2 Wet Spot

I wanted him inside of me. I mean who wouldn’t? He’s 6’5, dark skin, bald head, and to top it off, he has dimples! Okay, so his teeth aren’t perfect. He has a gap, but it’s a cute gap. He’s done a great job of keeping his body in shape after he joined his fraternity. I try not to stereotype people, but I swear they must send the members of this fraternity to a school or something because they’re all the same; pretty boys that are notorious for having lots of women, are cocky as hell, and from what I hear, can eat pussy like nobody’s business.

Despite his reputation as a ladies’ man, he had always been a perfect gentleman in my presence. In fact I had spent the night with him on several occasions and he never tried anything. Not even so much as a rub on the booty. I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered or offended by that. On this night I would be offended, because my pussy had been throbbing all damn day and I wanted him to sample my juices. I needed a transcript to see what type of grades he got in “Pussy Eating 101” at that school of theirs.

Unfortunately I couldn’t just put myself out there like that. He would have to make the first move. As bad as I wanted him to taste me, I couldn’t be the one to initiate the action. We got into the bed to sleep for the night. He had on a wife beater and some red boxers with a playboy bunny on the back. I had on some little shorts I got from Victoria’s secret with the “PINK” graphic across my ass and a tight tank top.

I told him I was cold. When he made a move to get up and adjust the thermostat, I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him closer to me. I turned my back to him and wiggled my ass against his pelvic area until I got nice and comfortable. I could feel his manhood growing into my backside.

He gently placed his lips on my neck and began to kiss me softly. As he pressed his tongue against my neck, my whole body became warm. He devoured my flesh while his hand roamed my brown skin. He turned me on my back and lifted my tank top. He pinched one of my nipples while sucking my other breast as if it contained the sweetest juice he had ever tasted. I let out a soft moan to let him know I was pleased. It aroused him even more. He got a little rough with me and began to softly bite my nipples. It hurt so good. I bit my bottom lip as I felt the flood gates open between my legs. I had never been this wet in my life.

He started to move his hand down the side of my stomach slowly. He began to rub my throbbing pussy through my shorts. He rubbed on my clit and sent chills through my body. He came up from my breast and whispered into my ear “Can I taste you?” I shook my head yes. He said, “You have to tell me to eat that pussy. I won’t do it unless you tell me to.” I grinned. He knew I was shy. He just wanted to make me say something he knew I wasn’t comfortable with. I said “Eat it.”

“Nah, you have to say exactly what I told you to say. Tell me to eat that pussy.”

I couldn’t take it. I needed to feel his tongue in my love below. I wanted to see if the same tongue skills he had displayed all over my body could translate into my first orgasm. “Eat this pussy daddy” I told him, trying my best to be as sexy as possible.

He immediately removed my shorts and dove between my legs like he was Michael Phelps and there was a bong at the bottom of a pool. He licked my clit slowly. The sensation was overwhelming. Each time he flicked his tongue across my clit, it felt like he was dropping a bomb on my pussy; each explosion more intense than the previous one. He began to lick my pussy lips while rubbing my clit with his fingers. He gave me constant stimulation and satisfaction. I had never felt anything like it before. He put his tongue back on my clit and I began to lose control. My legs began to shiver. I grabbed him by the ears and pleaded with him not to stop.

Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly feel any better, he began to suck my clit. My body went numb. A million scud missiles were dropped on my pussy. I let out a loud moan, no longer able to hold my pleasure inside. Finally, I felt the atomic bomb drop.

I held on to his ears tight as my back began to arch and I lost control of all bodily functions. It was the most incredible feeling I’d ever felt. It felt like…it felt like…I had to pee? Did I just…I think…I think I just peed in his bed…I couldn’t have…did I?

“I…I’m sorry” I told him just above a whisper.

“What are you sorry for?”

“I think I had an accident.”

“Nah, you straight.”

“Did I…You know…I think I peed in your bed.”

He looked like he was trying to hold his laugh in. He just smiled and said “You just squirted.”


“Yeah, sometimes when females have orgasms they can squirt. Was that your first time doing that?”

I didn’t want him to know he had just given me my first orgasm. I didn’t want to be an accomplishment on his sexual resume. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’s harmless. Just a clear liquid.”

Still not totally convinced, I smelled the sheets. I had to know I didn’t just piss on his bed R. Kelly style. Sure enough, it was an odorless, clear liquid. I still couldn’t help but feel embarrassed but he did his best to make me feel like it was nothing wrong with it.

He took the sheets off the bed and came back with a fresh set. After he put the clean sheets on the bed I laid down. He looked at me and said “What the hell are you doing? You’re sleeping in the wet spot you made.”

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  1. That's so funny. I've actually smelled the sheets before because I just couldn't believe it wasn't pee.


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