1 Southern Souls

Southern souls
Making heat
Twanging out blues with our bodies
Your accent is almost like mine
Dripping honey and candied molasses
Down my throat
Covering my thighs
And your hands know the struggles my soul has seen

You breathe

You taste

You look

Just like me

Black man
If you could
Hand me the water
With the ice cubes
Melting and dripping down the side
Of the glass

This sweat is making me
To the sheets
Cotton makes me
When I'm wet
And spent
This isn't about control
We are both submissive
To those inate desires

Black man
Would you
Tell me if anyone else
Knows about what you do
Tell me
It's you
For me only
When you strip down
Like the day you were born

Your shadows and shade will protect

Your hips will hold nothing back

Does it hurt
To contain yourself
As I unbutton
This dress
Slipping down
Bare and defenseless
Nothing separating you
From me

With these candles burning
Black man
Can you see me?

The fragrance
Is supposed to be sweet
But heat
Turns it from meek
To succulent
And a bit bitter
But you
When you're done
I'll slide down
And inhale
And sip like i'm thristy
Like I'm hungry

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