7 Restraints

We squeezed into an overflowing bar off a street that seemed entirely devoted to Friday-night stag parties. She seemed almost embarrassed on behalf of her hometown because as soon as we arrived, she could tell it wasn't really my cup of tea. "Usually this place is pretty good," she shouted into my ear as we pushed between the bodies packed into a dimly-lit space. The loud music made conversation almost impossible.

I started looking around for a dark corner to push her into, but I eventually gave up. I lead her to the exit, "This place is too crowded, maybe we should just get back to your place?" As I bumped against her from behind and rubbed the bulge of my erection against her ass.

When we got to her place, the first I asked was if she had any toys laying around. There was none, she said; but that turned out to be a misunderstanding. It's easy figuring something out, especially that I knew exactly what she liked. The average household is full of potential restraints, blindfolds, gags, even spanking-implements. You just have to know where to look. And I finally laid my eyes on a sleep mask next to her bed.

We stood right by the bed, kissing playfully. I took her top off and slid my hand down to her ass and grabbed the sleep mask on the way. I lead her to a chair next to her window and asked her to undress. As she was undressing, I took the sash off her silk Kimono, walked over behind her as she sat naked on that chair and tied her hands to the back. I placed the sleep mask over her eyes and immediately, I felt her shoulders tensing. I've always liked the idea of blindfolds, they give a feeling of closure, containment and possession.

"Relax" I said quietly, as I rubbed her tensed shoulders. "I've got an idea, but only if you trust me." She smiled and said she would never trust someone who asked that.

"If I open those curtains...." I said, "Anyone who walks by and looks up can pretty much see you.."

She stayed quiet for a while, and I waited along for a response.

"Don't do it." She whispered, in a tone that was more concerned than anything.

"I'm sitting in front of you; looking at you, and I don't see why the rest of the world can't see what I'm seeing.."

She continued to smile nervously.

I teased her for a while, then, in some detail, I began to describe her to herself:

Her voluptuous curves, the way her heavy breasts stuck out even further than usual with her arms restrained like that, the swell of her stomach, and the width of her hips.

I placed two fingers on her neck, and traced a long, curvy line down her collarbone and breast to the end of one hard, dark nipple. Goosebumps appeared on her arms when I circled the tips of her breasts.

She knew what was happening, but not when I led her by the arm to the sofa and bent her over, there was a hint of surprised resistance in her movements. "No, I'm..." she started, but I landed a loud slap on her ass as she moaned; not in pain, but not quite in pleasure either.

I rested two fingers on her pussy as I stroked the spot my hand had just landed on for a moment. I took it slowly, waiting for her body to respond. Rubbing on her warm skin, I reached over and swept my finger across her lips. She sucked on it, silent and greedy, unaware of what's coming next.

I kissed down her back and circled each side of her ass before I traced my tongue down her labia. I pulled her butt-cheeks apart and dove in with my tongue until she started grinding her ass against my face and biting on the couch fabric. I heard her squealing, I knew she wanted it, but I didn't see the point of giving it to her just yet. My fingers slid easily in between the lips of her pussy. Twisting around slowly, trying to avoid her usually very sensitive clit, suddenly she pushed back against my hand, grinding herself on my fingers and came with a loud prolonged moan that was unmistakable by anyone passing by her bedroom window.

"Let me go" She said, in what sounded to me like a fragile yet enraged voice.

It sounded unmistakably urgent. I smiled to myself and pulled the sleep mask off, released her wrists and pulled her up into my arms, holding her. She didn't meet my eye. We stood there for a while, her nose burrowing in between my arm and chest.

"Fuck..." she said finally, and looked up at me. "Look, I don't know... just right now I need you to make love to me." She held her lips up for a kiss. A slow, sweet, slightly hesitant teenage kiss; but behind it, on the tip of her tongue, an intensity that could only belong to a grown woman.

She pulled me into the bedroom and helped me undress before we fell onto her bed and she sat down on top of me, holding my dick gently with one hand, she smiled and teased, taking forever to lean down. She swiped her hair across the tip, and finally introduced her lips to the sides of my hard dick; kissing it daintily.

When she had finally guided my dick inside her, she didn't allow me to move for the rest of the night. She basically took over after being untied, from the second she started teasing until she lead our way to orgasm. But it felt different, it felt passionate; almost too passionate for a person I'm just fucking. And the morning after, I somehow thought we'd talk about it. But nothing. In the remaining month or so of our fling (what she called it) we never discussed it.

But.. a couple of months ago, I saw her for lunch.. But that is a talk for another day.


  1. WOW Zane has got nothing on you! I didn't know you had 3 blogs...doing it big!! Email me all 3 SO I can put them on our blog roll ...love those freaky stories!! Thanks so much for stopping by http://urbanfrugalchic.ccom


  2. Hi Cynthia,

    thank you, I'm very flattered.

    ::stares at Odara::

  3. :::::throws nutmella @ Zulu:::: :o)

  4. EXCUSE ME!!!

    WONDERFUL! i love it.

  5. Thanks.

    ::tried to comment on what I like to believe; is Starz' ass::


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