torn.
I wanted to leave his apartment with ‘early morning sex’ hair.
I wanted to leave his apartment smelling like one week old jizz.

Finally, he stops playing the guitar and asks if I want to watch a homemade video of him fuckin’ his ex. Of course I wanted to watch it. Why not get an idea of his ‘stroke’ before I let him stroke, right?

He put the video on and despite the intense action between him and his ex-lover, all I could focus on was his massive dick. He’s a tall dude, so you know he was packin’ a monsta. My pussy was hungry for his monsta and I didn’t act shy about it.

I told him to take off his pants and “let me see it.”. It wasn’t as hard as I wanted it to be, so I took his monsta into my mouth and choked on that shit until he pushed my head away. Now, he wanted to suck on my clit. I took off my pants and he pulled down my panties. He wrapped his lips around my clit and gave it an oral spanking, “pussy has been a bad girl, discipline her, daddy.”

He said that he wanted to wake-up with the smell of my pussy on his face, so, I sat on his face and rode that motha fucka like it was a dick. He tried to make my pussy squirt but instead, all he got was a waterfall of cum in his mouth. He swallowed that shit as I stuck my finger deep inside my pussy until it was covered with my wetness and I sucked it off.

He picked me up, carried me to the bed, wrapped my legs around his neck and inserted his monsta into me slow, but deep. I was a bit tight so he was easy until my vagina accepted the full length of his thick deliciousness. I gripped his ass and begged him fuck me hard. My nails dug deep into his back. He flipped me over, doggie-style, and fucked me like my pussy was a piñata. He was hittin’ that shit as if a million gold coins would fall out of my pussy after he took his dick out.

“I wanna taste what you’re feelin.’” I whispered to him, so he pulled out his monsta and I took it into my mouth and sucked on it as if the last drop of water on earth was inside it. He screamed like a bitch and suddenly, I was conflicted. Sure, I was enjoying his dick in my mouth, as well as the sounds I was making him fill the room with, but I wanted that monsta back inside my throbbing pussy. I wanted that dick to suffocate the pussy. I wanted that dick to fall asleep in my pussy. However, my oral DICKtation made him cum hard. I smeared that shit all over my face and had him take a picture of my jizz soaked face with my camera phone. Yeah, the dick had me on some porn flix shit.

Ladies, don’t you love when that good dick makes you do shit totally out of character? Yeah, that’s the type of dick I want to marry. The type that will fuck me like an out of control prisoner and make me cook a dinner for 100 people afterwards (even tho I’m only feeding him)...lol.

After our sex session, I wanted to cozy up with the monsta, give it some Jesus Juice and read it a bedtime story.

I was pleased that he had his way with me.
I left his apartment with a part of my clothing torn.
I left his apartment with ‘early morning sex’ hair.
I left his apartment smelling like dick, with crusty jizz on my chin.

To my surprise he called me the next damn day and we decided to hook-up again. I went to his apartment, he was doing laundry when I arrived. He bent me over the washing machine and slammed my pussy on the spin cycle.

He was angry that I was eager to leave him immediately after the sex. I had no interest in hangin’ out with him. We hung out the night before. My purpose for the 2nd visit was to feed my pussy. Sure, he was a swell guy, but his dick had far more personality that he did. Seriously, a guy is no match to his 10'' personality ;-).


  1. *Gulp* I felt like I was there. Damn

  2. yeah im tryin to learn the play the guitar myself lol. damn nigga just asked if she wanted to see the tape? id be afraid shed get suspicious that i was tryin to put her ass on tape lol.

  3. lol..ya know, writing that made me horny as hell. Who has a dick for me to sit on?......I'm just kidding......maybe.

  4. Damn- haven't had any in six months. I can't come back to this site until I get myself together.

  5. *scrolls thru phone to find an available dick dealer*

  6. I am exhausted from just reading that.....what a sexy encounter.....

  7. lol @ "dick dealer"...wow..LOVE THAT!!!

  8. damn this post was good...lol...gat me ready to cum up myself 2 work..guys not good!


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