2 D.I.C.K- A Love Story

Don’t fuck if you don’t want to get addicted: my sister warned me about the dick. I was a curious virgin, so I opened-up quick. He slammed, I cried, he left me sore. Sister was right, I craved for more.

I hunt for the dick with caution, use protection. I don’t mind the random encounter in an unusual location. My pain is your pleasure. My body is your playground. Lick me from behind, let your tongue make that sound.

Cum on my back, face or inside my mouth, make my body quiver, make my soul shout. I spit for most, won’t please the selfish. Give me a reason to swallow, give me a reason to relish.

Keep the pussy tight, so that dick feels right. That Stroke calls me daily. The ride is my fitness, without it I am morning sickness. Hey bis sister, thanks! I love my addicktion.


  1. I have to say that I love the addicktion as well. However, I am going to pass on the cum on my face. justn ot my thing.

  2. Need gps ankle monitors on women like this..lol


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