1 First Time Friday: He Didn't Pop My Cherry

My first time i was sixteen and i was with the boy i knew i didn't love let alone like. i had met him two yrs prior and we were just friends. We eventually go together and three months into the relationship i decided to see what the hype about sex was. i knew being a virgin that having a sex drive as high as mine was NOT normal so i said I'd get the 1st time out of the way.

BAD CHOICE. although he was sweet it was not worth it. the day started regular watching t.v at his house of course he cooked me something to eat (more like heated up) but it was cute. we finally got back to his room and we we're kissing & touching and i finally thought FUCK IT. so i started to undress him. now being self conscious by the time it was time for my clothes to come off my 1st thought was 'fuck ..what did i get myself into'?

But I didn't stop him. i had gotten this far im gonna thug it out..too late to turn back now. i came up out of all my clothes but my bra and socks (i don't know why lol) he asked several times was i sure and was i ready..yadda yadda yadda lets get this over with...then he stuck the head in. i expected it to hurt a lot more but it hurt none the less. it lasted about a good 5 minutes and that's giving him credit. afterward i thought..is this it ? this is sex ? no blood ? no toe curling -mind blowing -hair wild- bed bumping sex..

After that i had sex w/ him a few more times thinking maybe it was because i was a virgin...WRONG .. didn't change and we broke up a few weeks later. he took it hard but ..oh well ..i took a 10 month hiatus on sex and im w/ the guy i waited for still 2 years strong (with great sex by the way). oh and my current boyfriend popped my cherry.

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  1. LOL @ "I had gotten this far I'm gonna thug it out"
    That was funny and I think most girls wont admit that they lost their virginity to a guy they had no deep feelings for.


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