1 I Can't Believe She Left Me This Dry

2:30am I'm leaving w/ my homie out the club to go to the parking lot. We both parked far away, its summertime so why not save a few dollars and park plus we had a female we were both with, well let me rephrase that, we both had a female that we knew we were leaving with. Now we are in the parking lot, listening to music, she hops in the passenger seat while i sit in, and my homie and his female friend were talking making out etc. We all were tipsy and saying anything, so she starts acting as if she is about to go down to be funny, come back up and smiles at me. Im like "dont start nothing you cant finish". So i noticed they seen her do that, and his girl came over to the car and started talking shit like "you wont do it"-to her. Im shocked like "ummmmmm what is going on"-im thinking. She starts unzipping my pants, i let her, then my homie grabbed up his friend like nah we out too we gotta handle some things too. I laugh, i knew he wasnt hating but i knew he wanted to get his off too and at the part she was definitely about to handle.

So we end up going the same way, we at the light we both looking at each other, and the females were looking at each other, 2 different cars as if we were about to race. So then she starts to unzip my pants and starts giving me head, then his female friend seen it and i remember her saying "oh hell no" and then i rememeber just seeing her head go up and down to my homie as if she was giving him head too. Still at the light, we just looking at each other cool like "ay why not". This was my first ever encounter getting head while seeing somebody else getting head, kind of kinky.

Eventually we pull off, both going on the highway same exit. She gave me head the whole 12 exits. So now we split up, i get to her town, she starts going crazy on it, more just looking at me while she doing it, i can see her eyes looking up at me, so im like "fuck this". I pull over, i pushed the seat back so i get comfy. I think i only came once from driving while getting head, so i knew i wanted to release. She pulls my pants off, im looking around making sure the coast is clear because im half ass naked waist bottom lol. So then she starts going to work, so much slob i just knew it would be a mess. Her stroke was unbelievable, she told me "im gonna suck you dry daddy". Now i knew that was just sex talk, in my head im like whatever. "well do it then!"
After a while i felt that tingle fellas. I knew it was about to be a majooooor rush coming up, in my mind i said "omg if she take this load she is gonna be so thirsty i knew it was gonna be too much to handle like a glass of milk". I think i was horny that whole week and i remember my sensitive level on my d*ck was at all time high, i knew it would be crazy. I released!
I start shaking in my leg, eyes got big. I know my eyes big but hell they got bigger. None of that porn cool tough guy after i came. But umm she never took her mouth off it. Never stopped. This is impossible she got all of it, every drop, im still moving around as if i couldnt take it but i could. She didnt stop, now her mouth was open again meaning she swallowed every bit of it. Im impressed! So it starts feeling good again so im like "WHAT you tryin to make me cum twice" she says "yup". Man im already satisfied, i didnt wanna have sex, i just wanted 4am mcdonalds and The Office DVD and go to bed. But she kept going. And 15minutes later, i came in again!! This time she stared at me sucking it all out, she started sucking on every part that was wet as if she was trying to clean up her mess. AND SHE DID! My d*ck, My thighs, was dry as if she just started. I cant believe she left it this dry.

I ended up bringing her home but really in the zone i was so tired and quiet because i was so satisfied. I shouted her out in my mind like she gangsta for not wanting no sex after the club knowing how horny women be after the club. She asked me did i like it? I smirked....then all i remember from there is...

"yeah let me get the 2 for 3 bacon egg cheese mcmuffins and a dollar sweet tea"

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