5 First Time Friday: Miss In-terna-tional

Niece: Uncle Ronnie, would you read me a story, please, huh pleeeassse???
Ron: Alright youngster, get in the bed and I'll get the story book...
Ron: ...tucked in??
Niece: yes!!!
Ron: ...herrrrreeee we go.

Now I would tell you about the first time I had sex, or the first girl who tried to take my virginity at ages 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. But I'm gonna tell you about Miss In-terna-tional....

..it was dark as the hell. i could barely see myself or hand in the dark. we just left a black and white party. at the party, she stepped to me, "its only 5 days til graduation baby." well hello. intoxicated. i took a whiff. yeah it is you. so how are you doing mama? "im good. 'enuff of this talk, i think we need to split. this is the only night we can get away with xxxtasy, baby!" [jaw drops] "..as much of a freak you are and talk... i wanna see for myself." you ain't said nothing but a word.. Miss In-terna-tional..

this is the former leading lady of the court. she had the throne. A boyfriend. I, a girlfriend of 7 years.

::car scene::
boy, i can barely drive. focus homie. "baby. are you alright? do i need to drive?" nah, you good.. we only going around the corner to heritage. we already on northside drive. i got you, miss thang. miss thang, you are bang-gang tonight!!! "so do you baby. are you not hot with those 2 dress shirts on though?" nah. im good. damn, is it not dark out here? "yes it is.. um, baby.. do you have your headlights on?" [click click] ooops.. dammmmn. im slippin, mama. "boy, i aint got no draws on, you better not kill me." [brakes screetch at stop light] wha-wha-what??? [slides hand slowly over my pelvis] hey miss thang.. hey miss thang.... i gotta drive this thang. hello. Miss In-terna-tional....

i couldnt believe this. im sloppy drunk and the thought came across my head that im about to make this most special shit tonight. imma do shit that i have only done with my ol' lady and probably to not another lady. she gonna love this though, she is already Miss International.... Miss In-terna-tional....

boy. i cannot see. it is pitch dark out here. "baybee, come hold my hand.. i got these heels on." [lady giggles] whats the scent you have on? "i cannot even remember right now. [giggles] i think chanel. my outfit is bebe, though." [horn honks] oops sorry mama... "..boy, you gonna kill to get this or something?" na-na-nah.. im tryna focus on us walking. its dark out here. "..but did you not see the headlights?" [silence]... "are you hearing me?" ...yeah..

::heritage bedroom::
do you want something to drink? "vodka and cranberry juice. save the ice." [goes get the drink]
[tune cuts on]
[Sexual Healing]
"...ain't this your song,baybeeee??" [smiles] hey miss thang, hey miss thang... whats your problem touching that Marvin? um.. hello. [hands drink][refreshes mouth]"you sure are asking alotta questions! this drink is good though!" [sits on the bed beside her]

[awkward silence]
[begins to play in her hair]
[song ends]
[tune cuts on]
[I Want You]
[she touches my thighs and rubs]
[she extends leg to click the light switch]
[she turns to kiss me]
Miss In-terna-tional....

"i want you to kiss me all over"
[touches her back side and rubs slowly til I get to her bra strap]
[unsnaps with index and thumb, first try]
mama. relax.
"blow my mind. dont talk!"
[thinks to self, imma eat her pussy right now.]
[tongue kisses]
[she unzips my fly]
[kisses her neck]
[hands massaging her stomach]
[takes her shirt/bra off]
[begins to lick gently on her nipples]
"oooh boy!"
beautiful. you taste good, mama.
[tune repeats]
Miss In-terna-tional....

[lift up skirt]
[plants face into juices]
Miss In-terna-tional...
Miss Thang, you taste good...
"ooohhhh, circles baby!"
[sticks tongue inside... goes in and out slowly]
"ooohh... oo ahhhhh... mmmmm [biting bottom lip]"

by this time, i started eating her out for quite some time. it was the only time i was gonna be able to have sex with her. we both were in a relationship. we both were getting ready to graduate. she had just stepped off "college court." i had to go all out on this one. and we were highly intoxicated. the biggest reason to go all out. so yeah, i was gonna eat her out. trick daddy in nann nigga that ass. "throw them legs up and blow all up in yo butt." all of it. i mean she is miss international.

[legs shiver]
[long sighs]
[continues to lick]
[suck on the knot and moves tongue gently... rapidly.. gently]
[moves face down 1 centimeter.... blows]
"oooh shit boy!"
[blows.... blowing... lick... lick...]
"oooooooo!!!!oooo!.... FUCK!"
[grabs my head]
[tune repeats]
[legs crosses around my neck]
[legs shiver]
[attempts to pull me up]
[moves up to her neck and kisses gently]
[she flips me over on my back]
[yanks pants off]
[jacking.... jacking..]
[stands on the bed, lift up skirt to stomach]
[sits down]
Miss In-terna-tional....

[bouncing...] [bouncing....]
[wraps my arms around her and pulls her down to my chest]
[throws dick and balls from the bottom, slowly..... slowly.....]
"oooooo-oooooo-ooooooo!!!!!! ooooohhhhhhhh shhhheeeeeiiiiittttttt"
"FUCK! FUCK! MUTHAFUCKA! ...... [slaps my face] SHIT!"

2 minutes pass.
13 minutes pass.
[tune repeats 5 times]
26 minutes pass.

by this time, i was on top and we both were panting. drying up. i go back down and lick her more for 3 minutes unto a climax. she pushes my head away.
"..im done." [echoes]
"....im doonee!"
come here baby!!
[kisses her lips gently, wipes the sweat off her forehead]
you did good mama!
"...hold me boy" "FUCK!" "WOOOO!" [deep breath]
Miss In-terna-tional....

....She was the 2nd chick I ate out for 11 minutes and climaxed twice within that timespan, and the 2nd chick I licked her ass. Yeah, its supposed to about my 1st time, but this was the 1st time I went all out for any other woman. 1st time I let a chick skeet in my face and keep eating her out. I did it for my girl at the time, but I actually stuck my tongue in both places. It ain't nasty. I was her 3rd person ever, and when you see someone you care, admire, and totally dig.. you go above and beyond the call of duty. I wouldn't pass it up.. she was the Queen of the School...Miss International!

[title derived from "Miss International" by Method Man & Redman featuring Erick Sermon from "Blackout! 2]



    I say GOTDAYUM.....

    *Turns A/C on "Morgue"*

  2. I'm sorry but the "Car Scene" had be rollin' LOL!!!! 2 dress shirts? too funny...

    Thx Ron

  3. yeah, i had on 2 dress shirts.. to have the black and white effect and the collar overlapping the other shirt. maybe one day i will put a picture up so everyone can see me.

  4. fuckin dead

    luv chrissy


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