4 Hoes Are Your Friends

Ava was never the jealous type, but she envied her roommate and best friend’s relationship with her boyfriend. They always seemed so happy and in love and Dominic appeared to be the perfect boyfriend he also had a good job, drove a nice car and was sexy as hell. He was Puerto Rican and Black so he had that pretty mocha complexion and that soft curly hair. He and Ava were friends but they never hung out unless Traci was with them. But Ava could swear sometimes when Traci wasn’t looking, Dominic would be undressing her with his eyes. It could be her imagination playing tricks on her but she doubted it. She was a head-turner and a heartbreaker, long legs, smooth skin and an ass that needed its own zip code. It wasn’t long before Traci and Dominic moved in together and Ava kind of hated it. It meant less time seeing Dominic walk around shirtless, the man had a body that would make any NFL wide-receiver cry.

One night when Ava and her current dick dealer were having problems she decided to drive over to talk with Traci. She was pissed off and needed a release and since sex was out, talking with her good friend was the next best thing. She pulled into the driveway and knocked on the door.

“Oh hey Dom, Is Traci here? She asked.

“Uh nah, I guess she didn’t tell you? She had a business conference this week and won’t get back until Monday.”

Crap Ava thought. No sex and no male bashing with a girlfriend. She looked up at Dominic standing there without a shirt on. Hmm, maybe sex isn’t out of question, she did have on her sexy underwear and she was horny. But no! She can’t have sex with her best friend’s man, that’s against the rules. But now that thought had entered her mind she couldn’t get it out.

“Hey Ava, you okay?” He asked showing some concern. Snapping out of her moral dilemma she said “Oh yeah I’m fine, just needed to talk to her. You mind if I use your bathroom?” She made her way into the house and went straight to the bathroom, while she was in there she continued her internal conflict. Finally after 10 minutes she decided what the hell, you only live once. She stripped down to just her underwear and shoes, a purple lace butterfly thong with a matching purple bustier and gold pumps with a 4inch heel. She opened the door and heard Dominic laughing from the direction of the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen and stood in the entrance with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face.

“Uh, um uh.. Hey man let me call you back” he didn’t take his eyes off of Ava as he hung up the phone. “Ava…..what in the hell are you doing? He asked sounding more turned on than surprised.

She walked over and stood directly in front of him and with the heels they were eye level. "I wanna fuck you" she said as she grabbed his dick with her right hand and gave it a squeeze. She leaned in to kiss him pausing to make sure he wouldn't stop her, and he didn't so she licked his lips with the tip of her tongue. She parted his lips with her tongue and they kissed like they were long time lovers. Both of his hands grabbed her ass cheeks and her hand was still holding his ever-growing dick. Her mouth started to move down to his neck as he threw his head back. Ava started to feel his dick grow larger and harder and it only turned her on more. She gave him one last kiss on the lips and squated down to see exactly what she was dealing with. She pulled down the basketball shorts he had on and she smiled as she looked up at him, his dick was a gift from the Penis Gods. Thick and juicy with just the right length and slighty crooked so that it would hit all the right spots. She licked the head of his dick and his body tensed, she licked all over his dick then came back to flick her tongue over the tip. He pulled down her bustier and proceeded to play with her nipples and breast, she let out soft moans and hum's on his dick. She took her left hand and started to play with herself through the opening in her thong. She bobbed her head over his dick sucking, licking and rubbing. She didn't want him to cum yet though so she didn't go all out. She looked up at him and told him "I NEED to feel you inside of me." He pulled her up and bent her over the kitchen island with some force, like he was angry at her and it turn her on even more. She slipped out of her thong and bustier and told him "I want you to fuck me hard!" as she looked behind and stared him the eyes. He entered her wet and throbbing pussy with one quick thrust. He was hitting it from the back with his left hand on her shoulder for support and the other hand playing with her clit. His strokes were unpredictable and passionate.

"Oh fuck me daddy, fuck me harder" Ava told him. He thrust's moved faster and quicker. She could feel her pussy contracting around his dick every time he went deeper inside of her. Dominic placed both hands on the side of Ava’s waist and pulled her back on his dick so that he can go even deeper inside of her. The crookedness of his dick hit a spot Ava didn’t even know she had, she let out a squeal of extreme pleasure and started to push back on him. The sensation was intoxicating, she was so high off of pleasure she couldn’t form complete thoughts. His erratic penetration and deep thrust drove her crazy, and Ava couldn’t take it anymore. Her knee’s locked and her back arched, her pussy held an even tighter grip on Dominic’s dick and when the eruption came she squirted her juices all over his dick and the floor. Her body trembled and she didn’t notice or even care if Dominic got his. She was in her very happy place at the moment and she didn’t want to leave just yet. Dominic eased his way out of her and leaned up against the wall just staring at her shaking his head. Ava gave him a wicked grin and picked up her underwear and sauntered to the bathroom to wash up and get dressed. As she left the bathroom she headed straight to the door to leave. She heard footstep’s approach behind her and she turned to see Dominic coming towards her with a hesitant smile on his face. Ava returned the smile and said

“Listen what we just did here doesn’t have to be a one time thing” as she put her hands on his sweaty chest. “I won’t tell Traci if you won’t”.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked out the door without a backward glance.


  1. Man, alla this hoe shit gotta stop! Dammit I'm at work! HMPH *goes to baffroom*

  2. wtf sunshine, this like your 5th story.....SEOD

  3. ^^^^has the world come to an end? this nigga commenting lmao!

  4. uhhhhh....see what had happen was um...Odara FORCED me!!


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