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Jenny had no idea what was happening to her. As she lied on her back, quivering, she tried her best to observe her surroundings once again. The blurred vision of a few dozen candles dimly lit the room. The strong aroma of burning Egyptian incense constantly surrounds her. The faint sound of a slow, bass-heavy beat pounding underneath the shouts of a jubilated party crowd. She could fell her right cheek was pressed flat. It gave her comfort to know her senses, for the most part, were in tact. She wondered if she had a seizure and lost consciousness. She wanted to move her body to assure control of her motor skills. Slowly, she rolled her head until it was resting on its back. She was gradually coming to. Jenny could feel the soft silk and satin bedspread she was laying on. Pillows were propping up her torso. She closed her eyes and gently rubbed her hands across the spread – it was something familiar. She loved that feeling. Her legs were resting on something solid -- both rigid and warm. It was something unfamiliar.

Also unfamiliar was the taste on her tongue. It had the tinge of alcohol, but Jenny, at 18, wasn't much of a drinker. Her tongue rolled around her mouth hopeless looking for a clue. Nothing. She took a deep breath through her nostrils for a smell perhaps. A possibility came to mind. "Is it?," she questioned. She slowly exhaled and rested her lungs for a deeper breath. Deep inhale. She recognized the scent. "Hugo Boss (?)," she affirmed. It was slowly coming back to her. She wanted to jump up immediately to ensure it was a dream she was experiencing. Then, it hit her ... again. An incomprehensible feeling of pleasure, like a jolt of lightning, coursed through her body. No more quivering. She grasped handfuls of the soft bedspread for balance. Her lower abdomen and hips contracted, pulling her up to a slight seated position -- straight as a board. She laid her head back and her mouth flew open for a throaty moan that evolved into a scream of ecstasy – and then silence. Her body clenched for what seemed like days. Her mouth remained opened with no ability to speak.

She opened her watery eyes to see the mirror on the ceiling. As she glanced, what she saw was all confirmation she needed. Her long, natural auburn hair hanging behind her. Her painted face accenting her beautiful features. Her perky C-cup breast. Her moderately muscular abs fully flexed. Goosebumps were all over her young caramel skin. It was all her, lying in nakedness, and she knew that everything to follow would be true. Her numb sprawled-out body started to regain feeling. She knew what she would see next. Her eyes moved down the mirror. Sure enough, there it was. The top of a bald head, chocolate head between her legs, connected to two broad shoulders where her long, lustful legs rested. She finally realized that she was in her sex partner’s bedroom and had climaxed ... again.

"I thought I lost you there for a second," the dark figure declared. Upon those words, the tension in her body released and she fell to the bed -- shaking.

"I think you did," she replied faintly. Her partner lifts his head and releases a slightly devilish laugh.

“You gotta stop.”

Looking up from between Jenny’s love-drenched legs was , with a face of sweat, confusion, and secretions mixed with salivation. After a wonderful night of mingling, margaritas, and musical enchantment, he didn’t know if he was coming or going. Sure, Malik’s a handsome young man with college degrees to impress any Yale yuppie and enough street sense to keep his money in a corner store game of craps. Nevertheless, he tends to be amazed at the situations that he finds himself in with the one thing complex enough to confuse males just to keep them coming back for more: women. Women, women, and more women. Malik, whose real first name is Asmodeus, by the way, didn’t understand whether his situations with the opposite sex were a calling from God or a devil-assisted plan of trickery. All he understood was this: at that very moment, the Gods of Cunnilingus granted him superhuman powers. That right there was too much for Jenny to understand.

“What’s wrong, Ma?” Malik sighs as if his marathon had ended abruptly.

“You know this isn’t right. I got a man at home.”

Jenny’s bodily position began to shift from a feminine framework of lustfulness to utter unease. As fast as her hormones rose, they were fading away. It all seemed so right yet so wrong. Jenny knew that she was actually cheating on her man from the get go. But she did not care at all. She wanted everything Malik had to offer at the time. Maybe it was short term fulfillment. Maybe it was karma’s sweet revenge. Whatever it was, the feeling of dissatisfaction for her relationship arose at the oddest time for her. She seemed so ready to reclaim what was rightfully hers. Now, she was nothing more than a confused girl within the confines of the big city. And the big city can swallow you whole if you let it.
“If you want to stop, then we can stop. It’s nothing.” Malik stated, rising to wipe the sweat from his brow, obviously frustrated.

