4 Triple X Rated

She hadn’t been nervous yet up to this point, but Karri Ann started to feel the unease in her stomach creep up silently. Her throat got tight and her hands started to shake. Was she really going to go through with this?

“Kari, honey? Come on loosen up, do you need a drink or maybe some pills to help?” whispered Layla.

“No, no…..I don’t need any uppers or alcoholic courage. I can do this” Kari Ann just barely said above a whisper.

Layla just looked at her, her eyes taking in the woman standing before her. Kari-Ann’s complexion was a smooth dark chocolate and her facial features were divine. Her almond shape eyes were the greenest of green as her lips were the fullest of full. And her body was something like a work of art. She was shaped like the coco-cola bottles of years past, moderately top heavy, a tiny waist and then flaring out at the hips.

“It really isn’t that bad. I remember my first time doing this and I was just as nervous as you. But just think of it as...” Layla tried to find the right words “Well just don’t think about it at all. Don’t think, just react. That is the best advice I can give you I think. Just go with the flow. You are working with professionals and they know how to handle this.” Layla finished.

Kari-Ann just nodded her head as Layla tried to calm her and it kind of worked. “Okay let’s do this” she said a bit revived. She rose from the couch she was sitting on and walked over to the set. She glanced at the man holding the long stick with a huge fluffy thing hanging off the end of it, she made eye contact with the man that was behind the camera and finally, she smiled at her co-worker for the day. Behind him was something that might have made her just as nervous as she was before but now she just looked at the massive canopy bed and pictured her and the black Adonis standing before her, doing naughty things in it. Coincidently that was her co-workers screen name, the Black Adonis. The gentleman that was standing behind the camera made his way up to the couple.

“Okay, well this is the scene that is going to start the movie off, there isn’t any dialogue for this so lose the robes and hop in the sack” the director said to them.

Taking her best friends advice Kari-Ann just went with the flow, she untied her robe letting it fall to the ground and all the while her green eyes were focus intently on Adonis, trying to seduce him with her eyes. Underneath her robe was nothing but naked flesh and she had on a pair or fire engine red 5inch stiletto heels. She saw his expression when the robe dropped; he studied her body from bottom to top and bit down on his lip in anticipation. Kari strolled seductively to the bed and sat on the edge. When she was seated she looked up and saw that the Adonis had already lost his robe and was making his way over to stand in front of her, slowly massaging his dick. They both were already having sex with each other through their eyes and now it was time to do it physically.

Adonis stood directly in front of her and his eyes moved down her gorgeous face to her juicy lips, then to her full C cup breast and still moving down to her flat stomach and his eyes stopped and lingered at her thighs. He got to his knees and was eye level with Kari-Ann’s lower body. His rough hands parted her thighs slowly as he looked up into her bright eyes. His right hand rubbed up from her pelvis to her stomach and with a little force he pushed her back so that now she was lying on the bed. He put both hands on each side of her hips and pulled her body gently down some more so that now her lower body was halfway off the bed. He then lifted her left leg, and rubbed his hands down her leg stopping until he got to the strappy shoes she had on. He untied it and did the same process with the right leg. Now both legs were on his shoulders and he started to caress Kari-Ann’s inner thighs with his rough hands. His left hand inched its way further up and Kari could feel him tracing the outline of her lips with his two fingers. He then pushed those two fingers deep into her vagina without warning but it was a smooth gentle motion. At this point Kari was wet, he took his fingers out and put them in his mouth sucking the juices off. He must have liked the way she tasted because before she noticed, his tongue started to invade her vagina. Fast licks and then slow, moving his wet tongue deeper inside of her. He used his tongue like a man that thoroughly enjoyed what he was doing. Pushing her legs as wide as they could go and he ate her out like there would be no tomorrow for them, like the world might have been coming to an end but he was the only one that knew about it. He started from the Clitoris and moved his intoxicating tongue in a left to right motion slowly as he made his way down to her Anus. Kari-Ann couldn’t hold it together any longer her lower body tensed up and all the muscles contracted, she arched her back and her body started to shake violently. She felt the spasms that started from deep inside her vagina forcefully and powerfully let loose.

Adonis knowing just what his tongue could do to the opposite sex was expecting that kind of reaction from her. With one last flick of his tongue, he finished the erotic pleasure. Kari just laid there for a few seconds trying to regroup, her mind and body was bliss’d out of control and she wanted to prove to Adonis that she could do to him just what he did to her. She had always been the competitive kind of girl. As Adonis was getting up off of his knees she sat up and pulled him down by his shoulder on top of her. He was taken aback but he enjoyed it, her lips started to move all over his chest and mouth. Her kissing was so passionate she bit down on his lips and his neck. He managed to turn them over and now she was on top, she made her way down his muscular body with her tongue leaving a wet trail. Her mouth finally got the part of his body that it was looking for, his dick and ball set was most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Everything seemed to be just right about it, it was the perfect width, length and shade. Not too big that it would be uncomfortable but not too small that there wouldn’t be any comfort at all. It was a deep brown color that reminded Kari of a Snicker bar. And like a woman with a sweet tooth she was planning of enjoying every last bit of her candy. Her delicate hands started to massage his scrotum as her eyes looked into his. She then lowered her head and started to suck on them all while still massaging them. Her left hand moved up to his dick and she gave him a hand job. After a few minutes she decided she had paid enough attention to his balls and it was time to pay attention the other part of the set. She deep throated the entire penis on the first go, taking Adonis by surprise, his body which was barely moving before now looked like it was frozen in place. She sucked as she started to make her way from the bottom to the top, not letting any air escape her mouth as it moved upwards. When she got to the tip and eased the dick from her mouth, the air tight suction was released and was followed by a loud “plop”. Using only her tongue she made a spiral motion over the head of his dick and then licked circles around it. Adonis, who was pretty quiet up till now let out a slow moan of ecstasy. Kari-Ann did fast licks over the tip and then slowed it down, and she again tried to swallow the whole dick in her mouth this time her tongue licked up and down. She repeated the process until Adonis’ moaned he was about to explode. Kari-Ann rolled over on the bed while Adonis straddled her, positioning his dick so that he would cum in her mouth, he stroked his dick vigorously until the warm, oozing liquid shot out and trickled down Kari-Ann’s open and waiting mouth. He then rolled over on his side and the director yelled "CUT!"


  1. Snickers, candy bar, feather, dick, cum, cut....sham wow....need a damn snack and a cigarette....smh

  2. and to think i use to believe bammy was so innocent! ALL LIES!!!! lmao *steals one of tini's cigs* GOOD POST BAMZ!

  3. I am innocent!

    *plugs in halo* Thanks Deezy

  4. fuck i am so horny..shit this is some good stuff..calling my booty call, i need some good dick..shiiit


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