2 First Time Friday: Huge Expectations

I was 15 and I had known this guy since I was a baby and he was never really attractive to me. I would spend the night over his house because his sister was and still is one of my bestfriends. He had tried to have sex with me before a year ago when I was spending the night but I wouldn't because I was a virgin and scared to death if my parents found out or we got caught. The night we had sex I was there in his room with him and his little brother because his sister fell asleep in the living room.

We were watching out of time (crazy I remember the movie) and his brother asked what he was doing under the covers and he said "playing with my meat" and I stood there disgusted, mind you his brother was 11. So I sat at the edge of the bed and I eventually laid down at the edge of the bed and he kept trying to put his dick in my face. I told him if he did it one more time I would bite it, he told me I can just don't bite it hard, I was even more disgusted. His brother decided to leave us alone which I was upset about. He said if he wanted me to stop then I could just move up and he wouldn't be able to put it in my face. When I moved up he started trying to feel up my pussy and I flinched and said no but he kept pushing at it so I told him to go lock the door but he just closed the door which made me paranoid because his mom was home.

He came back and slid my panties to the side and pulled out his dick and the thing was HUGE, it immediately intemmidated me. When he put it in, it felt like he was trying to squeeze me into jeans 5 sizes to small. It hurt but I started to moan just to set the mood (I WAS A VIRGIN!) right when it actually started feeling good and the pain was going away he told me he was getting ready to pull out and he NUTTED! It felt like the sex only lasted for 20 minutes. As soon as he rolled over he went to sleep and I tried to make a quick escape but he woke up and eventually went back to sleep after asking me if I liked it. I went in the family room and his brother was giving me dirty looks, he knew what happened. His sister was clueless but I told her and then checked my underwear for blood, took a shower. I was SUPER sore. I didn't sleep all night, I felt dirty.


  1. Um, Harpo...who told this story? Why they ain't used protection? Why the lil brother was straight hatin? Why dude was tryna beat her face up wiff his dick? Why she told her BFF? Why I think it grossed her out? Why I got so many cerns and need answers?


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