7 The Gym

I had went to work out at Bally's; after all, I had a lasagna and fast foods all week long and I felt fat and lathargic. Even though I didn't look it, with my long legs, small waist, flat stomach and perky breasts, I just felt out of shape and unhealthy.

I had worked out for a good hour and a half on the stairmaster, even toying with the "butt machine" and the "stomach cruncher". I felt the burn and I vowed never to eat fast foods like that ever again. I was wearing gym shorts that looked more like short shorts and a bra tank top. I felt all eyes on me because of my navel piercing and tattoos in all the right places.

I went to the locker room to change and almost screamed! There was a man in the women's locker room. Didn't he see the sign? Or did Bally's change locker rooms again like they always did?

I didn't say anything though, after all, he did look good. He didn't see or hear me come in, he was over in the changing room near the lockers. He had to be at least 6"3 and he was lean but muscular. I swore I saw his dick dangling and it was long. It wasn't even hard and it was down his thigh. I licked my lips and felt a dampness between my legs. He was the color of cafe latte and that was something I had to sample right away........

He finally saw me and I was busted. Instead of grabbing a towel to cover himself, he looked at me and licked his lips, those delicious lips. They looked so kissable and he looked like he knew how to kiss, how to suck.........he then started massaging his dick in front of me and I saw it grow to massive proportions.

Finally he spoke. "You like what you see?""Yes," I whispered. and I swear I was flooding the floor. I was soaking wet and I felt the juices practically running down my legs. I unconsciously inserted a finger in my shorts and started fingering myself in front of him, as he came closer to me. He smelled so good, he must have showered before I walked in. Well, we were both ready for another workout as I soon found out.

I took my fingers out of my shorts and he tasted my juices off of my fingertips. He then brought me closer to him and kissed me. He took my bra tank top off and my breasts felt so free, they felt so trapped in that bra. Moans were escaping from my lips as he massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples. He kissed my neck and bent down to lick my breasts, even chewing on my nipples lightly. I moaned so loud and I didn't care if there was anyone else in the locker room. I fingered myself once more and rubbed my juices all along my breasts and nipples.

"Mmmm, you taste so sweet baby," he said. "Give me that sweet pussy."
We did the next best thing and did a 69 on a bench. I tasted his beautiful dick, running the tip of my pierced tongue along the tip of his dick, then gliding along the shaft like an ice cream cone. He was licking the clit and sucking out all the juices out of my pussy, but what really did me in was when he was tongue fucking my pussy.

I played with his balls and caressed them, lightly squeezing them, then licking them. I heard him grunting and groaning as he was tonguing the hell out of my pussy. I was sucking him and jerking him at the same time and I didn't want to stop until he came. I felt myself cumming and it felt like I exploded in his mouth.

We ended up in the showers, water trickling all over our bodies as he entered me from behind with that long dick. I was so ready for him. He first started off with long slow strokes and then with deeper harder strokes. I swore I saw stars because I never had a dick so long in me before and he took me to another level. He was playing with my clit and I came hard. He kissed my neck and played with my nipples some more and I was going to cum again. What can I say? I love to cum........

We never spoke a word while we were sucking or fucking. We never spoke when he had me in doggy style, pulling my hair and smacking my ass. We never spoke when I rode him until we both came in unison. We never spoke when I sucked him hard again. Or when he had my legs up in the air pounding it to me.

He got dressed and my body just felt so worn out. I located my locker and got my things out to get dressed.

"See you next week?" he finally said.

I could only nod my head yes........


  1. HOT!!!!!!!!!!! Good Lawd I don't even smoke but I think I need a cigarette? HAHA!! Great Post Vergie!!! Even though I almost never made it past that picture...wheeew! But them Jeans izzz too tight! LMAO!!

  2. *Black stare, lips quivering* Damn. I think that's all I can say right now. Um I gotta change my panties.

  3. *Signs up for the nearest gym and pray that there's plenny chocolate thunder long dick daddies there*

    Sweeeeeeey baby haired yeezus...Vergie you's a freeeeeeeeak...LMAO

  4. Oh my damn!!! Oh Verg you freaky....

  5. Lmao at the skinny jeans Odara.

    That was pretty good but yall females know yall wouldn't do no shit like that no matter how fine he was. yall prolly run out of there screamin there's a pervert in the ladies locker room lol.

    y u short change us at the end? It was going good and then u just summarized the rest of the sex lol.

  6. @ Mr. Freakme, I promise next time it will be longer.......

    Thanks for letting me be part of the Chronicles!

  7. All I could think about was gym germ and shower shoes. I'm to busy being a germaphobe to let my mind wonder into the gutter where it should be.


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