“I’m lovin’ the feeling that you make me feel, but I’m still thinking about my man”
“That’s understandable. But, this life you live right now is a one shot deal. And the best way to live it is to experience as much as you can. I know you got a man. I don’t give a shit about that either. I’m here to please you. That’s my job and I plan on being goddamn good at it…at least for tonight.”
“You sure this is going to be worth it?”

“Good question. Have you ever touched the hand of Jesus?”

“Ha, ha! No.”
“Good….lay back and let me introduce you to his touch.”

Malik’s mature yet gentle touch slowly traced Jenny’s inner thigh as the Egyptian cotton sheets ruffled under her bare skin. His tongue retraced the path left by his caress that led up her thigh to “the promised land” that she always spoke about. Moans of bliss ensued after every kiss. Closer to the place where only a chosen few knew, Malik seemed poised and ready to take her to new heights. After tonight, he knew she would never be the same. Jenny’s rebirth began with the extension of Malik’s tongue between the saturated spot of effervescent that was before him. There was no turning back from here.

Licks of passion all of a sudden turned the rational illogical. Never in Jenny’s life has she felt something so wonderful. Even with her own man of 6 years, never has she sensed something so vivacious and yet so calm. The feel of his tongue was enlightening yet dumbfounding. Cocking her leg back didn’t help the situation since it threw off her concentration. Yes, Jenny had to concentrate on what was going on in her bedroom. She had been sexually bested at this very moment. Tremors of orgasmic measures moved through her torso and legs. Deep, entrenched sighs made Malik wonder if Jenny was in ecstasy or having trouble breathing. It was safe to say that, on this particular night, she was “turned out.”
“Oh, my God! That was…….incredible!” Jenny slightly shouted, rising up off of her back to pull Malik closer to her.

“Is that right?”
“Yeah….that’s right. I actually didn’t give you credit, Malik. You are a man of few words. But your actions speaks volumes. Quintessentially, you are of an august nature.”

“Girl…..” Malik sighed with perplexity, “can you speak in laymen’s terms?”
“English: you got the bomb head, boy. Now its time to settle the score….and make you beg.”
Jenny pushes Malik on his back with unseen ferocity. Licking on the middle of his chest while stroking his manhood, she looks up at him with eyes of lustful conquest. Malik gazes at her. He sees a zeal that he has never seen inside her.

“Damn, this girl is gonna fuck my brains out”, Malik thinks to himself.

“This boy doesn’t know what he got himself into” Jenny utters in her own mind.

Jenny thrusts upon Malik’s love spot orally. Half amazed, half passion engulfed, Malik strokes Jenny’s hair. When she uses her deep-throat technique, he grabs the back of her head to show that she’s doing the right thing. Jenny, spellbound by the size of his shaft, secretes it totally with saliva just to suck it all back up. Then, she spits on it to give full lubrication, using an up-and down motion with her mouth and right hand. Her left hand strokes his sack gently. Slurping sounds coupled with scrotum tickles and tongue lashes makes Malik’s toes curl.
Malik, with a look of wonder in his eye, croons “Oooooooooooooooooooo, girl…what are you trying to do?”

Happily, Jenny replied “I’m just trying to match you tit-for-tat. Or even best you.”

“For people having sex, we sure do conversate a lot.”

“That means you need to shut the hell up and put it in me. I want to feel you inside of me.”

Pulling a mint flavored condom from under her bed like it was a weapon of murder, Jenny flicks it with her fingers. She kisses Malik’s bare chest one more last time before opening the condom. She gently puts it on with her mouth, not minding the latex taste. It is mint flavored, so it wouldn’t taste too harsh. She slides it on his manhood and spreads her legs as wide as possible. Malik obliges her and begins to thrust between, making her moan loudly. Scratching his back until she scraped skin, Jenny kept begging for it each and every time. Malik’s brow kept beaming with sweat until he could no longer hold back.

With the howl of a lone, hungry, and horny wolf, Malik came so hard that his six pack tightened. He rammed himself into Jenny harder and harder as he came. She loved it so much that she came simultaneously. Rolling over, Malik picks up a Newport cigarette and lights it. He passes it to Jenny, sharing in the same cigarette satisfaction the same way they just shared an orgasm.


  1. didnt like it.i it reads like a bad novel. trying 2 hard to be descriptive. too wordy. not really interesting.

  2. I don't think its bad...but i do agree its kinda overly descriptive...I couldn't really focus on the SEX! LOL...I think thats what we want to captivate...but I think you're headed in the right direction! Thanks!!!

  3. Doesn't flow much and to much focus on thoughts and not enough on the action. Needs improvement..Sorry hope I'm not being too critical.

  4. Nice storyline, but needs more descriptive wording about the sexual act so that the reader can visualize the scene more.


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