3 Tongue Twisted....

Since I am a poet it only fit that I should share something a little sensual with you... enjoy...

Can I show you some sexy, soft, sensual, soul satisfying alliterations

Rolling off my tongue sending sweet salacious sensations,

Steadily stroking, sipping, and sucking,

Slipping slowly across sweaty satin sheets.

Can I delight you with some desirous alliteration

Rolling off my tongue delivering divine dictations..

Dining on your delectable, delicious delicacies,

Can I lead you to some luscious ,lascivious, lustful alliteration

Rolling off my tongue lifting limitations.

Licking lightly, livening libido, letting loose

Longing to live lewd and licentious,

Can I capture you with some charismatic, charming, confident alliteration?

Rolling off my tongue commanding your concentration

Craving to consume your carnal candy.

conspiring to catch, converge , and come......

Can I procure you with some potent, powerful, pleasing alliteration?

Rolling off my tongue pleading for your penetration.

Passionate pulsation producing perspiration,

Plotting to possess your precious prize....

Can I take you with some tantalizing, tempting alliterations,

Rolling off my tongue for your titillation,

Taking time to tease and taste

Treating you with the treasure of a tongue twister ........

More poetry at Black Woman Lost & Found


  1. *Snaps*Snaps and MORE *Snaps*

    "Rolling off my tongue delivering divine dictations.."

    I already have a dirty mind but THAT line there... ^5 wheeeeew chile...LOL!!!

  2. Lawd I was snapping with one hand and flippin through a DICKtionary with the other....lmao


  3. *DEAD* @ DICKtionary... y'all silly!


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