3 I Will Fuck You

I will fuck you whenever, wherever and do whatever you want.

In the morning when the sun is just beginning to rise, I will suck your dick until its rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. Then I will ride you until you climax in my wet hot pussy and fill it up with your cum.

I will fuck you whenever, wherever in the evening in your office I will be on your
desk with my dress around my waist, my legs open with no panties on and you are fucking me with your tongue. Then you stand up and kiss me , I can taste myself on your lips. You drop your pants and put your dick in my pussy, I wrap my legs around your waist and you grab mine. As you are pumping your dick in and out of my pussy I squeeze my clit muscles on your dick. You hit my spot over and over giving me multiple orgasims. You are climaxing now, I place my hands on your nuts and squeeze, I want to be sure to get cum. You lay on top of me and begin sucking and caressing my breast with your tongue and mouth. We stay there laying in each other’s wetness.

I will fuck you whenever, wherever, and do whatever you want.

At night in your car. While you are driving I will move closer to you and whisper in your
ear “I want to fuck you now”. Then I will move my hands into your shirt and rub your chest. I start to kiss your chest, lick and bite your nipples. While my lips and tongue are working your chest I slowly move my hands to your dick. You start to swerve on the road, so I stop. I move back into the backset and start taking off my clothes. As I take off my clothes I throw them to you…my shoes, skirt, shirt, panties, and bra. I leave on my ankle bracelet. You park the car and cum in the backset with me. Your dick is already out and hard, my legs are open, my pussy is wet and waiting for you so you just dive in. We fuck so hard and so long we fog up the windows.

I will fuck you whenever……morning, noon, or night.

I will fuck you whenever…shower, floor, outside, car, table, elevator, rooftop, office, stairs, wall,
rain, etc….

I will do whatever you want…missionary, standing, 69, doggie style, sitting, side by side, and
whatever else you can think of.

I will fuck you whenever, wherever, and do whatever you what.


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